Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 584 – Bai Wuqing

Chapter 583 – Billow

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The so-called world-class secret treasure is a secret treasure similar to a virtual world refined from the divine country of a god via incredible alchemy mastered by humans.

Via world-class secrets treasures, much like experts who has cultivated a virtual world, human Warlocks can draw world force and possesses a steady stream of fearsome power to contend against experts of the same rank.

World-class secret treasure is a concept that the Magic Note Dynasty put forward, and it was realized in the later period of the Magic Note Dynasty.

The Great Cloud Dynasty has secret methods for refining world-class secret treasures. Unfortunately, the production of world-class secret treasures requires Infinity Warlocks, Infinity Warlocks specialized in alchemy to boot. In order to refine a world-class secret treasure, the Infinity Warlock has to consume a huge amount of power.

In Magic Note Dynasty era, alchemy reached great heights. It was an era where alchemy flourished to the extreme. In the Magic Note Dynasty, the status of Alchemists was far greater than in any other era. In that era, Alchemists have refined seven Empyrean grade secret treasures, one of which was dubbed as the [Country of Myriad Gods] and was made from the divine countries of countless gods.

After the collapse of the Magic Note Dynasty, due to the frequent wars, countless Alchemists were lost. In the Dawn Dynasty era, Alchemists were far from the level of Alchemists in the Magic Note Dynasty era.

After the research and development carried out by countless Warlocks, modern alchemy has already surpassed that of the Dawn Dynasty era, yet it still cannot compare to the alchemy of the Magic Note Dynasty era. Therefore, in the Great Cloud Dynasty, on the surface, there is only one Alchemist – Secret Treasure Divisions Division Chief Hundred Treasures Alchemist – known to be able to use divine countries of gods to refine into world-class secret treasures.

Of course, there are still many Alchemists who can refine divine countries into secret treasures, but only the Hundred Treasures Alchemist can refine world-class secret treasures. Old monsters hiding in the shadow of history arent included.

Yang Feng clenched two godheads and sank into deep thought: “Death and war, these two godheads can promote my clone in the Feisuo Plane to the weak divine force rank. But in this way, I will clash with several strong divine force rank gods. At present, Im still not qualified to clash with strong divine force rank gods.”

In the Feisuo Plane, gods who grasp the law of death or the law of war are extremely powerful beings. In the Zaliah pantheon, there is the God of War Barrios, who is a strong divine force rank god.

For a god such as Yang Feng who has no backing, occupying the law of shadows is fine. But if he dares to touch the law of death, or the law of war, then gods like God of War Barrios will get rid of him.

There are two ways for gods to become stronger. The first way is to devour a higher-level godheads, and to switch the main law to the law of the higher-level godhead. The other way is to devour godheads of the same law.

If the God of War Barrios can devour enough godheads of war and absorb the law of war contained within the godheads, then he may break through and promote to a mighty divine force rank god. But if he devours the godhead of piece, the two laws will conflict with each other, and he will weaken instead.

The laws and divine authorities grasped by gods dont follow the principle the more the better. Instead, they must be connected and coordinated. According to Warlock research, there are three strongest god paths. The first is to purely wield one law and one divine authority. The second is to grasp laws and divine authorities that influence each other and connect and coordinate with each other. The third is to embrace all laws, integrate all divine authorities, and become a Myriad God Emperor comparable to a Warlock Emperor.

The three god paths are each more difficult than the other. The strongest gods the Cangzhi planes human Warlocks have defeated were supreme gods. Every supreme god has taken the first path, and only wields one rule and one divine authority. The strongest experts of the second path are mighty divine force rank gods. As for the strongest experts of the third path, human Warlocks have only seen one weak divine force rank fool.

After his victory, Yang Feng sent a large number of battle robots throughout the Andrak Planes outer space, who began the construction of a Skynet that will control the entire Andrak Plane.

All munitions factories in the Turandot Subcontinent, the Fuso Subcontinent, the Feisuo Plane, and the grade 9 plane formerly occupied by the Shadow Prince Mecca have begun to carry out upgrades and revisions.

3rd generation battle robots have also begun to be produced on a small scale in the Andrak Plane.

The Great Cloud Dynasty, the Other Plane Development Divisions headquarters, in a conference hall.

Seven people are sitting in front of a long table. The seven are seven division chiefs of the Other Plane Development Division, and they each possess Bright World Warlock rank battle prowess.

A black cat is sitting in the seat of honor. The black cat is an avatar of the Division Chief Amol of the Other Plane Development Division.

There is a vacant seat in front of the the long table, which is the seat of the Deputy Division Chief Jiang Ziming.

A strange silence pervaded the hall. Gazes of the deputy division chiefs kept wandering towards Jiang Zimings empty seat, a peculiar glint in their eyes.

Amol spoke in a serious tone: “Jiang Ziming has died in the Andrak Plane. Additionally, 1 million elites commanded by Bai Tianxing and 900,000 elites commanded by Jiang Ziming have died in the Andrak Plane.”

“Jiang Ziming died?”

“He actually died? Isnt the level cap of the Andrak Plane the Glorious Sun Warlock rank? No matter how powerful those indigenous gods are, but as long as he didnt enter a divine country, then how could they kill him?”

“1.9 million elites were killed, damn it! Jiang Ziming, that wretch, deserves to die!”


The faces of the seven deputy division chiefs changed greatly, and they commented spiritedly.

The Other Plane Development Division has a total of eight deputy division chiefs and one division chief. The division chief Amol has 1 million elites directly under him. Jiang Ziming and three other deputy division chiefs each control 1 million elite troops. The remaining four deputy division chiefs are respectively responsible for supporting the recruits training, logistics, plane origin analysis, and Shadow Fang and other similar special forces in charge of infiltration and subversion.

The attack on a small grade 6 plane has resulted in the loss of nearly two-fifth of elite soldiers and a Bright World Warlock. This loss is a heavy blow for the Other Plane Development Division.

Although the Other Plane Development Division still has 10 million soldiers in training, and can easily replenish the 5 million elites structure. But the replenishment soldiers cannot compare with the battle-hardened elites. Besides, the more than 200 Moonlight Warlocks and three Glorious Sun Warlocks lost in the war are even more difficult to be replaced.

The more than 200 Moonlight Warlocks were a foundation that the Other Plane Development Division has build up for tens of thousands of years. Even with the divisions ability, it cannot cultivate and recruit so many experts within hundreds of years to 1,000 years.

A burly man shouted with an angry expression: “Those bastards in the Andrak Plane dare to kill our people. Thats unforgivable. Division chief, we must take revenge and wipe them out.”

Amol said with a mocking smile: “Well said. Jiang Tie, I permit you to take your army and attack the Andrak Plane. However, you must bear all the responsibilities.”

Jiang Ties eyes flickered, and he uttered resolutely: “Im incompetent, and am not a match for the indigenous gods of the Andrak Plane. Division Chief, I ask that you go and personally quell those aboriginal gods.

Strange gazes focused on Amol.

The Andrak Plane is a grade 6 plane. Even if an Infinity Warlock enters the plane, they will all the same be suppressed to the Glorious Sun Warlock realm by the plane origin will.

In the Andrak Plane, an Infinity Warlock may be killed not unlike Jiang Ziming was.

However, if Amol doesnt stick up for his subordinates, then his status in the division will be sharply reduced.

There was a flash of ridicule in Amols eyes, and he said frigidly: “Im going into seclusion to research a spell. As for the matter with the Andrak Plane, I leave it to you. This is an order!”

Jiang Ties face fell, and he got up and roared: “This order is unreasonable! I wont accept it!”

Even Jiang Ziming died when he entered the Andrak Plane. Now the planes experts are on guard. In the absence of a bridgehead, even if a Bright World Warlock enters the plane, they will be in danger of dying.

“You dare to disobey orders!” The black cat suddenly expanded and slapped out with its claw.

The cat claw crossed the void and slapped Jiang Tie in the face, blasting half of his skull away and into a wall. A large quantity of blood squirted out from his head.

Strange runes lit up on Jiang Ties face and formed a black chain that sealed Jiang Ties Bright World Warlock rank cultivation base.

Stunned, the other six deputy division chiefs didnt dare to do anything suspicious.

A violent aura emerged from Amol, his can eyes shimmered with cold and ruthless light, and he said coldly: “I am the the division chief of the Other Plane Development Division. If you have the skill, then have the Jiang family force me to abdicate. Otherwise, obey my order. If there is a next time, then the Jiang family wont save you.”

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