Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 565 – Andrak Plane

Chapter 564 – Escape

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“Glorious Sun Warlock! Youre a bereau chief of the Demon Hunting Division! Who set us up? What do they want to do? Even if we are to die, you should at least tell us the reason behind this farce.” A shadow twisted and formed into Yang Fengs true body. He stared at the unfamiliar Glorious Sun Warlock warily and asked coldly.

The Demon Hunting Division has one division chief, four deputy division chiefs, 36 bureau chiefs, and 72 deputy bureau chiefs. The division chief is an infinity Warlock, the four deputy division chiefs are Bright World Warlocks, the 36 bureau chiefs are Glorious Sun Warlocks, and the 72 deputy bureau chiefs are Moonlight Warlocks. In terms of strength alone, the Demon Hunting Division is equally matched with the Battle Demon Sect.

Fearsome advanced Glorious Sun Warlock rank might spread from the Demon Hunting Division bureau chief, and he took a step forward and answered calmly: “No one has set you up. You murdered His Highness. If you dont surrender at once, then you will die here today. This is Cloud Capital, not even Infinity Warlocks can escape from here. Surrender.”

Before his words have fallen, the Demon Hinting Division bureau chief suddenly waved his hand, and a level-7 secret treasure Lock God Chains shot towards Yang Feng.

The level-7 secret treasure Lock God Chains is a standard secret treasure provided to the Demon Hunting Division bureau chiefs. Although it cannot compare to some special level-7 secret treasures in therms of power, but it still surpasses level-6 secret treasures by far.

Many Glorious Sun Warlock rank freaks have been suppressed by the Demon Suppression Division, thrown into the Dark Prison, and turned into test subjects for taboo research, and they all loath the Lock God Chains.

The Great Cloud Dynasty clearly states that no one is allowed to use citizens for research purposes. However, slaves captured in other planes and evil Warlocks deprived of all human rights are an exemption. The Dark Prison is a place that many evil Warlocks fear. Once they are apprehended and thrown into the Dark Prison, life will be a constant torment. If they refuse to be hunting dogs of the Great Cloud Dynasty, they will be reduced to test subjects.

Yang Feng suddenly retreated briskly, slammed into a house next to him, and plunged inside.

Suddenly, a Moonlight Core along with a portion of the Ruler Armor shot out from the Ruler Armor, turned into a robot exuding Yang Fengs aura, and rushed towards the Lock God Chains.

Numerous chains stabbed into the robot at once, and countless seals rose on the robots body and sealed the Moonlight Core, making the robot unable to move.

The Demon Hunting Division bureau chief exclaimed in admiration: “What a wonderful golem! It carries your soul aura, and can even deceive the Lock God Chains! Amazing! Unfortunately, no matter how you struggle, theres no use. Even the Moonlight Seven Stars cannot escape from me!”

The Demon Hunting Division bureau chief is called Dong Rui, and he comes from humble origins. Starting with elementary Warlock school, he overcame numerous hurdles and joined the Great Cloud Dynastys Demon Hunting Division. After hunting countless freaks and obtaining a large amount of resources, he finally advanced to the Glorious Sun Warlock realm.

Against ordinary junior Glorious Sun Warlocks, Dong Rui only needs to strike once with the Lock God Chains to suppress and seal them. Yang Feng, however, was able to escape once, which he couldnt help but praise.

“Shit!” Suddenly, Dong Ruis countenance changed greatly. He could feel a fearsome fluctuation of power and spatial fluctuation come from the house, and he blurred into motion and rushed into the house.

The moment before Dong Rui entered the house, Yang Feng disappeared in a top grade warp gate.

The moment Yang Feng entered the top grade warp gate, it activated the self-destruction sequence.

In an instant, dazzling light and boundless heat along with debris blasted toward Dong Rui.

A powerful life force field appeared around Dong Rui and blocked the explosion that could seriously injure ordinary Moonlight Warlocks.

“Do you think you can escape from me this way? Youre too naive!” Dong Ruis eyes flashed with anger, and he waved his hand, and an exquisite astral gate suddenly flew out and landed on the ground.

The astral gate radiated light, and a whirlpool appeared in its center.

Dong Rui stabbed his hand into the astral gate.

In the Astral Boundary, a hand suddenly extended from the void. The hand opened, and an eye appeared in the center of the palm. The eye turned, looked towards the depth of the Astral Boundary, and locked on the plane Yang Feng has escaped to.

“Found you! An eerie voice sounded next to Yang Feng, and a strange feeling of being watched arose in his heart. He felt like the surrounding temperature has lowered.

The next moment, the exquisite astral gate exploded, and tremendous backlash force erupted and cut off Dong Ruis hand. The hand was left behind in the Astral Boundary.

To open a gate that leads to the Astral Boundary isnt easy. You must spend a great amount of resources to build a true astral gate. That simple astral gate that Dong Rui has used was a secret treasure specially crafted by the Demon Hunting Division to track down and lock the position of enemies who fled into the Astral Boundary; it cannot be operated for a long time.

Dong Rui frowned and uttered slowly: “An unknown world, he fled to an unknown world. To be able to escape to another plane from the Cloud Capital, what treasure was that?”

Warp gates is the crystallization of xizu technology. Once activated, they can enable people to easily cross great distances and even teleport to other planes. Warp gates are much more outstanding than the Cangzhi Planes planar passageways that lead to other places.

A crafty rabbit has three burrows. When Yang Feng was operating in the Cloud Capital as Zhao Fan, he secretly set up several places with warp gates in order to use them to save his life at a critical moment.

Dong Rui had a thought, and his eyes shimmered with greed: “The coordinates of an unknown world, do I report them, or keep them for myself?”

Despite being of humble origins, Dong Rui gradually promoted to an advanced Glorious Sun Warlock. He has to look for resources himself. As such, he knows the pain of practicing cultivation without resources. He wouldnt have been able to practice cultivation until the Glorious Sun Warlock realm were it not for the treasures he has acquired after killing evil Warlocks.

If you take out the coordinates of an unknown world, you can sell them for a sky-high price. If you conquer and gain full control of that world, then even if it is just a grade 9 plane, it will still have tremendous value.

“Dong Rui, is it settled?” A bland voice sounded in Dong Ruis ears.

Startled, Dong Rui immediately broke out in cold sweat and responded respectfully: “Deputy Division Chief Liu. Yang Feng used some unknown secret treasure to escape to another plane of unknown coordinates. Here are the coordinates of the plane.”

Liu Xuanzhen is one of the four deputy division chiefs of the Demon Hunting Division, a Bright World Warlock rank expert. He is cruel and merciless, and the number of evil Warlocks that died at his hands is astronomical. Even many people from the Demon Hunting Division have disappeared when on a mission with him.

Of the people who climbed to a high position in the Demon Hunting Division, no one is kind-hearted, as those people would have died early on in confrontations with evil Warlocks.

When Dong Rui saw Liu Xuanzhen come in person, he didnt dare to conceal anything, and immediately reported everything. He didnt even dare to hide the coordinates of the other plane for fear of becoming a sacrificial lamb on some mission.

“What secret treasure did he use?” There was a ripple in space next to Dong Rui, and a handsome boy dressed in casual clothes came out and said full of dignity.

“The secret treasure has already exploded, and only these remains are left.” Dong Rui spread the fingers of his hand, and a pile of debris left from the top grade warp gate appeared in his hand.

Dong Rui originally wanted to study the wreckage of the top grade warp gate himself. If he could restore it successfully, it would be a life-saving secret far superior to countless other secret treasures. But when Liu Xuanzhen appeared, he could only offer the latter the remains without any fuss.

“Advanced Reconstruction!” Liu Xuanzhen chanted an incantation and pointed at the wreckage of the top grade warp gate, and blue light shrouded the wreckage.

The wreckage suddenly turned back into the top grade warp gate.

Dong Rui praised promptly: “Deputy Division Chief Liu, you are a man of remarkable abilities! To be able to cultivate Advanced Reconstruction to this degree is amazing.”

To reach the top, children of humble origins have to invest more than 100 times the effort than children from large families or sects. They not only must practice cultivation, but also refine their people skills. Dong Rui has paid a price unimaginable to ordinary people to become one of the 36 bureau chiefs of the Demon Hunting Division.

“It looks impressive but is useless! After all, Advanced Reconstruction is not the Time Texts Time Reversal!” Liu Xuanzhen sighed faintly and waved his hand, and the top grade warp gate collapsed into debris immediately.

The Time Lords most powerful secret method was Time Reversal. No matter how badly he was injured, he could use Time Reversal to go back in time and return to his peak state. It was thanks to this most formidable secret method that he proclaimed himself a hegemon in the archgod era.

Of course, when it comes to attacks of Warlock Emperor rank experts, then even with Time Reversal, you still cant achieve full immunity. Injuries involving laws, even the Time Lord had a hard time curing them. However, during a fight, Time Reversal is certainly a heaven-defying spell. No one else except for the Time Lord has ever cultivated this spell successfully.

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