Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 582 – Divine Countries Die

Chapter 581 – In One Fell Swoop

Translator: Xaiomoge

In the Cangzhi Plane, but with his pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank cultivation base, even if Jiang Ziming was sneak-attacked, the star destroyer artillery would at most wound him seriously, and not kill him. However, in the Andrak Plane, suppressed by the plane origin will, Jiang Zimings strength decreased sharply, and so he was killed by the star destroyer artillery.

After firing the star destroyer artillery, due to the reaction force, the Arc Battlestar exploded into countless pieces.

Yang Feng gazed at the disintegrated battlestar and uttered regretfully: “The burden on the Arc Battlestar is too great!”

36 Arc Battlestars hidden by Yang Feng lifted their clocking mode at once, and 36 beams of light instantly blasted into the warships of the expeditionary army that lost the protection of the Nine Gods Sky Wheel.

The warships of the Cangzhi Planes expeditionary army exploded one after another, and countless Warlocks were swallowed up by the explosions.

A fierce flash in his eyes, the the God of War barked: “Kill! Kill them all!”

At once, the seven gods urged their divine legions, cast a variety of divine spells containing laws, and attacked the human Warlocks of the Cangzhi Plane.

“Things look bad, I should escape!” Dong Ruis face flickered, and he turned into a stream of light and flew towards the astral passageway that surged with ripples.

When Dong Rui fled, the Moonlight Warlocks who have been recruited by the Bai family turned and flee towards the astral passageway without hesitation.

Each Moonlight Warlock has a lifespan of thousands of years. Except for Moonlight Warlocks cultivated by the Bai family and the Jiang family, the other Moonlight Warlocks werent willing to continue risking their life.

The Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks were at a complete disadvantage to begin with. Now that one-third of Moonlight Warlocks escaped, the situation became even more precarious.

Burning divine force crystals, as if invincible beings, the seven gods tore apart the line of defense of the human Warlocks.

Countless divine soldiers advanced dauntlessly towards the human Warlocks and started fighting.

The seven gods destroyed one Warlock tower after another, and then let their divine soldiers fight with the human Warlock who lost the protection of the Warlock towers.

From the astral passageway, one warship after another flew out Every time a warship emerged, countless artillery fire fired by the 36 Battlestars blasted towards the Warlock tower aboard the warship.

Before the warships had time to cast their shields, Yang Feng smashed their Warlock tower, and then the warships were swarmed by divine soldiers.

Seeing things fall apart, the morale of the Other Plane Development Division elites finally began to collapse, and countless streams of light escaped towards the astral passageway.

The reinforcements from the Other Plane Development Division coming in from the astral passageway in a constant stream filled the astral passageway almost to the brim. The Great Warlocks who rushed into the astral passageway were crushed into pieces by the terrifying spatial forces.

Seeing that things are beyond salvageable, a lieutenant immediately shouted at Bai Tianxing, anxious: “Your Highness, flee! If you dont escape, youre going to be imprisoned.”

Bai Tianxing spoke with a distressed look on his face: “Escape? Where can I escape to? The Other Plane Development Divisions 1-million-elite-army was ruined in my hands. If I return to the Cangzhi Plane, my royal father wont let me off! My siblings wont miss this great opportunity either!”

1 million troops, equivalent to one-fifth of the Other Plane Development Divisions elite power was lost in the Andrak Plane. Additionally, a Bright World Warlock died, and the reinforcements were ambushed.

Even though Bai Tianxing is a Prince, and has the Jiang family at his back, but he can hardly bear such disastrous losses.

The lieutenant barked: “Your Highness, as long as youre alive, everything is possible!”

Bai Tianxings eyes flickered with light, and he gritted his teeth and said: “Yes, I want to live! Everything is possible so long as Im alive!”

With that, Bai Tianxing turned into a dazzling ray that shot towards the astral passageway.

More than a dozen Moonlight Warlocks followed Bai Tianxing.

At this moment, due to the steady stream of reinforcements arriving from the astral passageway, only scattered human Warlocks can escape through the astral passageway. If they tried to escape aboard a warship, they would collide with a warship coming this way.

In the astral passageway, the collision between two warships spells a dead end, and may even lead to the collapse of the astral passageway. Only Moonlight Warlocks can escape the Astral World and find a way out via this passageway.


“These sons of bitches have abandoned us!”

“Damn it. Bat Tianxing, that bastard, he abandoned us!”

“Were done for! These fuckers have discarded us!”

“I spent my whole life fighting for the Imperial Court, yer this is what I get in return! Starting today, I am no longer a member of the Great Cloud Dynasty!”


Furious voices rose from the warships, lights flashed, and Great Warlocks descended towards the surface world like raindrops.

The astral passageway in mid transmission isnt something that Great Warlocks can cross. In their despair, they found a path to survival, that is, to infiltrate the Andrak Plane.

These Great Warlocks are elites who have undergone countless training, and experienced countless battles. Once they have infiltrated the Andrak Plane, then no matter how harsh the environment is, they can survive.

The 36 Arc Battlestars shone brightly, and a rain of light showered the Great Warlock elites, killing them one by one.

Ka-boom! Ka-boom! The sound of great explosions rang without end. When the Cangzhi Planes warships flew out of the astral passageway, they were besieged by gods who burned divine force crystals.

The seven gods wont permit the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks to gain a foothold in the Andrak Plane again. They are all aware that in terms of strength, the Andrak Plane is far from being an opponent of the Cangzhi Plane. Only by making sure that the Cangzhi Planes experts dont get a foothold in the Andrak Plane, and by preventing them from studying the plane origin will, can they control the Andrak Plane forever.

After the 83rd warship flew in, no more warships entered the Andrak Plane through the astral passageway. Clearly, the lucky survivors have told everything that transcribed in the Andrak Plane to the upper echelon of the reinforcements.

“Open fire!” As the seven gods slayed the remaining human Warlocks, Yang Feng issued a callous order.

Equipped with star destroyer artillery, the star destroyer artillery of five Arc Battlestars shone brightly and fired five dazzling pillars of light that slammed into the God of War, the God of Death, the God of Murder, the God of Justice, and the God of Fire.


“Yang Feng, you wretch!”

“Son of a bitch!”


Amid frantic roars, the five gods were instantly swallowed and pulverized by the dazzling pillars of light, leaving only five godheads behind.

The void twisted, and five Void Assassins emerged, grabbed the five godheads, and disappeared.

At almost the same time, two Ark Battlestar primary artillery beams hit the lower body of the Goddess of Ice and the Goddess of Love and dealt great damage to the two goddesses.

“Yang Feng, you damn scoundrel!”

“Yang Feng, I will never forgive you!”

Following two furious shouts, the remaining upper body of the two goddesses turned into two streams of light that flew into their respective divine countries.

Sitting aboard a warship, Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with regret: “Unfortunately, I only modified six star destroyer artilleries. If there were more star destroyer artilleries, I would be able to take care of these gods in one fell swoop.”

After the Cangzhi Planes expeditionary army was dealt with, the seven gods of the Andrak Plane would naturally want to expel Yang Feng from the plane next. But Yang Feng is set on taking the Andrak Plane as one of his bases. Both sides dont see eye to eye. Therefore, before the human Warlocks were completely eradicated, Yang Feng sneak-attacked the seven gods and killed five of them thanks to the star destroyer artilleries.

Yang Feng ordered coldly: “Now is the time to end this! Annihilate them!”

In the surface world, mountains located far away from human habitats split open, and a flood of steel composed of Starry Sky Rippers and other 2nd generation robots soared into the sky and flew towards the seven divine legions and the human Warlocks who have already lost the power to resist.

Among the seven divine legions, the divine legions of the Goddess of Love and the Goddess of Ice retreated and fled towards the respective divine countries.

The other five divine legions rushed towards the mechanical legion.

Before the two sides collided, the 36 Arc Battlestars fired numerous beams that slammed into the five divine legions, blasting thousands of divine soldiers into fragments.

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