Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 56 – Molock Wolf

Chapter 55 – Inner Court

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After a small celebratory dinner, Yang Feng went to his study, then fished out the copy of {Soul Aptitude and Warlock Path Choices} and read it carefully.

The more he read, the more serious was Yang Fengs expression.

After a long time, Yang Feng put down the book and slowly sighed, a gloomy expression on his face: “So if your soul aptitude hasnt reached inferior level-4, then its impossible to promote to an official level-1 Warlock via Orthodox Warlock secret methods.”

Orthodox Warlock secret methods continuously strengthened your physical constitution and raised your spirit force at the Apprentice Warlock stage. After your physical constitution reached the limit of tolerance, the soul force will be condensed and a spirit sea with a soul seed as the core will be formed in the sea of knowledge. Moreover, a level-1 spell model will be formed in the spirit sea, and youll gain an innate spell that can be released in the wink of an eye.

Once the spirit sea with a soul seed as the core was formed, Apprentice Warlocks would turn into official level-1 Warlocks, Under the nourishment of the spirit sea, their soul will thrive and grow. After their soul force was strengthened, Warlocks could continue to strengthen their physical constitution, lengthen their life span, and evolve in the direction of extraordinary life forms.

Unlike other planes Wizards, Magi, and the like, the Turandot Subcontinents Warlocks fleshly bodies were formidable, and could compare to that of many extraordinary life forms. If you promoted to a level-1 Warlock, then even if you didnt use any defensive spells, pistol bullets would be unable to penetrate your body. While the fleshly bodies of pinnacle level-1 Warlocks were strengthened to the point that even rifle bullets wouldnt be able to penetrate them.

The reason why the powerful level-1 Warlocks and level-2 Warlocks were disposed of by Yang Feng was because his mechanical legion was too large in numbers and too strong.

Without an inferior level-4 soul aptitude, the soul force will be too weak, and the soul wont be unable to condense into a soul seed. If you forced the process, then only death would await you.

Yang Feng spoke gravely: “3796, carry out an analysis. With the Mermaid Tears Elixir, whats the highest level that my soul aptitude can promote to.”

Yang Fengs eyebrows furrowed, and he murmured: “Superior level-3? What about Siren Tears? Can it be synthesized?”

Yang Feng frowned and mused: “Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir and Mermaid Tears Elixir, relatively speaking, they were among the most ordinary elixirs capable of promoting ones soul aptitude in the Turandot Subcontinent. Apart from these, there arent anymore easy to get soul aptitude strengthening elixirs. Do I really have to tread the Bloodline Warlock path?”

The Orthodox Warlock path rejected a lot of people with a lacking soul aptitude. Prior to the 2nd Warlock Dynasty, there were only Orthodox Warlocks in the world.

The 2nd Warlock Dynastys founder the Taboo Lord was a someone with only an inferior level-3 soul aptitude. When he was still weak, the Taboo Lord exchanged knowledge with formidable existences from other planes, then transplanted the bloodline of a powerful life form and broke the myth that people with lacking soul aptitude were unable to promote to Warlocks. The Taboo Lord strengthened himself step by step via taboo research, and then finally founded the 2nd Warlock Dynasty. From the times of the Taboo Lord, the Bloodline Warlock path has become very popular, becoming one of the two mainstream Warlock paths.

In addition to the Orthodox Warlock path and the Bloodline Warlock path, there were still other paths that enabled you to promote to an official Warlock. For instance, you could carryout a transaction with powerful existences from other planes such as devils, fiends, and gods. The other party forcefully increase your soul aptitude, and you could promote to a Warlock in one fell swoop. However, by doing so, you would most likely be reduced to the other partys puppet, and there many residual aftereffects. After a moment of thought, Yang Feng chose to give up on such a method.

The Bloodline Warlock path was also not without issues. To become a Bloodline Warlock, the first step required the bloodline of a formidable life form. In order to become a dragon Bloodline Warlock, you would need to slay three dragons and extract their bloodline essence. After adding various precious materials to the blood essence and refining the solution, only then could you refine a vial of dragon bloodline essence that could be transplanted. The second step required you to practice a secret method compatible with the bloodline. Without the corresponding secret method, even if you have a bloodline essence, you still wont be able to use it.

However, once you became a Bloodline Warlock, your cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds. Virtually without encountering any bottlenecks, you could practice cultivation all the way until the evolution potential of the bloodline life form was depleted. In general, a mature white dragon possessed Great Warlock rank battle prowess. If you transplanted the bloodline extracted from a white dragon, then once you became a Great Warlock, the evolution potential will be depleted, and you wont be unable to advance any further.

Yang Feng mused: “Without the bloodline essence of a peak life form, then even if I obtained the cultivation secret method, it would be useless. No wonder Blitz so readily agreed to allow me to choose a secret method that could be practiced until the Great Warlock rank. Even if I got the secret method, it wont be of any use. If Im willing to just become a level-1 or level-2 Warlock, I could randomly hunt some level-1 or level-2 Warlock rank extraordinary life forms and extract their bloodline essence.”

After truly setting a foot on the Warlock path, only then did Yang Feng discover how important aptitude was. His inferior level-1 soul aptitude was indeed too horrible. If he had started out with a superior level-3 soul aptitude, then he wouldnt have to worry about it.

The Warlock College Antalya only accepted the students that at least possessed a level-4 soul aptitude because only they might be able to promote to a level-1 Warlock, only they were worthy of being groomed.

The small forces of the Turandot Subcontinent would accept some students with a level-2 or level-3 soul aptitude to be groomed into Apprentice Warlocks, and then make use of them for some odd jobs, not taking them seriously.

The next morning, the door of Yang Fengs dormitory was knocked on.

“You?” Yang Feng opened the door and discovered that standing outside was Anya.

Anya spoke with a slight smile: “Hello, Yang Feng, I am Anya! Ill be your guide for the inner court.”

Yang Feng responded with a polite smile: “Sorry for troubling you!”

As the place were Apprentice Warlocks as well as a lot of official level-1 Warlocks dwelt, the inner court had many taboos. After an outer court student was promoted to an Apprentice Warlock, an inner court student would be sent to welcome the new inner court student.

At the junction of the inner court and outer court, there was a gate, and before the gate lied a huge wolf-shaped rock.

When Anya reached before the huge wolf-shaped rock, she said respectfully: “Hello, Sir Dulimuk! This is Yang Feng who has just promoted to an Apprentice Warlock.”

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