Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 573 – Wiping out Shadow Fang Elites

Chapter 572 – Crushing Defeat of the Seven States

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In the Scarlet Flame State, in a large shrine covered by countless lava, an idol shone brightly.

“Our Lord has given a command. The war of gods has begun!”

The divine decree immediately spread throughout the Scarlet Flame State. The state was immediately mobilized, and countless experts quickly assembled into one army after another.

The same thing happened in the other six states. Numerous armies assembled, ready to welcome the war of gods.

The Narcissus Federation assembled 200,000 troops, which quickly swarmed towards a huge battleships that landed within the Narcissus Federation.

On a main street, 200,000 troops from the Narcissus Federation formed a queue stretching for dozens of kilometers, looking spectacular.

Hundreds of Great Cloud Dynastys Warlocks dressed in black gowns are suspended in midair.

The leading Starry Sky Warlock sneered and ordered: “A swarm of ants! Begin!”

The hundreds of Warlocks silently recited incantations and pointed towards the sky with the staff in their hand.

In the sky, flame elemental particles condensed into numerous churning fire clouds, which in turn formed fireballs that barreled towards the Narcissus Federation forces on the ground.

Bombarded by the fireballs, the troops on the ground burst into screams, and then were swallowed by flames.

After 10 plus breaths of time, the 200,000 troops were devoured by the rain of fire. Only several hundred of experts with level-2 Warlock cultivation base or higher remained.

The hundreds of experts have just escaped from the rain of fire, when they saw thousands of human Warlocks dressed in black gowns standing in front of them. Each Warlock in black exuded Legend rank aura.

“Legend! How can this be? How can there be so many Legend rank powerhouses?”

“Legend, why are there so many Legend rank powerhouses?”


Despair welled up inside the eyes of the hundreds of experts with level-2 Warlock rank cultivation base or higher, and they screamed.

In the Narcissus Federation, there are less than 20 Legend rank experts. Yet now close to 10,000 Legend rank powerhouses appeared before them.

“Kill them all!” A cold order sounded, and countless rays shot out and killed the remaining hundreds of experts of the Narcissus Federation in a flash.

The same scene occurred in other places of the Andrak Plane.

The 10 huge warships each carried 10,000 seasoned Great Warlock rank powerhouses.

Apart from the divine legions, the ordinary armies are no match for the 10,000-strong Warlock armies.

As for the divine legions of the seven gods, they engaged the Great Cloud Dynastys experts brought by Bai Tianxing in the Andrak Planes outer space. The two sides fought fiercely.

The Great Cloud Dynasty has a lot of experience in conquering planes with gods.

The suppression of the human Warlocks in a planes outer space is fairly limited, making it suitable for human Warlocks to fight. Therefore, they attack divine legions in the outer space. At the same, they send elite armies to conquer the surface world. By slaughtering the believers in the secular world, you can weaken the foundation of the gods.

For gods, faith of ordinary people is the foundation of their existence. If the secular world has no ordinary people to believe in them, then they will weaken continuously and eventually die.

Even if they have divine force crystals, but gods without the faith of ordinary people cannot sustain their existence with divine force crystals alone.

The Holy Fairy City, in the presidential palaces assembly hall. Sitting in front of a long table is a blond, tall, sexy, and mesmerizingly beautiful girl who looks similar to the Goddess of Love, a vigorous old man with white hair, Pope Katrina, Yang Feng, the Apologetics Commander Gray, and ministers of the Narcissus Federation.

The mesmerizingly beautiful girl is Blanche, the current Matriarch of the Narcissus royal family as well as the President of the Narcissus Federation. The vigorous old man is Secretary of Defense Bauman.

Bauman said with a serious expression: “The day before, the first to fourth armies were wiped out to a man by those Cangzhi Planes monsters.

“How can this be?”

“Thats 200,000 troops! Even if they were 200,000 pigs, it would be impossible to kill them all in a day. What the hell happened?”


In the hall, the faces of the ministers of the Narcissus Federation changed dramatically, and they rained down questions.

With an unsightly expression on his face, Bauman spoke slowly: “Each of those monsters from the Cangzhi Plane has Legend rank strength, and they number close to 10,000!”

“10,000 Legend rank powerhouses!”

The ministers inhaled a breath of cold air.

An the Andrak Plane, Legend rank experts already possess astonishing battle prowess. Now that 10,000 Legend rank powerhouses appeared, the secular world fundamentally has not power to resist.

A strange atmosphere permeated the assembly hall.

Many of the ministers have thoughts of surrender. From time to time, they look in Yang Fengs direction. The Inquisition Judge Yang Feng is here as a reminder that betrayal will have terrible consequences.

Blanche frowned slightly and said: “The Narcissus Federation is faced with the most dangerous situation in a millennium. In order to weaken our Lord, those freaks from another plane will slaughter all ordinary people. We have no other choice but to fight them to the death. If you have any suggestions, now would be the time to voice them. As long as their effective, our Lord will reward you handsomely.”

Silence permeated the hall.

The 10,000 Legend rank powerhouses can crush the Andrak Planes secular world. Besieged by 10,000 Legend rank powerhouses, even demigod rank powerhouses will die. No one can think of a way to counter this absolute power.

“I have a way!” A voice sounded in the hall, and all the eyes focused on Yang Feng.

“Not long ago, an evil god from another plane found me. He is the enemy of those monsters from the Cangzhi Plane. He can support us with this.” Yang Feng snapped his fingers, and a crimson magic cube flew out and rotated above the table in front of him.

Yang Feng said: “This is a treasure that the evil god forged using alchemy. Young and beautiful virgins can use the power of this magic cube to become experts with Legend rank strength. However, in exchange, the soul and body of the user will belong to the evil god.”

Many of the ministers suddenly had palpitations, and they focused eyes filled with a fervent expression on the magic cube.

To be able to turn an ordinary girl into a powerhouse with Legend rank power, this magic cube is simply heaven-defying.

With their power, each of the ministers can get dozens of qualified users without extra trouble. In that case, as long as they get dozens of magic cubes, theyll have dozens of Legend rank powerhouses.

Grays face fell immediately, and he barked: “Souls is a taboo of the gods. Ole, you got some nerve to collude with an evil gods and covet the souls of our Lords believers!”

Yang Feng responded flatly: “Im serving our Lord. Whether or not we use this secret treasure can be decided by our Lord. If our Lord isnt willing to use this secret treasure, then Ill just reject the evil god.”

With this, the hall went silent.

Blanche looked at Katrina and saw that the latter has a somber expression, and frowned immediately.

Blanche uttered with decisiveness that could slice nails and cut iron: “Gray, with the threat they pose to our Lord, it is imperative that we eliminate those freaks from the Cangzhi Plane. For our Lord, for the Narcissus Federation, if this secret treasure is indeed effective, then we must use it.”

A maid with several freckles on her face and a fiery figure walked into the hall.

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and the magic cube immediately fell into the hand of the maid: “Have a drop of blood fall on it. As for everything that follows, it will automatically guide you.”

The maid looked at Blanche.

Blanche uttered: “Gina, do it!”

The maid took out a small knife and made a cut on his finger, and blood dropped on the magic cube.

When the magic cube absorbed the blood, it lit up with runes and formed a set of crimson armor that covered Gina completely.

“I am willing to offer my soul and body to the mighty god in exchange for power. The contract is concluded!” Ginas words have just fallen, when countless runes lit up on the crimson armor, and Legend rank might suddenly spread from her and swept in all directions.

“Legend! This is Legend rank power!”

“Legend! True Legend rank power! “


The ministers suddenly showed looks of excitement.

Blanches eyes brightened, and she asked hurriedly: “How many more of these treasures do you have?”

Yang Feng answered with a smile: “At present, the evil god has given me 10,000 such treasures.”


Everyone in the room suddenly inhaled a breath of cold air, and looked at Yang Feng with scorching fire in their eyes.

Yang Feng changed the subject: “I have always adored you, President. I would like to propose to you. Please agree.”

Marriage with the President is the best way to peacefully seize the power of the Narcissus Federation. Once the Narcissus Federation falls into Yang Fengs hands, hell have a greater liberty of action.

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