Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 579 – Tyrannical Gods

Chapter 578 – Negotiations

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Yang Feng smiled slightly, saying: “Thats all in the past. We should look forward. Besides, mighty goddess, if it wasnt for me, the surface world would have already fallen into enemy hands. By then, you all would have incurred serious damage. Speaking of which, you should thank me for saving you!”

The Goddess of Love swept Yang Fengs true body disguised as Ole and Katrina with a glance and spoke majestically: “You two, leave us alone!”

“Yes, my Lord!” Yang Fengs true body disguised as Ole and Katrina exited the hall, leaving only the Goddess of Love and the Yang Fengs holographic projection inside.

The Goddess of Love adjust her sitting position, and an astonishing charm immediately emanated from her.

Solely in terms of appearance, the Goddess of Love and Katrinas embodiment of the Pope are about at the same level. But with the charm she is releasing at the moment, any man who sees the Goddess of Love will be deeply fascinated by her. Even Starry Sky Warlocks will be engrossed by her charm, unable to extricate themselves.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with surprise: “Amazing. Is this the power of the law of love? Even through a screen, you can still feel the astounding charm. Experts at the Starry Sky Warlock rank and below cannot resist your charm at all. You must have many moles planted in the Other Plane Development Division.”

The Goddess of Love is the weakest of the seven gods in terms of personal battle prowess. However, her divine legion is the most powerful one. In her divine legion, there are even two Moonlight Warlock rank braves. Falling victim to the charm of the goddess, they willingly became part of her divine legion.

The bright and beautiful eyes of the goddess turning slightly and misted. Staring with those pitiable eyes at Yang Feng, sh pleaded softly: “No matter how you slice it, this disaster was caused by you. I know that as long as you are willing to attack them together with us, we will be able to defeat the human Warlocks from the Cangzhi Plane. Will you help me?”

Yang Feng smiled slightly: “There are still many remnant troops of the Cangzhi Plane in the surface world. I want to destroy them one by one, lest they reappear and threaten the safety of the human world. Besides, while fighting against those human Warlocks, I sustained substantial damage. I need to take it easy for a while. When the time comes, I will join you and wipe out those human Warlocks in one fell swoop.”

The Goddess of Love narrowed her eyes, and her voice turned frigid: “You want to wait until both sides suffer, and then profit?”

Yang Feng responded with a smile: “How could I? Im not powerful enough.”

The Goddess of Love threatened coldly: “Yang Feng, in addition to fighting with the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks, we still have another option, which is to hand you over. As long as we do that, theyll definitely retreat and leave here.”

Yang Feng spoke flatly: “Goddess, why do you deceive yourself? The commander of this expedition is the Great Cloud Dynastys Prince Bai Tianxing. This war is related to his and his familys life. No matter what, he has to take down the Andrak Plane. If he doesnt get rid of you, he wont be able to conquer the Andrak Plane. Even if you hand me over, it wont do you any good. If it wasnt for me, you wouldnt stand a chance. We are both in the same boat!”

There was a flash of wisdom in the beautiful eyes of the Goddess of Love, and she said with a gentle smile: “Besides being killed by him, we have another option, that is to seek refuge with him! He wants to gain merit. If we offer him the Andrak Plane, he wont refuse us. We need faith force, while human Warlocks need cultivation resources. Both sides need completely different things. If we seek refuge with him, well just be placed under him.”

Once gods established a divine country, if they dont want to progress and become stronger, then so long as they have a steady flow of faith force, its enough to sustain them.

Human Warlocks need a planes resources to practice cultivation. Theoretically, there is no conflict of between the needs of human Warlocks and gods.

When he heard that, Yang Fengs eyes congealed slightly, and then he smiled and said: “Unfortunately, you cant do that. After all, gods are the best ingredients for making all kinds of secret treasures. Besides, compared to you yourself, the god slots you possess are far more valuable. If you seek refuge with him, youll only be throwing your lives away. Its just a question of when you will die!”

Gods are formidable existences who rule certain planes and wield certain laws, and they possesses undying properties. They are the best alchemy materials. In the Cangzhi Plane, there are many powerful secret treasures made from gods.

Additionally, among the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks, many covet the long lifespan of gods. They voluntarily become gods, and defend a plane.

The Andrak Plane can support nine gods, that is, it has nine god slots. Even though these nine god slots can let you evolve into a weak divine force rank god at most, but thats already enough for countless human Warlocks to compete for them.

Once you have become a god, not only will you be far stronger than human Warlocks of the same rank, but youll also have a lifespan of several million of years at the least. Thats a lifespan longer than that of Warlock Emperors.

Although gods are restricted by their plane – they cannot leave the plane with their true body. But they can use avatars to travel to other planes. For human Warlocks whose lifespan isnt very long, its a great temptation.

With nine weak divine force rank god slots, you can recruit nine Glorious Sun Warlocks to serve you, or even Bright World Warlocks.

God slots are an important bargaining chip that the great Cloud Dynasty uses to recruit experts. In the eyes of the Great Cloud Dynasty, the value of the Goddess of Love and the other gods is far lower than that of the god slots they occupy.

The Goddess of Love listened to Yang Fengs words without a change in expression, but in the abyss of her eyes, a chill streaked past. From the information she held, Yang Feng didnt lie.

Yang Feng carried on: “I also made some deployments in the surface world. If you collude with the Great Cloud Dynasty, then Ill kill your believers in the surface world. The seven of you will be weakened to the extreme. By then, the experts from the Great Cloud Dynasty wont mind killing seven weak gods. After all, the basis of negotiation is that both parties must have equal strength.”

The Goddess of Love still had a sweet smile on her face, but in her heart, stormy waves were set off.

As Yang Feng said, the basis of negotiation is that both parties have equal strength. If the Goddess of Love and them lose their believers in the surface world, their true bodies will quickly weaken. At that time, Bai Tianxing wont let them off.

Yang Feng spoke with a smile: “So, considering the circumstance, you need me. But I dont need you!”

The Goddess of Love contemplated for a while, and then said: “Fine, it is us who need you! We need you to attack the invaders from the Cangzhi Plane at once. If you have any conditions, name them.”

“First, I want the remaining two god slots.”

“Second, I will launch an attack, but the timing of the attack is up to me.”

“Third, I want to establish two states in the Andrak Plane. You guys must acknowledge the legitimacy of those two states.” Yang Feng smiled slightly and enumerated his demands.

The Goddess of Love spoke: “The first and third conditions are fine, but the second condition needs to be changed. We need you to launch an attack immediately and wipe out the Cangzhi Planes expeditionary force.

Yang Feng replied resolutely: “That I cant do! Unless I have enough strength, I wont attack the Cangzhi Planes Warlocks.”

There was a flash of anger in the eyes of the goddess: “According to the analysis of the information I have obtained, the Cangzhi Planes expeditionary force has entered defense mode because they are waiting for reinforcements. When the reinforcements arrive, well all be in danger.”

Yang Feng spoke flatly: “I got it. I will find an opportunity to take care of them before the reinforcements arrive. If theres nothing else, then dont bother me again.”

With that, Yang Fengs image collapsed and disappeared.

Anger streaked past the goddesss beautiful eyes, and she scolded: “Asshole!”

Following a bright light, the body of the Goddess of Love turned into an idol, losing the luster and charm of a living person.

The Andrak Planes outer space, in a secret space, with a flash of light, the Goddess of Love possessed an idol.

In the secret space, there sit the seven gods of the Andrak Plane.

The God of Murder asked: “How did it go?”

The Goddess of Love sighed: “I failed. He is very cunning, he didnt agree to my condition.”

The eyes of the God of Death shimmered coldly: “He wants to watch from a safe distance while others fight. It wont be that easy. Since he didnt agree, then lets go talk to Bai Tianxing! As long as he takes his army out of our plane, we will capture Yang Feng and hand him over.”

The other gods showed a thoughtful expression. If they could resolve this catastrophe by sacrificing Yang Feng, then they wouldnt mind getting rid of him.

The Goddess of Love said: “Its no use. Bai Tianxing and the Other Plane Development Division have already set their eyes of our Andrak Plane. No matter what we try, theres nothing we can do but fight and eliminate them or drive them out of our plane, and then send our divine legions to patrol the planes outer space day and night. This is our only chance to prevent them from invading us again.”

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