Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 580 – Level-3 Stronghold

Chapter 579 – Tyrannical Gods

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The other six gods fell silent. None of them are stupid. After receiving the information provided by the Goddess of Love, they understood the situation they are in.

As a sharp tool of the the Great Cloud Dynasty, the Other Plane Development Division has captured many planes, and holds a lot of information.

The gods of captured planes are basically all refined into various secret treasures, and the god slots of the planes are assigned to experts of the Bai family or those who work for the Bai family and have made great contributions.

If the seven gods of this grade 6 plane join Bai Tianxings side, except for the Goddess of Ice and the Goddess of Love, the other gods will definitely be killed and refined into secret treasures. As for the two goddesses, they will become playthings of Bai Tianxing, and even tools for him to recruit experts.

Compared to ordinary human Warlocks, goddesses from other planes are far more enjoyable. Some lecherous human Warlocks were recruited by the Bai family in this fashion, and became their hunting dogs.

The God of Justice said lightly: “Lets attack with true bodies!”

“Attack with true bodies!”

The hearts of the other six gods shook slightly, and they hesitated.

Currently, the seven gods are attacking with avatars that contain a portion of their soul, divinity, and power. The combat strength of the seven avatars by far exceeds that of ordinary Moonlight Warlocks and Glorious Sun Warlocks respectively. However, once the power of the true body is merged with that of the avatar, their combat power will erupt, and they will become twice as strong as their avatar.

Even if an avatar has 90% of a gods power, but it has no godhead. Without godhead, the power of divine force cannot be exerted to the limit.

The gap between the true body and the avatar lies in the godhead. God true bodies with godhead are the strongest and most terrifying existences.

However, when their true body leaves their divine country, thats the most dangerous time to a god. Within their divine country, some powerful feeble divine force rank gods can even contend against Bright World Warlock rank freaks.

However, once a feeble divine force rank god leaves their divine country, then even a Moonlight Warlock will have a chance to kill them. Due to this, gods like to hide in their divine country and use avatars to go outside. Even if the avatars are killed, theyll only sustain some injury, thats all.

A fierce light streaked past the eyes of the God of Murder, and he uttered: “Thats right. If things go on like this, we will die for sure. Lets attack with true bodies, lets go all out and destroy the line of defense of those damn human Warlocks.”

After repeated considerations, the rest of the gods finally made up their minds and decided to take the risk.

Yang Feng has made it clear that he intends to watch in safety while others fight. Even if the gods of the Andrak Plane want to surrender to Bai Tianxing, but once they think of the end result, they shudder. They can only go all out to break the defensive perimeter of Bai Tianxing and the other human Warlocks as soon as possible.

In the Andrak Planes outer space, the countless divine soldiers retreated like a tide under the cover of the seven god avatars.

Watching the retreat of the divine soldiers, Dong Rui finally heaved a sigh of relief: “They finally retreated! Those crazed dogs are really troublesome!”

Virtually all human Warlocks present feel relieved. Under the leadership of the seven god avatars, the divine legions attacked wildly. Even though human Warlocks are powerful, but they still lost more than 10,000 elite Warlocks.

The cruel side of plane wars appeared in front of everyone. Every time they attack another plane guarded by gods, the human Warlocks will lose many soldiers. If they are careless, the war can be lost, and even the entire expeditionary force may be destroyed.

Every year, the Other Plane Development Division recruits at least 300,000 Warlocks from all parts of the Great Cloud Dynasty. But after tens of thousands of years, only 5 million elite Great Warlocks were cultivated. The rest are all buried in foreign lands.

Once the divine legions retreated, seven rays suddenly rose in the planes outer space and entered the seven divine legions, and then seven boundless auras spread from the seven divine legions in all directions.

Bai Tianxings face suddenly fell, and his eyes flashed with dignity: “The true bodies are here, damn it! These indigenous gods are desperate!”

Before long, the seven divine legions rushed back and frantically attacked the human Warlock.

Operating the law of love, combusting divine force crystals, the Goddess of Love became beautiful without compare and full of mesmerizing charm, and she winked at human Warlock on a warship.

“Goddess, my goddess!”

“Die! You fucking beasts, use your lives to please my beloved!”


Human Warlocks aboard the warship fell head over heels at once. Eyes filled with endless adoration, they cast a variety of powerful offensive spells and attacked their companions.

The Warlock tower aboard the warship emitted sounds of explosion, and then the barrier collapsed.

Shrouded in death aura, the God of Death smiled cruelly, and then his figure blurred, and he appeared above the huge warship and swung the god armament Sickle of the God of Death in his hand.

An invisible blade of death aura shout out and spread along the huge warship in an instant.

Slashed by the death aura, all the human Warlocks aboard the warship had their soul sliced into two pieces, which turned into twisted phantoms, and was sucked into the god armament Sickle of the God of Death.

More than 9,000 human Warlocks died tragically from the combined strike of the Goddess of Love and the God of Death.

Igniting divine force crystals nonstop, the Goddess of Love is conjuring the divine spell Smile of the Goddess of Love.

Once again, charmed by the Goddess of Loves divine spell, human Warlocks on a warship fought each other, and then the barrier activated by the Warlock tower collapsed.

“Die! Die!” The God of War roared, turned into a 1,000-meter-long wolf exuding a ruthless aura, bit the warships Warlock tower that lost its barrier, and crushed it to pieces.

Countless divine soldiers with a wolf head and a human body rushed into the warship and started fighting the human Warlocks aboard.

Among the seven gods, the Goddess of Love isnt the strongest in terms of battle prowess. But the divine spell Smile of the Goddess of Love she developed is extremely effective. Specially after her true body arrived, every movement of hers contains captivating charm. Coupled with that divine spell, even Moonlight Warlock can hardly resist her charm.

The Goddess of Loves divine spell doesnt has much attacking power. Rather, it magnifies her beauty by a hundredfold, evoking the feeling of adoration in men and silently affecting their soul. With this divine spell, the goddess is more lethal than the three weak divine force rank gods.

Every time the Goddess of Love casts that divine spell, the defenses of a warship are broken, and then the warship is destroyed by the gods and divine legions.

Under the crazy assault of the seven gods, within a few hours, six warships were destroyed, and the human Warlocks inside were slaughtered by the divine legions.

At the same time, the divine soldiers suppressed in the six warships were rescued, making the divine legions stronger!

Watching from afar, Yang Feng exclaimed in admiration: “Amazing! The seven god true bodies are really amazing!”

While burning divine force crystals, the fighting power a god can erupt with is comparable to that of a human Warlock of the same rank who formed a virtual world while extracting world force.

Dong Rui and the other two Glorious Sun Warlocks as well as more than 50 Moonlight Warlocks coupled with the power of Warlock towers are not the opponent of the seven god true bodies.

Yang Feng made a judgment: “If Bai Tianxings skill is only this much, then this is his loss!”

“Fucking bastards! Nine God Sky Wheel!” Faced with the siege of the seven god true bodies, Bai Tianxing finally couldnt bear it. With a wave of his had, a level-8 secret treasure Nine God Sky Wheel suddenly flew out and formed nine gods in the void.

A flux of power provided by 36 warships poured into the nine gods, and the nine gods exuded weak divine force rank fluctuations of power.

A one-eyed Unfeeling God inscribed with countless runes suddenly opened his eye, and numerous runes appeared in the eye.

A gray ray shot out from the gods eye, cut through the void, and blasted into the Goddess of love.

The Goddess of Love trembled slightly, gray power entangled her body, and the lethal charm disappeared immediately. She spat out a mouthful of black blood, and then retreated into her divine legion.

After the Goddess of Love was severely wounded by the Unfeeling God, the nine gods cooperated with each other to resist the siege of the remaining six gods as well as the divine legions.

When he saw that the both forces regained a balance of power, Yang Feng revealed a smile: “It seems that the strength of both side isnt much different! This way, I can rest assured! What I lack now the most is time!”

If the Goddess of Love and the other six gods defeat Bai Tianxing, their next target will be Yang Feng. Only by driving Yang Feng away and killing all the Cangzhi Planes Warlocks in the Andrak Plane can they gain a peace of mind. This is the biggest reason why Yang Feng didnt attack Bai Tianxings forces.

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