Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 575 – Quelling a Glorious Sun Warlock

Chapter 574 – Annihilation of 10,000 Expeditionary Troops

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When Yang Feng arrived, the top of the small hill parted, and a battlestar artillery more than 50 meters long rooted inside the hill extended and adjusted its aim.

Far away, a huge warship is flying towards the Holy Fairy City. Aboard the huge warship, there are 10,000 elite soldiers from the Other Plane Development Division who have participated in the suppression of many planes, and each one of them is an advanced Great Warlock rank expert.

Legend rank experts are at a boundary. Because they are powerless to destroy the plane origin will, no plane will resist the entry of Legend rank powerhouses, nor suppress them.

All soldiers of the Other Plane Development Divisions elite forces are Great Warlock rank experts. Only units that cultivate new recruits will have level-1 to level-3 Warlocks.

There was a flash of cold light in Yang Fengs eyes: “What a pity. 10,000 elites, let me bury you all here.”

The battlestar artillery glittered, and in the next moment, a dazzling beam of light shot out of the artillery, and then blasted into the huge warship in an instant.

Ka-boom! Before the huge warship could activate its magic shields, the dazzling beam of light blasted open a huge hole, and then hit the energy core, which resulted in terrifying explosion.

The extremely violent explosion swallowed the 10,000 Great Warlocks in an instant.

Luckily, more than a dozen Starry Sky Warlock rank experts escaped from the huge explosion.

With tearful eyes, a wounded pinnacle Starry Sky Warlock rank expert gave a heartbreaking roar: “Damn you, Yang Feng, you wretch, I, Wang Lei and you are now sworn enemies! If I dont kill you, Im not human!”

Wang Lei is the captain of this 10,000-strong elite army, and has a Moonlight Warlock rank cultivation base. The elite army has followed Wang Lei on many expeditions and made countless achievements. The 10,000 troops were his friends and subordinates.

Now that the 10,000 friends and subordinates were all killed by Yang Feng, Wang Lei almost went mad.

Wang Lei and them have learned this worlds general knowledge from captives. In this world, there is no such weapon of extinction like the battlestar artillery.

Yang Feng spoke righteously: “You monsters from the Cangzhi Plane have invaded our Andrak Plane to commit all kinds of unspeakable crimes. You are no different from beasts. I didnt expect that the likes of you would know about camaraderie. I am Ole, the Judge of the Inquisition. I will reunite you with your subordinates!”

“You humble aboriginal, to use secret treasures made by that traitor Yang Feng to attack us is a great offense! Go to hell!” Wang Leis eyes flickered fiercely. He looked scornfully at Yang Feng, and then silently recited an incantation and pointed at him.

Following dazzling light, a 100-meters-tall Fire Elemental Fairy summoned from the Elemental Plane appeared suddenly, and a fire storm formed from elemental fire that can easily burn demigod rank experts swept towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng smiled and flipped his hand, and the demigod armament Disk of Fire suddenly appeared and devoured the fierce elemental fire.

The 1,000 magic cube mecha soldiers fired the railgun in their hand at the more that a dozen Starry Sky Warlock rank experts.

The surviving Warlocks cast spells and engaged in combat with the 1,000 magic cube mecha soldiers.

Each of the Starry Sky Warlocks is a seasoned veteran who originally possessed a quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank cultivation base. With their domineering power, they destroyed the mechas of more than a dozen magic cube mecha soldiers.

Yang Feng frowned slightly, then fished out the demigod armament Crown of Evil Spirits, silently recited an incantation, and flicked his finger.

The demigod armament Crown of Evil Spirits suddenly shot towards Wang Lei, emitting an almost endless evil aura.

Wang Leis face fell, and he silently recited an incantation, and a pair of flame wings appeared behind him. The flame wings flapped, and a pillar of fire shot towards the Crown of Evil Spirits.

A soul form skull emerged from the Crown of Evil Spirits, and the surrounding temperature dropped by more than a dozen degrees.

The spirit form skull crashed into the pillar of fire, and the pillar of fire suddenly went out.

The Crown of Evil Spirits very strangely appeared on Wang Leis head, and thorns pierced into Wang Leis head and frantically extracted his flesh and soul.

Yang Feng looked at the Crown of Evil Spirits and smiles: “This is not the Crown of Evil Spirits, but the legendary secret treasure Evil Holy Crown.”

The Evil Holy Crown is a secret treasure the Warlock Monarch the Evil Monarch forged. Using the skull of a Holy Spirit Warlock as the core and coupled with countless rare materials, and using wicked alchemy recorded in the Way of Evil to turn the Holy Spirit Warlock power into demonic power, he refined this Monarch grade secret treasure.

This Evil Holy Crown can greatly enhance the strength of the wearer. With it, a quasi-Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse can even contend against a Holy Spirit Warlock for a short period of time.

However, those who wear the Evil Holy Crown will be dominated by it, and their soul and flesh will be absorbed. Using the Evil Holy Crown, the Evil Monarch once controlled a quasi-Holy Spirit Warlock, making him almost invincible for an era.

The Evil Monarch died during a unique calamity in the Cangzhi Plane, and the Evil Holy Crown was severely damaged, and disappeared to who knows where.

Yang Feng didnt expect to get such an evil Monarch grade secret treasure. Although the Evil Holy Crown is severely damaged, but as long as it continues to devour the flesh and soul of experts, it will repair itself and eventually become a Monarch grade secret treasure again.

Wang Lei struggled for a while, but then his eyes turned white. Next, his eyes gradually filled with wisps of blood, and eventually turned scarlet, and quasi-Glorious Sun Warlock rank aura spread from him.

Wang Lei pointed with a finger, and summoned a Fire Python King from the Elemental Plane, which swept the dozen plus Starry Sky Warlock rank experts.




Amid screams, the Fire Python King burned to ashes one Starry Sky Warlock rank expert after another.

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and a green rune appeared on Wang Leis forehead and sealed him together with the Evil Holy Crown.

Under the stimulation from the Evil Holy Crown, Wang Lei is able to exert quasi-Glorious Sun Warlock rank power as many as five times. He can be used as a trump card.

In the Andrak Plane, a quasi-Glorious Sun Warlock rank expert is enough to sway the war of gods.

Narcissus Federation, the presidential palace.

Blanche and the ministers quietly waited for the outcome of the battle. Ever since they saw the Cangzhi Planes Shadow Fangs 13 demigod rank experts, they realized that ordinary people had no hand in this war.

If Yang Feng who is being aided by an evil god was defeated by the experts from the Cangzhi Plane, then Blanche and them would consider escaping.

A communications officer rushed into the hall and screamed excitedly: “Its a miracle! Sir Ole, Sir Ole leading 1,000 guards wiped out 10,000 Legends from the Cangzhi Plane!”


“Great! We won!”


“Ole, you did a good job!”


Exited cheers erupted in the hall. Many of the ministers didnt have a good opinion of Yang Feng, a man who killed the former Judge, and not a few of them harbored hostility towards him. But now that Yang Feng has wiped out 10,000 expeditionary troops from the Cangzhi Plane, the ministers are filled with gratitude towards Yang Feng, at least for the moment.

Blanche trembled, and her bloodshot eyes burst out with tears of joy. She thought that the Narcissus Federation was over. But Yang Feng rescued the federation.

Yang Feng strode into the hall, and all eyes focused on him. He smiled, embraced Blanche, and strode out.

Blanches face flushed bright red, and she struggled weakly and implored: “Let go of me!”

Yang Feng looked at the bashful and beautiful Blanche, revealed a smile, and spoke next to her ear: “President, according to our agreement, you are my woman from now on.”

The guards around the hall can only watch Yang Feng disappear with the beautiful president.

Soon after, the Narcissus Federation got information about the remaining six states. All the seven states were attacked by the Cangzhi Planes expeditionary forces.

Before the enemy stormed their capital, the four other race states – the Ice Blue State, Guttamar Kingdom, the Scarlet Flame State, and the Norton State – disbanded their forces and fled in all directions.

The Ice Blue State is located in the Ice Blue Domain covered by ice and snow and the Scarlet Flame State is located in the Lava Mountains. The forces of both states blended into the environment, making it difficult for human Warlocks to find them.

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