Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 560 – Eliminating the Fiends Hands Warlocks

Chapter 559 – Panic Aboard the Flying Vessel

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In fact, it isnt that spells cannot form an information network. In the Feisuo Plane, the Weave network used by the Goddess of the Weave is a magic network more advanced than Earths Internet.

If you use the principle of the Weave, you can build a magic network more powerful than the Earths Internet. Pretty much anything that Warlocks can think of, they can achieve by using spells.

The 7th Warlock Dynastys the Magic Note Lord has developed a magic network that spread across the entire Cangzhi Plane, and it was named Magic Note First Magic Network.

With the Magic Note First Magic Network, the Magic Note Lord had a much tighter grip on the Cangzhi Plane than any other Warlock Emperor.

After the collapse of the 7th Warlock Dynasty, the Magic Note First Magic Network was the first thing the revolutionary army destroyed.

When the 8th Warlock Dynastys the Dawn Lord rose to the throne, he also wanted to build a magic network that spanned the entire Cangzhi Plane. But alas, he was met with the unified resistance of the Western World and the Eastern World, and ultimately had to give in.

Once a magic network is successfully constructed, a dynasty will be able to firmly control the Cangzhi Plane, and Warlock groups such as the Battle Demon Sect and the Tai Yi Sect will slowly be reduced to vassals, and lose their independent status.

Because of this fact, its impossible to build a magic network that covers the entire Cangzhi Plane. Nevertheless, the major forces have secretly established their own magic networks.

As someone in the upper echelon of the Battle Demon Sect, Yang Feng knows that there are magic networks build in several important planes controlled by the Battle Demon Sect, which enables the sect to have a firm control over said planes.

But in the Battle Demon Sect itself, there is no magic network, and there are very few TV-like magic tablets. Unless their cultivation base has reached the Moonlight Warlock rank, Warlocks arent allowed to equip their abodes with items like magic tablets on the basis that they may get addicted to the implements and lose the spirit to push forward.

When Yang Feng first arrived at the Great Cloud Dynasty, he spent most of his time on practicing cultivation and traveling the world in pursuit of cultivation resources. He very seldom took time to tour the prosperous Great Cloud Dynasty. As such, when he saw the surrounding marvels, it felt novel to him.

“The Eastern World is indeed a most prosperous place. The Fuso Subcontinent is already far more prosperous than the Turandot Subcontinent, but it still cannot compare to the Great Cloud Dynasty.” Looking like a low-level Warlock who has boarded a luxurious flying vessel, Yang Feng admired the surrounding scenery along the way.

Due to fear of being the target of assassination plots, Yang Feng adopted the alias Zhao Fan.

Zhao Fan was a real person. He was an ordinary quasi-Moonlight Warlock who attempted to forcefully advance to a Moonlight Warlock during an adventure and eventually died. By chance, Huang Yihe obtained Zhao Fans possessions. He handed Zhao Fans identity as well as all of his information to Yang Feng.

Using a secret method, Yang Feng changed into Zhao Fans likeness and headed to the Cloud Capital. In this way, no one except for Huang Yihe knows of Yang Fengs whereabouts. Yang Feng is safe once he enters the Cloud Capital.

Yang Feng came to his seat, sat down, and looked at the two girls sitting to his left.

One girl wore large sunglasses and a big hat. She has lily-white skin, long black hair, and a slender and sexy figure.

The other girl is cute, beautiful, and full of youthful vitality, and has short hair, delicate features, and a petite and exquisite figure. She wore a short-sleeved shirt and short shorts, exposing her slander legs and arms.

Yang Feng glanced at the two girls, scanned them with his spirit force, and determined their cultivation base: “Level-1 Warlock and level-3 Warlock.”

As he has offended a lot of forces, Yang Feng is very cautious on this journey.

The girl with short hair suddenly raised her eyebrows, glared at Yang Feng with vigilance, and shouted in her lovely voice: “Uncle, dont look at people lecherously, or I will say that youve sexually harassed me! You cant scan other people with spirit force. Thats not only impolite, but also illegal. Understood?”

The girl wearing a pair of large sunglasses also raised her eyebrows and gazed at Yang Feng, and a silent pressure spread from her.

Yang Feng uttered flatly: “Im sorry, I was in the wrong.”

It is very impolite to scan other Warlocks with spirit force in the Great Cloud Dynasty. After all, when scanned by spirit force, the weaker party is like an open book for the stronger party to peruse. In the Great Cloud Dynasty, this is a minor illegal act.

In cruel secret realms and other planes, the strong are respected, and can be reckless. But in the Great Cloud Dynasty, the laws are strict. Here, even Starry Sky Warlocks cannot use their spirit force to scan ordinary people and other Warlocks at will.

The short-haired girl snorted, and then fished out a magic tablet and fiddled with it, no longer paying attention to Yang Feng: “Humph, a half assed apology!”

The girl wearing a pair of large sunglasses reclined on the spacious chair and closed her eyes.

Yang Feng also reclined on his chair and rested his eyes.

With a slight tremor, the huge flying boat suddenly rose and flew into the sky.

Rumble!! Suddenly, tremendous noise echoed in the flying vessel. The flying vessels barrier was destroyed, and a huge hole emerged on the side of the flying boat.

One after another, black-gowned Warlocks exuding Great Warlock rank life force rushed in through the huge hole.

The leader of this group is a man with short hair and an eye-patch engraved with fiend seals covering his left eye.

A Great Warlock in a white uniform suddenly emerged from the cockpit of the flying vessel and barked: “What do you want?”

The Great Warlock in a white uniform is one of the three Great Warlock guards aboard the flying vessel.

The Warlock with an eye-patch engraved with fiend seals covering his left eye spoke coldly: “Kill him!”

A sinister smile on his face, a black-gowned Warlock turned into an abyssal fiend and conjured Blink. He suddenly appeared behind the Warlock in white, stabbed the latter in the chest, dug out the heart, and devoured it.



“No, dont!”


Screams reverberated in the flying boat.

Almost 70% of people aboard the flying vessel are official Warlocks. However, most of these Warlocks are mostly ordinary research-type Warlocks cultivated by academies. They are mostly low-ranked Warlocks who reached their cultivation base by using piles of magic stones and elixirs. They arent expert at fighting.

In the Turandot Subcontinent, level-1 Warlocks can get rid of such level-2 and level-3 research-type Warlocks by employing queer spells and elixirs.

With the strict laws in the Great Cloud Dynasty, these research-type Warlocks may never seen murder in their entire life. Now that they saw someone die right in front of their eyes, they lost composure and screamed in fear.

The eye-patch Warlock uttered coolly with a gloomy expression: “Shut up! Those who dont shut up will die!”

The black-gowned Warlocks transformed into abyssal fiends. Exuding thick demonic qi, they stared at the passengers of the flying boat with fierce expressions.

Under the suppression of the more than a dozen great fiends, the faces of hundreds of passengers changed greatly, and they didnt dare to move.

The eye-patch Warlock sneered and strode towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng frowned, and his eyes shimmered with a glint of doubt: “Was I exposed? My camouflage should be perfect, right? How could I be exposed? And if I was exposed, why would Starry Sky Warlocks come after me?”

“Scram!” The eye-patch Warlock glanced at Yang Feng with contempt and barked.

Pretending to be frightened, the Yang Feng trembling quickly got up and moved away.

The short-haired girl glanced at Yang Feng with disdain. Face pale, body trembling, the beautiful short-haired girl looked at the eye-patch Warlock in fear.

The eye-patch Warlocks gaze swept past the short-haired girl and fell on the girl wearing sunglasses, and he said with a smile: “Miss Murong Yuling, please stand up. My master fell in love with you at first sight. He invites you to come visit him.”

Murong Yuling took off the big sunglasses and revealed an enchanting and mesmerizing face.

Sitting in a corner, Yang Feng stared at Murong Yuling, curious: “Isnt this girl the celebrity I just saw?”

Murong Yuling knitted her fine eyebrows and asked: “Who is your master?”

The eye-patch Warlock smiled and answered: “You will know soon enough.”

Murong Yuling uttered coldly: “To dare to hijack this flying boat and kill people here, arent you afraid of the Demon Hunting Division?”

The Demon Hunting Division is a department of the Great Cloud Dynasty tasked to suppress powerful criminals at the Great Warlock rank or above. Each member of the division is a Starry Sky Warlock rank expert or above, while the chief of the division is an Infinity Warlock powerhouse.

In order to preserve the order of the Great Cloud Dynasty, the Demon Hunting Division has captured and eliminated numerous Moonlight Warlock and Glorious Sun Warlock rank monsters, sowing fear in the hearts of powerful Warlocks.

“Although those hunting dogs are indeed strong, but they cannot catch us. Miss Murong Yuling, stop delaying, my patience has a limit. Although I dont dare to kill you, but I dont have any problem killing other people.” The eye-patch Warlock smiled, grabbed the neck of the short-haired girl, and lifted her up.

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