Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 583 – Billow

Chapter 582 – Divine Countries Die

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Now that the five gods died, their divine soldiers can no longer be revived. Numbering 1 million, the divine soldiers were torn into pieces by the fierce artillery fire of the battlestars.

Engines booming, the flood of steel formed from Starry Sky Rippers and other 2nd generation robots plunged into the middle of the divine legions.

Most of the divine soldiers are experts at the level-3 Warlock rank and below. Only about 100,000 experts are at Legend rank and above. As soon as the robots rushed into the divine legions, they cut trough the divine legions like a hut knife through butter, slaughtering the divine soldiers with wild abandon.

The sound of explosions echoed nonstop in the sky, and countless parts and fragments fell to the ground.

“What terrifying golems! Each golem has Legend rank battle prowess, and they number in the millions! What a dangerous guy!” Hiding in her divine country, the Goddess of Love watched the dense flood of steel, and her heart trembled.

At this time, due to the nourishment of divine force, the Goddess of Love who had half of her body blasted away has recovered completely. Her aura is only slightly inferior to that of her peak condition.

The Goddess of Ice hiding within her divine country watched the five legions being engulfed by the mechanical torrent. Her mind revolved lightning-fast, yet she could not come up with a good plan: “What do I do? Do I just watch him take control of the entire Andrak Plane?”

The fierce battle lasted for three days and three nights. Without any suspense, the 1 million divine soldiers were annihilated by Yang Fengs torrent of steel.

The human Warlocks of the Other Plane Development Division surrendered to Yang Feng, allowing him to gather 200,000 elites.

After replenishing their energy, 200,000 battle robots turned into a flood of steel and flew towards the divine country of the God of War.

The 200,000 battle robot were just scouts that Yang Feng sent to test the waters. A divine country is not only the base of a god, but also their strongest and most fearsome divine armament.

In the outside world, the true body of a supreme god is equivalent to a Holy Spirit Warlock rank expert in terms of strength. However, in the 1st Warlock Dynasty era, there was a supreme god who has gravely injured the Time Lord inside their divine country. This is a perfect example for how frightening divine countries are.

Every god will do their best to strengthen their divine country. The longer the god has lived, the stronger their divine country will be, and the more difficult it will be to kill them inside their divine country.

Even if a Bright World Warlock entered the divine country of some weak divine force rank god who have lived for hundreds of thousands of years, they might be subdued or killed if careless.

Before the 200,000 battle robots reached the divine country, the battle robots at the front hit a membrane and turned into countless parts.

A divine country is a temple where a god resides, and it has a powerful barrier activated at all times. Unless the god opens an entrance in the barrier, the divine country can only be entered if the barrier is destroyed first.

The Gunner Robots among the 200,000 battle robots fired at the barrier with super railguns.

The dense rain of light blasted into the barrier and set off ripples.

The level-3 optical computer made a deduction from the changes in the barrier in an instant.

Yang Feng smiled: “But theres an easier and more effective way!”

Space ripples surged in front of the divine country, and countless Devourers suddenly flew out, lunged at the barrier, and started absorbing the barriers power.

One after another, energy crystals were excreted by the insect-like Devourers, and then quickly collected by the battle robots.

The energy crystals excreted by the Devourers are super energy crystals, and each super energy crystal contains 10,000 times the energy of an ordinary high-energy crystal. Super energy crystals are requisite goods for Undyings and other 3rd generation battle robots.

Giant weapons like warships can use all kinds of energy crystals to replenish their energy, while Starry Sky Rippers, Undyings, and other battle robots need higher-level energy crystals to function.

The energy contained in a super energy crystal is already comparable to all the energy an ordinary Starry Sky Warlock possesses, which is why they can be used to propel 3rd generation battle robots like Undyings.

With the Devourers on the scene, the barrier only lasted for two hours before it collapsed.

The 200,000 battle robots poured into the divine country of the God of War like a tide.

In fact, the God of War was a Moyindu Wolf, and the interior of his divine country is a vast grassland stretching without end.

The vast grassland is divided into different zones where different extraordinary life forms wander.

Moyindu Wolves are quite militant, and they like hunting and fighting. Thus, the divine country is full of various extraordinary life forms for them to hunt.

So long as the Moyindu Wolf God of War gave an ordered, the countless extraordinary life forms inside his divine country would launch an attack on any invader.

As soon as the battle robots flew into the divine country, they crashed to the ground.

As soon as the battle robots entered the divine country, they sent back all kinds of information, which was quickly analyzed by the level-3 optical computer.

Every divine country has different laws set up by a god, by which even the god themselves must abide. However, those laws are of great benefit to the god themselves.

Once a restricted airspace law is set up, even intermediate divine force rank gods cannot fly within a divine country.

Railgun beams blasted the extraordinary life forms into pieces, which turned into specks of light and disappeared.

“The number of extraordinary life forms inside this divine country exceeds 30 million. These extraordinary life forms arent real life forms, but are constructs formed from divine force and the divine countrys laws. Killing them just consumes a little bit of divine force.”

With the assistance of the level-3 optical computer, Yang Feng quickly made a judgment.

In the special environment of this divine country, many spells and divine spells cannot be used. If an ordinary Bright World Warlock entered this place alone, they would be exhausted by the more than 30 million extraordinary life forms to death. After all, in here, Bright World Warlocks cannot use the power of heaven and earth to cast meteorological spells.

Crushing and killing all the extraordinary life forms in its way, the huge mechanical legion reached the center of the divine country.

At the center of the divine country, there is a huge ancient tree, and on top of the ancient tree, there is a huge nest. That huge nest is where the God of War lived.

The swarm of battle robot quickly climbed up the ancient tree and got into the huge nest.

Inside the nest, there are precious divine force crystals stacked everywhere.

The battle robots quickly plundered the divine force crystals, and then transported them out of the divine country

The robots have just left, when the God of Wars divine country trembled slightly, spatial ripples appeared behind it, and a terrifying attractive force shrouded the divine country and pulled it into the Astral Realm.

As soon as the divine country entered the Astral Realm, countless stones flew from the void and shrouded it, forming a dead celestial body.

In the Andrak Plane, you can clearly see a star blooming with dazzling light, and then slowly fall and disappear.

The divine countries of the God of Death, the God of Fire, the God of Justice, and the God of Murder all lit up brightly, and then were swallowed by the Astral Realm and turned into a dead celestial bodies.

When gods die, their divine countries are swallowed up by the Astral Realm, where they become abandoned celestial bodies.

If a god is resurrected, they can enter the abandoned celestial body and spend copious amount of divine force to transform the abandoned celestial body back into a true divine country.

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with regret: “Unfortunately, Im not strong enough. If it was an Infinity Warlock rank expert, they could use secret treasures to lock up the divine countries and refine them into special secret treasures. Secret treasures made from divine countries are extremely powerful, and are classified as world-class secret treasure.”

There are very few human Warlocks in the Cangzhi Plane who can form a virtual world. In order to enhance the fighting strength of Warlocks, Alchemists came up with the concept of world-class secret treasures.

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