Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 577 – Amol

Chapter 576 – Dilemma

Translator: Xaiomoge

In the Andrak Planes outer space, 90 huge warships formed a battle formation. Linked by the Warlock towers aboard them, the huge warships formed a powerful barrier that resisted the divine legions commanded by the seven gods.

Ice Fairies, lava giant beasts, Moyindu Wolfmen, human braves, and other Legend rank divine soldiers poured out from the seven divine countries and attacked the defensive perimeter of the human Warlocks.

Countless human Warlocks engaged with experts from the divine legions. From time to time, several human Warlocks died. At the same time, even more divine soldiers are captured, sealed, and thrown into Warlock towers.

When the Andrak Planes divine soldiers are killed, their soul will return to the respective divine country. Once inside the divine country, the god will infuse their soul into a vessel, and form a new divine soldier.

Each time the divine soldiers dies, their soul is weakened by a portion. After a number of deaths, the soul will finally extinguish. However, if soul stones are used to replenish the souls of divine soldiers, or the souls of other believers are used as nutrients, you can nourish divine soldiers, and make them more powerful.

Because of this and other reasons, soul stones are used as hard currency by gods, fiends, devils, and other formidable beings.

If anyone else faced the virtually immortal divine soldiers, they would have a headache. But the Cangzhi Planes Other Plane Development Division specializes in warfare with other planes, and has a lot of experience with gods.

By sealing the divine soldiers, their soul can no longer return to the respective divine country via the fundamental plane principle. Each time a divine soldier is sealed, the respective divine legion is weakened by a fraction.

Under such circumstances, the divine legions will eventually be consumed, and that will be the best time to deal with the true bodies of the gods.

With the help of Dong Rui and two other Glorious Sun Warlocks as well as more than 40 Moonlight Warlocks, and the assistance from the Warlock towers, a powerful barrier was activated, resisting the siege of the seven gods.

Going all out, each of the seven gods dispatched a clone with more than 90% of their power. If these clones die, the true bodies inside the divine countries will incur serious damage.

Frantically combusting divine force crystals, each strike of the seven god clones contained terrific law force.

Under the siege of the seven god clones, the nearly 50 Moonlight Warlocks and Dong Rui and the other two Glorious Sun Warlocks could only barely resist with the help from the Warlock towers.

Standing loftily on a huge warship, Bai Tianxing watched Dong Rui and them fight the seven gods.

Although Dong Rui and company are at a disadvantage, but as long as the believers of the seven gods in the surface world are slaughtered, the seven gods will slowly weaken, and will be eventually subdued by the human Warlocks.

Even in this stalemate, the number of divine soldiers is steadily decreasing. In a two more years, the divine legions will be quelled by the human Warlocks. By then, with the collective power of all human Warlocks, the seven gods can be defeated.

At this moment, a guard came forward and said: “Great Commander, there is a report from below.”

Bai Tianxing uttered indifferently: “Read it!”

The guard complied: “Commander General Chen Shengs expeditionary force has defeated the resistance forces of the Ice Blue State, the Scarlet Flame State, the Norton State, and the Guttamar Kingdom. Additionally, the capital of the Bramble Sparrow Kingdom and the Glun State were destroyed. More than 4 million enemies were killed, and 72 temples were destroyed.”

Bai Tianxing showed a smile: “Good job. If things go on like this, then in less than a year, the seven gods will be weakened to the limit, and this plane will enter my pocket.”

At this moment, another guard walked out from inside the warship with an anxious look on his face and said: “Great Commander, there is urgent information from below.”

Bai Tianxing frowned slightly, and an unclear premonition surged in his heart: “Read it!”

The guards voice trembled: “General Wang Lei and 10,000 elite soldiers were completely wiped out by the aboriginal Ole using the secret treasures provided by the traitor Yang Feng. Commander General Chen Sheng and his 40,000 elite troops were also attacked by Yang Feng, and more than 90% of the troops were annihilated. Generals Zhou Ming, Wang Lei, Wang Feng, Zhao Ming, Liu Hai, and Shangguan Nan were all killed by the aboriginal Ole, and most of their elite troops were wiped out. We have less than 10,000 elite soldiers in the surface world.”

When they heard this, the countenance of numerous lieutenants present suddenly changed dramatically. They are both shocked and angry.

Bai Tianxings expression changed greatly, and he roared, furious: “Yang Feng! Ole! You damn wretches! I, I will tear you into countless pieces!”

The Cangzhi Planes expeditionary force has gained dominance both in the surface world as well as the outer space of the Andrak Plane. In the surface world, even more so, they have achieved absolute superiority. But now 90,000 elite soldiers died in the surface world. At the same time, more than 50 Moonlight Warlocks and one Glorious Sun Warlock died. This is a huge blow to the expeditionary force.

One-tenth of the expeditionary force was wiped out, and now the expeditionary force is facing the risk of a pincer attack by the reinforcements from the surface world and the divine legions.

After Bai Tianxing calmed a little, a lieutenant proposed, “Great Commander, the situation is very bad. Now that the ground forces have been nearly wiped out, we alone are not enough to compete with the seven gods. Lets withdraw for now. After the people below have fully analyzed the plane origin will, we will come again and wipe out those indigenous gods. “

The number of true powerhouses dispatched by the Other Plane Development Division to attack the Andrak Plane exceeds that of the indigenous gods. Within this expeditionary force, Moonlight Warlocks number more than 200.

But due to the suppression from the plane origin will, the strength of Glorious Sun Warlocks, Moonlight Warlocks, and Starry Sky Warlocks is restricted. This is why they are being suppressed by the seven gods.

Once the human Warlocks have analyzed the plane origin will of the Andrak Plane, they can develop corresponding secret treasures.

By then, the Glorious Sun Warlocks, Moonlight Warlocks, and Starry Sky Warlocks will be able to display their full power thanks to the secret treasures.

At that time, the 200 Moonlight Warlock rank experts can even break into the divine country of a weak divine force rank god and kill the weak divine force rank god and after paying a certain price.

Bai Tianxing bellowed: “Shut up! I cannot fail here! I cannot be defeated by a bunch of aboriginals!”

The lieutenants expression flickered, and he went silent.

Bat Tianxing has brought 1 million elite soldiers to attack the Andrak Plane. If he wins, he will naturally be glorified, and gain great benefits. The entire Andrak Plane will become his back garden.

But if he retreats in defeat now, then even though he is one of the most powerful Princes in the Great Cloud Dynasty, he wont be able to shoulder the loss of 90,000 elite troops. He will be subjected to countless attacks. His siblings might impeach him and strip him of his right to command troops.

Bai Tianxing was silent for a while, and then a ferocious light shimmered in his eyes, and he spoke coldly: “Go to the division chief for help. Tell him that I need 2 million troops to assist me. As long as he sends the troops to help me, I will give him 70% of the Andrak Plane and a grade 9 plane.”

“Yes! Your Highness!” A Moonlight Warlock responded respectfully, and then flew a warship into the void, raised ripples in the void, and disappeared.

Bai Tianxing spoke flatly: “How long will it take to analyze the plane origin will?”

A Warlock reported: “At the current pace, it will take the research ream 10 years to fully analyze the plane origin will. If you rely solely on the survivors below, it will take 30 to 300 years.”

Specialized in analyzing the plane origin will of other planes, the research Warlock quickly reported accurate figures. 10, 30, or even 300 years, thats not a long period of time for Warlocks.

Bai Tianxing creased his eyebrows slightly and sighed slowly: “10 years, thats too long!”

The Bai family has launched a full-scale attack on the Battle Demon Sect. At this time, Bai Tianxings royal siblings are on the front line fighting the Battle Demon Sects forces.

Bai Tianxing assembled 1 million troops from the Other Plane Development Division to storm the Andrak Plane, hoping to settle the war as soon as possible. After taking control the Andrak Plane, he wants to go to the front line to battle the Battle Demon Sect. He wants to render great contributions, and then ascend to the position of Crown Prince.

Bai Tianxing cant wait that long. If he misses this chance, he will be left behind in the dust by his siblings.

Bai Tianxing clenched his fists, and his handsome face distorted from anger: “Damn you, Yang Feng! Why dont you just die! Why do you have to ruin my plans! Fucking bastard!”

If it wasnt for Yang Feng, Bai Tianxing is confident that he can quell the seven gods within two years. Even if he cannot kill them, but he can severely wound and seal them, and have them serve as top alchemy materials.

However, now that more than 90,000 of the 100,000 elites in the surface world were wiped out by Yang Feng, Bai Tianxing can only switch to defense and wait for reinforcements.

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