Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 57 – Humiliation

Chapter 56 – Molock Wolf

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That a huge wolf-shaped rock opened its eyes, and a pair of white stone sphere eyes swept Yang Feng with a glance. Continuing to lie prone, it spoke coldly: “Ive already committed to memory the scent of his soul, take him in.”

Molock wolf was the scientific name of the huge wolf-shaped rock extraordinary life form earthen. This extraordinary life forms body was a very high quality rock. No matter if it was magical resistance or physical resistance, both were terrific. Adult molock wolves possessed terrifying battle prowess comparable to pinnacle level-3 Warlocks. Additionally, they possessed a formidable racial innate skill which enabled them to smell the scent of any persons soul.

Within the world of Warlocks, there were all kinds of strange spells that could change, warp, or mask your true features. However, the scent of a soul couldnt be altered. Apart from some special experts, even Great Warlock rank experts couldnt compare with molock wolves in terms of identifying the scent of souls.

With the molock wolf guarding in front of this gate, anyone who wanted to sneak into the Warlock College Antalyas inner court by changing their facial features would find it extremely difficult.

Yang Feng bowed towards the molock wolf: “Greetings, Sir Dulimuk!”

The lifespan of humans was very short. A human official level-1 Warlocks lifespan was around 200 to 300 years. A level-2 Warlocks lifespan was around 300 to 400 years. A level-3 Warlocks lifespan was around 400 to 500 years. Only a Great Warlocks lifespan could exceed 1,000 years. As for extraordinary life forms such as molock wolves, they required 400 years just to mature, while their lifespans were thousands of years long.

This adult molock wolf was also an intelligent extraordinary life form, and its status in the Warlock College Antalya was very high, even comparable to that of an Elder. Yang Feng didnt dare to slight such an extraordinary life form.

Dulimuk didnt budge, it just lay there still like an ordinary statue.

Anya took Yang Feng through the gate that separated the outer court from the inner court and entered the inner court.

When they entered the inner court, Yang Feng felt that the concentration of elemental particles in the air here surpassed that of the outer court by far.

After studying hard these days, Yang Feng already understood the fundamental principles of Warlock cultivation.

Warlocks practiced cultivation by using special methods to absorb all kinds of drifting elemental particles, and the strengthened their physical constitution as well as nourished their soul forces. Soul force was the most fundamental source power of an extraordinary life form. Once your soul force was unable to be upgraded, in meant that your body could no longer continue to evolve.

The key step for an Apprentice Warlock promoting to an official Warlock was to condense a soul seed, then, with the soul seed act as the core, establish a spirit sea, break through the limits of the human body, and evolve towards an extraordinary life form. By then, you can solidify a level-1 innate spell in your spirit sea.

The formidable elemental particles were very beneficial to strengthening your physical constitution as well as nourishing your soul. In the inner court, the Warlock College Antalya used a variety of extraordinary means to increase the concentration of elemental particles. In this environment, your cultivation rate will be tens of times higher than in the outer court.

The Black Cottage possessed a three-story-tall Warlock tower. Inside the Warlock tower, only the elemental pool as well as the core cultivation room possessed a slightly higher density of elemental particles than the inner court.

“It deserves to be one of the six cultivation holy lands in the Turandot Subcontinent, its really deserving of its reputation!” Yang Feng operated the Magic Notes Titan Art and sensed the formidable energy enter his body, making him feel very comfortable.

There were numerous Warlock towers located inside the inner court of the Warlock College Antalya, with every Warlock tower being four stories tall.

The construction of a Warlock tower was very costly. Generally speaking, some small Warlock families were fundamentally unable to construct a Warlock tower. As for the Black Cottage, it took it several generations worth of effort and expenses to be build a Warlock tower. Moreover, it was only a three-story-tall Warlock tower, which was a far cry from the Warlock College Antalyas Warlock towers.

Yang Feng made a rough count and discovered that the Warlock towers numbered in the hundreds.

The hundreds of Warlock tower formed an indistinct mysterious formation around nine seven-story-tall Warlock towers. In the center of the Warlock tower, the enormous ancient energy absorbing tree pierced straight into the sky. The branches and leave of the ancient energy absorbing tree radiated a faint light.

“In the Warlock College Antalya, there also bound to be precious elixirs capable of upgrading ones soul aptitude. However, such precious elixirs must be small in numbers, and they should be in the hands of level-3 Warlocks or Great Warlocks. Unless I conquer the Warlock College Antalya, Im basically incapable of getting hold of them.”

“Inside Warlock towers, Warlocks were able to resist enemies that were stronger by a rank. If there are Great Warlocks standing guard in the Warlock College Antalya, then my mechanical legions odds are currently really too low. My forces will have to expand by tens of times!” Yang Feng creased his eyebrows tightly as he mused.

He was already doing his utmost to develop the mineral resources in his territory. Under the unbridled mining, the Black Rock Towns mineral resources have already begun to dry up. He was trying to purchase iron ore everywhere he could as well as searching for new sources of mineral resources in his territory. Even so, his production of raw materials was far from meeting his production capacity.

Within his territory, the mechanical legion was already very large in number, but he still didnt have any certainty that he could prevail over the Warlock College Antalya. The further he trod on the Warlock path, the better he perceived the power of high-level Warlocks.

Yang Feng exclaimed within: “Unfortunately, all the territories have currently masters! Furthermore, they all have Great Warlocks backing them from the shadows. Its too difficult to expand.”

In the Turandot Subcontinent, each territory had its master. Although these territories were controlled by some Warlock families or small forces, but all of them had Great Warlock forces backing them from the shadows.

For Yang Feng, establishing the Steel City was already his limit. The Warlock College Antalya has already begun to suppress his expansion. Unless he attacked the territory of the Savage Claw, it was difficult to expand. But the Savage Claw was a bit more powerful than the Warlock College Antalya. He didnt want to randomly antagonize such a formidable force.

Yang Feng mused: “In the Turandot Subcontinent, the fertile lands were already occupied. I can think of ways to occupy some barren regions. Solar energy, hydroelectric power, thermal power, wind power, and even nuclear power, all of them could be exploited. But that will have to wait until I finished my Warlock studies.”

In 3796s technology tree, nuclear power wasnt too advanced of a technology. It was already possible to manufacture large nuclear power plants. However, to build large nuclear power plants would still require a series of prerequisite technological structures such as heavy water refineries. At present, a variety of prerequisite structures were being built in Yang Fengs territory. Within a year, he could manufacture large nuclear power plants as well as nuclear warheads.

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