Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 58 – Promotion to a Level-3 Apprentice Warlock

Chapter 57 – Humiliation

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Anya explained with detail the various taboos in the Warlock College Antalyas inner court as she took Yang Feng towards a Warlock tower.

She gently knocked on a door and said: “Teacher Eunice, I brought Yang Feng!”

“Come in!” The door opened and a voice brimming with magnetism sounded.

Yang Feng stepped inside, where he saw the mesmerizing and stunning Eunice dressed in a blue low-cut dress languidly reclining on a sofa wrapped in tiger fur. Slender and beautiful legs extended from the dress, reflecting a beautiful gloss. She was browsing a book in her hands.

A gorgeous girl with a pair long and pointy ears, fair skin, and a fiery figure was massaging Eunices calf. The gorgeous girls was an elf.

“An elf!!” There was a fragrance in the room. Coupled with the beautiful scenery, it stirred Yang Fengs heart. He immediately removed his gaze and lowered his head, not daring to look in Eunices direction.

This was the headquarters of the Warlock College Antalya. If Yang Feng made the wrong move, Eunice could casually give him a slap and kill him. Although the Steel Lords reputation could frighten and threaten such small Warlock families like the Sanger Family, but it was useless against colossi such as the Warlock College Antalya.

Elves werent native to the Turandot Subcontinent, they were captured and brought back by Warlocks from other planes. After years of excessive capture and killing, the number of purebred elves was very small. Once discovered, they will become playthings of bigwigs. For Eunice to possess a pureblood elf, her power exceeded that of an ordinary level-1 Warlock by far.

Eunice swept Yang Feng with a bewitching gaze as smiled lightly: “Yang Feng, so its you! It seems that Steel Citys Yang Ye truly doesnt spare any expenses to nurture you. He actually used Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir to raise you to an Apprentice Warlock.”

When he heard the bewitching and sweet voice, his blood boiled unconsciously and his lust erupted. He was almost unable to be control himself.

At this moment, Yang Fengs level-1 secret treasure green heart released a soothing power that entered his body and suppressed his carnal lust, allowing him to regain his calm.

“Was this a charm spell? Or does her bloodline possess a charming ability?” When Yang Feng recovered his reason, he broke out into a cold sweat on his back that drenching his clothing. He could well imagine it – once he succumbed to his lust and did something stupid, that would be it for him.

His eyebrows creased and his heart shook, and he felt puzzled: “What happened? Ive never offended her! Why does she has such malicious towards me?”

Eunice swept the position of the green heart with a glance and frowned, and then took out two crystal balls and said with a chilly voice: “Every student that enters the inner court, they have one chance to get a free body of knowledge. Im proficient in variation biology and extraordinary botany. Choose one!”

Yang Fengs eyebrows creased. Variation biology and extraordinary botany were to high-end for Apprentice Warlocks. For them, the basic courses theory of magic and analysis of level-0 spell models were the best.

Only official Warlocks had the qualifications to research variant life forms and extraordinary plants. The majority of variant life forms and extraordinary plants possessed strength comparable to that of official Warlocks, and only official Warlock were capable of subduing and researching them.

Yang Fengs thoughts revolved lightning fast, and he made a choice: “I choose extraordinary botany!”

First-rate elixirs involved a lot of precious extraordinary plants. Besides, extraordinary botany was one of the prerequisite courses for intermediate pharmacology. Only Pharmacists who grasped intermediate pharmacology could refine elixirs such as Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir and Mermaid Tears Elixir.

With a flick of Eunices fingers, a crystal ball shattered, and a plant-like green smoke flew out of the crystal ball and entered Yang Fengs forehead.

Countless information and data turned into a huge information stream that fiercely assaulted Yang Fengs head, which nearly burst. Tumbling to the ground, he struggled in pain and couldnt help issuing anguished howls.

“Ha-ha!” Watching as Yang Feng tumbled to the ground and struggled in pain, Eunice issued an enchanting and cheerful laugh. Simultaneously, she placed her hand inside the clothing of the elf and played around.

The beautiful elf issued moans capable of making people blush and their hearts palpitate.

“Fuck! Im going to be played to death by this crazy bitch!” Enduring the acute pain in his head, Yang Feng crushed a woodchip in his pocket.

Streams of black smoke burst out from the woodchip and condensed into an owl that filled the air with formidable fluctuations of power.

The owls eyes swept Yang Feng rolling on the ground in pain with a glance and parted its beak, and Eudoraxs voice sounded: “Eunice, did this fellow violate the colleges rules or offend you?”

The careless look on her face retreated, and Eunice uttered flatly: “I was merely teasing him. Eudorax, are you this guys nanny?”

Eudorax responded coldly: “His uncle Yang Ye is my good friend. I dont want to see something like this happen ever again.”

Eunice sneered defiantly and said: “And if it were to happen? Hes just a waste, and even his uncle is a waste who can only linger at the pinnacle level-1 Warlock rank.”

Eudorax spoke indifferently: “If this happens again, then Ill report everything to the Council of Elders and appeal for a reduction of your share of resources.”

“Humph!” Eunice creased her eyebrows, then waved her hand, and a strange fluctuation of power enveloped Yang Feng.

His severe headache subside, and he clenched his teeth and stood up.

Eunices beautiful eyes flashed coldly, and she waved her hand and said: “Beat it!”

Resisting his resentment, Yang Feng bowed towards Eunice, and then left.

In front of an official Warlock, a mere level-1 Apprentice Warlock was but an ant.

“How did you offend your teacher?” As soon as he left Eunices Warlock tower, Eudorax possessing the owl asked.

Yang Feng answered with a bitter smile: “I dont know.”

In the Warlock College Antalya, apart from his outburst when he was admitted, he spent the rest of the time studying various bodies of knowledge. He had practically no dealings with Eunice. As such, he couldnt figure out why this woman would target him.

“That woman isnt simple! Dont ever provoke her! Otherwise, I have wont be able to protect you! You still have one more chance for me to help you, take note of it.” Eudorax possessing the owl warned Yang Feng, and then gradually disintegrated and turned into ashes.

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