Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 571 – Invasion

Chapter 570 – Pope of the Church of the Goddess of Love

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“Her Holiness the Pope is here!” A voice sounded outside the hall, and a tall, beautiful woman with an extraordinary temperament wearing a crown and a set of clothing inlaid with brightly-shining jewelry stepped into the hall.

“Greetings, Your Holiness!” In the hall, the Inquisitions experts bowed respectfully to the beautiful woman.

The position of Pope of the Church of the Goddess of Love has been held by mesmerizing women with extraordinary temperament throughout the ages.

Two Legend rank experts guarded in front of the Pope and stared coldly at Yang Feng.

Frigid killing intent surged from all over and locked on Yang Feng. As long as the Pope gave the order, all the experts present will attack Yang Feng with reckless abandon.

“Its over!” Alak looked at the surrounding experts with despair in his eyes.

The eyes of the more than 100 experts behind Alak also flickered with despair. The Pope can use demigod armaments and display demigod rank battle prowess, and coupled with the Inquisitions countless experts working together, even a demigod rank expert can be suppressed.

Yang Feng got up from the throne, and the green light around him disappeared at once. He came to before the Pope, bowed deeply, and uttered: “Greetings, Your Holiness. The Judge has gone against the law and colluded with heretics. The evidence is conclusive. For the sake of the church, I, Ole, stepped in to set things right and eliminated the Judge. I ask that you forgive me, Your Holiness!”

When the Inquisition experts heard Yang Feng spit lies as if they were truths, they revealed angry looks and glared at Yang Feng.

The Pope spoke lightly: “Colluding with heretics, the Judges crimes cannot be forgiven. Ole, by disposing of the rebel, you rendered an outstanding contribution. I now declare you the new Judge!”

Dumbstruck, the experts in the hall could not believe their ears.

A strange feeling surged in the hearts of some people from the Inquisitions upper echelon, and they looked at the Pope. Next, the lowered their head, and coldness welled up inside them.

Although the Inquisition is part of the Church of the Goddess of Love, but the Judge was extremely powerful and ran the Inquisition by himself. For the church to mobilize the Inquisition, it was often necessary to compromise with the Judge.

As soon as the Judge died, his murderer Yang Feng was appointed as the new Judge. This development left the Inquisitions experts who have soaked in conspiracies and machinations feel a chill inside them.

Alak immediately greeted Yang Feng: “Greeting, Sir Judge!”

“Greetings, Sir Judge!”

Voices echoed in the hall as virtually all Inquisition experts greeted Yang Feng respectfully.

As a demigod rank expert and with the Popes support, Yang Fengs appointment as the Inquisitions Judge is perfectly legitimate. No matter how unwilling the former Judges diehard followers are, but they can only watch in despair as Yang Feng assumes the position of Judge.

At night, in a luxurious villa in the Inquisition, Yang Feng sitting on a sofa covered in white tiger hide carefully looked through the record of treasures and materials stored in the Inquisition.

Kneel sitting beside him, Kafina served Yang Feng respectfully. He is now the new Judge. Besides, he is a demigod rank powerhouse. She no longer has the intention of resisting him.

Yang Feng smiled: “As expect the of the Inquisition, the amount of Bamhagra Stone it has in stock is enough to build three level-3 Large Matter and Energy Converters.”

Large Matter and Energy Converter is one of the core technologies of xizu. In theory, as long as there is sufficient energy, Large Matter and Energy Converters can create anything.

With a level-3 Large Matter and Energy Converter Built, Bamhagra Stone can be synthesized. Of course, this requires a large amount of energy.

Yang Feng secretly built countless nuclear power plants, geothermal power plants, and other power plants in the Turandot Subcontinent, the Fuso Subcontinent, and the Feisuo Plane. With these power plants, his energy reserves are vast, and within a short period of time, there is no need to worry about energy.

There was a flash of killing intent in Yang Fengs eyes, and he mused: “When people from the Demon Hunting Division and the Other Plane Development Division come, I will give them hell!”

Yang Feng was framed in the Cloud Capital. Where it not for his preparations, he would have been captured or killed by now. With this, the feeling of identifying himself with the Great Cloud Dynasty has completely disappeared.

“I have the Battle Demon Sect behind me. According to reason, even the Tai Yi Sect cannot frame me in the Cloud Capital.” Yang Feng frowned and kept thinking. But no matter what, he could not think of a force capable of framing a Ten Great Sects peerless genius in the Cloud Capital.

The Tai Yi Sect is known as the number one sect in the Great Coud Dynasty, but not even it can frame a genius of the Battle Demon Sect in the Cloud Capital.

Yang Feng killed a Moonlight Warlock from the Jiang family and extracted their memories from his severed head, but it didnt bring him much useful information. He just knows that the Jiang family has participated in his frame-up.

Yang Feng contemplated carefully and eliminated the forces who dont have what it takes to pull this off, and then a hair-raising behemoth suddenly surfaced: “No, there is another force in the Cloud Capital, and that is the royal family! The Great Cloud Dynasty Royal Family!”

In the Great Cloud Dynasty, the most powerful force is the royal family. Unless the Ten Great Sects and Eight Great Families join forces, they wont be able to overpower the royal family. On their own, the sects and families arent a match for the royal family.

The Cloud Capital is the center of the great Cloud Dynasty, and is firmly controlled by the royal family. Other forces can infiltrate only a small part of it.

Yang Feng frowned and sank into his thoughts: “Why does the royal family want to get rid of my? Why do they dare to get rid of me?”

The Battle Demon Sect is a Ten Great Sects sect, and it is extremely powerful. Numerous experts from the Battle Demon Sect are active in various areas of the Imperial Court. Even the royal family should be somewhat apprehensive of such a powerful force.

With Yang Fengs background, no one should attack him lightly. The frame-up orchestrated by the royal family puzzled him. He has a vague feeling that there is a huge storm brewing.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

Yang Feng said: “Come in!”

The door was pushed open, and a tall, sensual, and bewitching girl with dazzling gold hair exuding a seductive temperament strode in, a fragrance wafting out from her.

The bewitching girl walked up to Yang Feng, lifted Kafinas chin, and uttered with a sweet smile: “Dear, did you capture this little thing? She doesnt look half bad, Im a little jealous.”

Bewildered by the temperament of the bewitching girl, Kafinas eyes turned dull, and then her expression changed into that of incredulity, and she spoke in a trembling voice: “You are Her Holiness the Pope of the Church of the Goddess of Love.

Under Kafinas horrified gaze, the Pope smiled, sat in Yang Fengs embrace, looked at Yang Feng lovingly, and said gently: “Dear, I miss you so much!”

Yang Feng kissed the beautiful face of the Pope, smiled meaningfully, and exclaimed in admiration: “Katrina, youre amazing. To become the Pope of the church, youre really something else.”

It is because the Pope of the Church of the Goddess of Love is Katrina that Yang Feng could dispose the Judge so unbridledly and take the position of Judge for himself.

Yang Feng asked: “Do you have complete control of the Apologetics?”

A church is fundamentally composed of the three forces – the Papacy, the Apologetics, and the Inquisition.

At times, when the Apologetics or the Inquisition are stronger, they can somewhat contend against the Papacy.

The former Judge was unruly, and fundamentally didnt take the young Pope Katrina seriously. But then Yang Feng stepped in, disposed of the Judge, and took advantage of Katrinas support to take control of the Inquisition.

If Katrina takes control of the Apologetics, then the entire Church of the Goddess of Love will be controlled by Yang Feng and her.

Katrina smiled sweetly: “Commander Gray of the Apologetics is a gods darling. Although he obeys my orders, but thats only true so long as my orders are reasonable. I have only about one-tenth of the Apologetics under my control.

Yang Feng spoke regretfully: “Thats a pity.”

Katrina smiled sweetly, saying: “Dear, this is just right. The Goddess of Love pays the church attention from time to time. If the church is completely under my control, she may pass down a divine decree and deprive me of my rights.

Unlike the Feisuo Plane, the Andrak Plane only has seven gods, and there are only two more slots to promote to godhood. Although the gods dwell in their divine country, but they still often cast their gaze on the secular world, and even tread the secular world using their true body from time to time.

If Katrina takes complete control of the church, then even the Goddess of Love will be disturbed!

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