Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 567 – Siege

Chapter 566 – Inquisition

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Green ribbons swept the death warriors, and then the death warriors stabbed themselves with the scimitar in their hand.

Black gas poured into the death warriors and corroded them into piles of ashes.

The 12th level of the Green Flower Immortal Spirit Method coupled with Yang Fengs battle experience isnt something that the death warriors can contend against.

A burly man with blond hair came to Yang Feng and uttered with gratitude: “Hello, I am Beta. Thank you for saving us. Our Master invites you for a meeting.”

The remaining 20 plus guards also looked at Yang Feng with gratitude.

Yang Feng smiled and walked towards a luxurious carriage pulled by four horses with extraordinary life form bloodline.

When he boarded the bright luxurious carriage the size of an RV [1], Yang Feng saw a handsome blond boy with fair skin sitting in the carriage.

There is a pair of beautiful twin girls kneel sitting next to the handsome boy, looking at the boy with affection in their eyes.

No matter the handsome boy or the beautiful twin girls, there is an extraordinary temperament and charm about them.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with enigmatic light: “What a beautiful boy. The Green Flower Immortal Spirit Method is indeed a first-rate secret method to enhance looks.”

In terms of combat, the Green Flower Immortal Spirit Method can be described as mediocre. However, those who cultivate the Green Flower Immortal Spirit Method become more and more good-looking.

The handsome boy asked in an aloof, cold tone: “Who are you?”

Yang Feng frowned slightly, and then answered crudely: “I am Ole.”

The face of one of the twin girls flickered, and she shouted sternly: “What gall! Before you is the 6th successor of the Narcissus family, Young Master Bardini. To talk to the Young Master in such a rude tone, are you sick of living, you commoner?”

“Narcissus family?” There was a flash of contemplation in Yang Fengs eyes.

The Goddess of Love originated from the Narcissus family. After the Goddess of Love ascend to godhood 10,000 years ago, the Narcissus family was left in charge to run the Narcissus Federation.

As the 6th successor of the Narcissus family, pride has seeped deep into Bardinis bones.

The other twin barked: “Kneel and apologize to Young Master Bardini at once!”

Bardini watched Yang Feng with a look of pride on his face. In his eyes, except for the aristocracy, the rest are not worthy of his attention. Even though he was rescued by Yang Feng, but he takes it for granted.

Yang Feng smiled mischievously, glared, and operated the Green Flower Immortal Spirit Method, and Great Warlock rank might permeated the carriage.

The beautiful twins are ordinary humans. Under the terrifying Great Warlock rank might, their pretty face paled and their petite body shivered suddenly, and a gleam of fear streaked past their eyes.

“Legend. You are a Legend rank powerhouse!” Bardinis eyes brightened, and his attitude became cordial at once: “Your Excellency, please forgive me for my lack of manners.”

In the Narcissus Federation, there are less than 20 Legend Rank experts, and each one of them is a backbone of the federation.

In the Narcissus family, there are only three Legend rank guards. As for demigod rank powerhouses, there is only one in the entire Narcissus Federation.

Even if it is Bardini, but he has to take Legend rank powerhouses seriously, not daring to anger them at will. Although he has a very high status, but if a Legend rank powerhouse wants to kill him, itll be as easy as killing a chicken. And even if a Legend rank expert does kill him, but as long as they hide in the God of Deaths Glun State or an other race state, the Narcissus Federation will be helpless to do anything about them.

Bardini is just the 6th successor. If he wants to be the 1st successor, the support of a Legend rank powerhouse is absolutely vital.

Yang Feng spoke with a forthright smile: “Recently, other states monsters have been very active in the Narcissus Federation. I plan to join the Inquisition to tear those monsters into pieces, and then become part of the Inquisitions Big Three.”

When Bardini heard that, his complexion changed dramatically, and he became even more respectful. But he didnt dare to continue to pursue a close relationship with Yang Feng.

The Inquisition is the most notorious organization in the Church of the Goddess of Love. Every year, the Inquisition burns not a small number of heretics at the stake. The infamous name of the Inquisition can make children cry.

Under Katrinas secret instigation, the relationship of the Ice Blue State, the Scarlet Flame State, and the Norton State with the Narcissus Federation has become increasingly antagonistic, and many experts of the three states have sneaked into the Narcissus Federation, setting off billows.

The Church of the Goddess of Love fought countless battles with the experts of the three states, and even lost three Legend rank powerhouses in the process. Many experts of the Inquisition have also died.

Under these circumstances, Yang Feng will definitely be put in an important position when he joins the Inquisition.

But the Inquisitionss Big Three are cutthroats among cutthroats. If Bardini is too close to Yang Feng, and gets implicated, it will be troublesome.

The Holy Fairy City is the capital of the Narcissus Federation. It was in the Holy Fairy City that the Goddess of Love has ascended to godhood and become a true god. 3,000 years ago, the Goddess of Love has established her own divine country and stabilized her position and rule.

Although the Goddess of Love is only a feeble divine force rank god, but within her divine country, even weak divine force rank gods will be suppressed. Before she had a divine country, the Goddess of Love may still die in one-on-one fight against a weak divine force rank god. But now as long as she doesnt leave her divine country, she is invincible in the Andrak Plane.

“In this world, humans are so good-looking! Or is this the effect of the Green Flower Immortal Spirit Method?”

When he entered the Holy Fairy City, Yang Feng looked around and found out that most of the humans here are very good-looking. The Ole character Yang Feng has changed into is tall and handsome. But in the Holy Fairy City, he looks ordinary.

While admiring the scenery, Yang Feng made a beeline for the Inquisition.

The Inquisition of the Church of the Goddess of Love is located in a relatively remote place west of the Holy Fairy City. The Inquisition is notorious, and the land around it is barren as no merchant dares to open shop there.

Recently, the Inquisition has fought countless times with experts of the three states, and has incurred many casualties. Therefore, it is now publicly recruiting experts of the Narcissus Federation.

Although the Inquisition has a notorious reputation, but it offers very good treatment. Additionally, after joining the Inquisition, you can get judicial immunity. This recruitment has attracted countless experts from the Narcissus Federation.

As soon as Yang Feng arrived at the recruitment site, he saw more than 1,000 experts waiting to be screened.

“5th level of the Green Flower Immortal Spirit Method! Next!” A handsome Inquisition expert with a wicked aura looked indifferently at the experts present and said flatly.

One after another, experts coming from all over of the Narcissus Federation operated the Green Flower Immortal Spirit Method, and green light lit up.

Within the Narcissus Federation, the Green Flower Immortal Spirit Method is the most powerful method. The first 10 levels are very easy to cultivate, and can help people practice cultivation until the junior Great Warlock rank. As for the last five levels, they are controlled by the Narcissus Federation. Only by joining the Inquisition or serving the aristocrats can you obtain them.

Originally, there were other secret methods in the Narcissus Federation, but most of them were incomplete, and could not be cultivated until the Great Warlock realm. Moreover, the Green Flower Immortal Spirit Method can be obtained everywhere. This is why few people in the Narcissus Federation practice other secret methods.

A girl with several sword scars on her face, a sexy body, a grim expression, and shot hair came forward and released bright green light of the 9th level.

The eyes of the Inquisition expert showed emotion: “9th level of the Green Flower Immortal Spirit Method! Not bad. Whats your name?”

The short-haired girl replied grimly: “I am Rayleigh!”

“To reach the 9th level, thats impressive.”

“So young, she must be really talented!”


The eyes of many experts shimmered with envy and jealousy.

Most of the people present only practiced the Green Flower Immortal Spirit Method to the 4th or 5th level, which is equivalent to the level-2 Warlock rank. The 9th level represents a pinnacle level-3 Warlock rank powerhouse. Even within the Inquisition, they are experts.

The Inquisition expert said indifferently: “Next.”

Yang Feng took a step forward, and radiant green light of the 10th level burst out from his body.

“Legend! A Legend rank powerhouse!”

“This, this is a Legend rank powerhouse!”


A commotion erupted, and everyone looked at Yang Feng with excitement and shock in their eyes.

There are fewer than 20 Legend rank powerhouses in the Narcissus Federation, and each one of them is a bigwig whom ordinary people cannot meet easily. Now that a Legend rank powerhouse appeared next to them, it naturally caused a huge sensation.


[1] – RV

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