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Chapter 556 – Breaking Evil Ogre Fiend Sword

Chapter 555 – Ten Heroes and Seven Stars

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As experts comparable to gods, Moonlight Warlocks are valued no matter which plane they go to. Even during the Eight Warlock Dynasties era, Moonlight Warlocks were powerful existences. One Moonlight Warlock hardly appeared for every 100 million ordinary people.

Meng Yunhan is also a genius. In her days, it only took her 20 years to advance to a Starry Sky Warlock from an Apprentice Warlock. This cultivation speed is enough to put to shame the number one female genius of the Turandot Subcontinent Carolina. However, when it came to the Moonlight Warlock rank, Meng Yunhan spent 368 years to reach this realm. In the Great Cloud Dynasty, ordinary Warlocks take upwards of 700 years to become Moonlight Warlocks.

When she thought that Yang Feng has promoted to a Moonlight Warlock from a Great Warlock in less than three years, envy welled up in Meng Yunhans heart.

Before long, Glorious Sun Warlock rank Elders leading people from the four great sects – the Star River Sect, the Golem Gate, the Beast God School, and the Myriad Snow Gate – came to give their congratulations.

A beautiful woman in yellow and a handsome young man followed by four women and four men entered the hall.

Among the four men and four women, there is a young man with an unruly expression, a rune that looks like a snake engraved on his forehead, and a frenzied aura.

“That is the Scarlet Flame Demon Snake Shangguan Luo, the Moonlight 9th Hero from the Moonlight Ten Heroes and Seven Stars!”

“Its him, the Moonlight 9th Hero Shangguan Luo. Sure enough, the Tai Yi Sect wont let this chance to attack the Battle Demon Sect slip past their fingers.”

“Yang Fengs performance in the Time Sky City was too dazzling, and now most of the Warlocks in the Great Cloud Dynasty know of his name. After all, hes a peerless genius who confronted 10 supreme geniuses from the Western World. The Tai Yi Sect must knock him down a peg.”


As soon as they saw the young man, the faces of the representatives from different Warlock groups suddenly changed, and they commented.

Yang Feng stared at the young man with a dignified look in his eyes: “A Moonlight Ten Heroes expert!”

Moonlight Ten Heroes and Seven Stars are the strongest 17 Moonlight Warlocks in the Great Cloud Dynasty. The Moonlight Seven Stars are arranged in accordance with Ursa Majors seven stars and are situated above the Moonlight Ten Heroes.

This ranking is a tradition inherited from the 4th Warlock Dynasty the Star Dynasty.

There were only the Moonlight Seven Stars in the Star Warlock Dynasty era, and the Ten Heroes tradition was added by the Magic Note Dynasty.

As the strongest dynasty in the Cangzhi Plane, the Great Cloud Dynasty has many Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses.

Every Moonlight Warlock is a genius among geniuses who went through who knows how many hardships to reach this step. Many peerless geniuses among Starry Sky Warlocks are trapped at the doors of the Moonlight Warlock rank. Their entire live, they can only reach the quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank. The Moonlight Ten Heroes and Seven Stars are located at the apex of the Great Cloud Dynastys Moonlight Warlocks. It goes without saying that each of them has great strength and tremendous potential.

Now that Yang Feng advanced to a Moonlight Warlock, he can easily handle some rogue practitioner quasi-Glorious Sun Warlocks. But against a Ten Heroes rank opponent, he has no assurance of victory. After all, he has promoted to a Moonlight Warlock a short time ago.

The beautiful woman in yellow said lightly: “The Saint Lotus Sects Zhao Yilian. Well met, Senior Disciple Brother Lu. I want to congratulate you and your esteemed sect on acquiring four Moonlight Warlocks.”

The handsome young man smiled and said: “Tai Yi Sects Zhang Xuanchong. Well met, Senior Disciple Brother Lu. I want to congratulate you and your esteemed sect on acquiring four Moonlight Warlocks.”

Lu Wuchen wrinkled his brows imperceptibly, glanced at Shangguan Luo, and said flatly: “Thank you. Please take your seats.”

Zhao Yilian and Zhang Xuanchong took the eight disciples to their seats.

Inside the hall, many gazes fell on Zhao Yilian and Zhang Xuanchong. Almost everyone knew about the struggle between the Tai Yi Sect and the Battle Demon Sect. Moonlight Ten Heroes experts like Shangguan Luo fundamentally are busy people. They either guard planes and suppress the indigenous people, carry out research, adventure in dangerous secret realms, or conquer other planes.

The Moonlight Ten Heroes and Seven Stars experts fundamentally wont waste their time on other peoples Moonlight Ceremonies. But since Shangguan Luo is here, he clearly harbors evil intentions.

Under the gaze of many people, Shangguan Luo sized up Yang Feng.

The atmosphere in the hall became weird at once.

At this moment, a tall and handsome middle-aged man with a gloomy aura and half of the face marked with queer seals strode into the hall.

Behind the middle-aged man followed four young Warlocks wearing the Saint Demon Sects clothes. One of the young Warlocks is a dashing young man with eyes bright as stars, extraordinary temperament, and a smile on his face, and he exudes dazzling confidence and powerful aura. He is not the least bit inferior when compared to Shangguan Luo.

“The Moonlight Ten Heroes 3rd Hero Fiend Noble Son Suo Li!”

“Why is he here?”

“Why did people from the Saint Demon Sect come here?”


When the representatives saw this, their countenance changed slightly, and they discussed animatedly.

The Saint Demon Sect and the Corpse Demon Sect, one exploited archfiends, archdevils, evil ogres, kindred, and darkness life forms, while the other dug up the corpses of powerful existences and used them to carry out various kinds of taboo spell research. The behavior of the two great sects is extremely savage, and thus, they are ostracized by the other eight great sects.

However, archdevils, archfiends, and other formidable beings are extremely powerful. As long as you get their favor, sacrifice enough offerings, and understand the rules of dealing with them, you will make rapid progress in cultivation. Although the Saint Demon Sect and the Corpse Demon Sect have a bad reputation, but they are very powerful.

In terms of the number of Moonlight Warlocks alone, the Saint Demon Sect surpasses the sum of the Battle Demon Sect and the Bright Moon School. However, when dealing with archdevils, archfiends and the like, the sect is subjected to the constraint of their power, and thus has very few Bright World Warlock rank experts and above. The Saint Demon Sect only has one Infinity Warlock and two Bright World Warlocks.

Even so, with the huge number of Moonlight Warlocks, the Saint Demon Sect has occupied many planes and wields huge power. In the ranking of the Ten Great Sects, it is above the Battle Demon Sect.

The Saint Demon Sect has never participated in Moonlight Ceremonies of other sects. But now it sent someone to participate in a Moonlight Ceremony of the Battle Demon Sect, which naturally is astonishing.

The Warlock with half of the face marked with queer seals smiled and uttered: “Saint Demon Sects Cai Sheng. Well met, Senior Disciple Brother Lu. I want to congratulate you and your esteemed sect on acquiring four Moonlight Warlocks.”

Lu Wuchen responded coldly: “Thank you. Please take a seat.”

Cai Sheng didnt mind it. He led his people to the seats designated for the Saint Demon Sect, and then uttered with with a smile: “Senior Disciple Brother Lu, this is Suo Li, a no good disciple of my sect. I heard that your sects Yang Feng defeated 10 supreme geniuses of the Western World during the Time Sky City Competition Assembly and greatly increased the prestige of our Great Cloud Dynasty. This foolish disciple isnt convinced, and wants to compare notes with Yang Feng. Since Yang Feng is here, why dont we let them have a match? What do you think?”

Lu Wuchens face sank, and he spoke coldly: “Yang Feng has just promoted to a Moonlight Warlock, while Suo Li is already the 3rd Hero of the Moonlight Ten Heroes. I dont agree to them fighting.”

Each of the Moonlight Seven Stars can defeat weaker Glorious Sun Warlocks, while each of the Moonlight Ten Heroes can easily defeat quasi-Glorious Sun Warlocks, and contend against some weak Glorious Sun Warlocks.

However, Yang Feng has just promoted to a Moonlight Warlock. According to common sense, even if he was stronger, it is virtually impossible to defeat a figure from the Moonlight Ten Heroes. After all, the Moonlight Ten Heroes are Warlock geniuses who have advanced to the Moonlight Warlock rank more than 100 years ago, and each of them possesses amazing battle prowess.

As the Sect Master of the Battle Demon Sect, Lu Wuchen naturally didnt want Yang Feng to be humiliated by Suo Li.

In the Cangzhi Plane, there are many cases of arrogant and proud Warlock geniuses committing suicide on the spot after being defeated and humiliated. In other cases, the soul origin of Warlock geniuses is injured during a match. Following which, they are unable to achieve a break in their life. They become depressed, and wilt away.

Suo Lis eyes flashed fiercely, and he spoke in provocation: “Yang Feng, are you an ostrich that hides its head in sand? If you dont dare accept my challenge, then take a hike and shout three timesthe Battle Demon Sect is inferior to the Saint Demon Sect. Otherwise, I will challenge all of the Battle Demon Sects Moonlight Warlocks and destroy them. I will let everyone see what the Battle Demon Sects Moonlight Warlocks amount to.”

Cai Sheng barked angrily, “Impudent! Suo Li, youre too impudent! Yang Feng has defeated 10 supreme geniuses from the Western World, so how could he be an ostrich that hides its head in the sand, how could he refuse our challenge? To spout so much nonsense in the Battle Demon Sect, youre really presumptuous. After we return, I will notify the Sect Master and let him punish you!”

Even though Cai Sheng berated sternly, but the words he spoke were meant to attack Yang Feng. Everyone understood what he was doing, but no one spoke out.

When Lu Wuchen was about to reprimand Suo Li, he was silenced by Cai Shengs words, and his eyes flickered with anger. The Saint Demon Sect is a bit stronger than the Battle Demon Sect. Since Cai Sheng has alreadyscolded his disciple, Lu Wuchen cant show his anger.

“Yes, Elder Cai!” Suo Li bowed his head, then looked up at Yang Feng in provocation. Evidently, he didnt put to heart the words Cai Sheng has just spoken.

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