Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 586 – Killing an Infinity Warlock

Chapter 585 – Fury

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Great Cloud Dynastys Imperial Court system is the same as that of the Magic Note Dynasty, which is based on the use of the Empyrean grade secret treasure Magic Note Throne.

If the Great Cloud Dynasty could unify the Cangzhi Plane, then Bai Wuqing using the Magic Note Throne could easily break through to the quasi-Holy Spirit Warlock realm, and may even promote to a Holy Spirit Warlock in one fell swoop. Additionally, hell have a chance to advance to the supreme Warlock Emperor realm.

A censor with Moonlight Warlock rank cultivation base stepped out and said: “Your Majesty, the Other Plane Development Division attacked the Andrak Plane and lost close to 2 million elites, and even Deputy Division Chief Jiang Ziming died in the Andrak Plane. I hereby accuse Division Chief Amol of misconduct for dereliction of duty, lack of judgement, embezzlement, and bribery.”

When the censor stepped out, silence filled the Imperial Court.

Through their own intelligence channels, the officials in the hall have long learned that close to 2 million elites of the Other Plane Development Division have died in the Andrak Plane.

The Prince Bai Tianxing has commanded an army to attack the Andrak Plane, but in the end, the supreme genius Yang Feng of the Battle Demon Sect pulling strings from behind the scenes killed close to 2 million elites of the Great Cloud Dynasty in one fell swoop.

Yang Feng who was supposed to join the Great Cloud Dynasty as a member stands now on the opposite side of the Great Cloud Dynasty. In a stroke, he wiped out close to 2 million elites of the Other Plane Development Division. Even for the Great Cloud Dynasty, this is a big blow.

The Other Plane Development Division is a 5-million-strong elite army the Great Cloud Dynasty uses to suppress and attack other planes. Now that nearly 2 million of its elites were eliminated, it is equivalent to a loss of two-fifth of its power.

In order to replenish the numbers of the Other Plane Development Division, it is necessary to transfer elite Warlocks from other armies. For the Great Cloud Dynasty that now needs to concentrate its power on settling the Battle Demon Sect, this is quite detrimental.

In addition, the most remarkable genius of the Bai family Bai Tianxing is involved. Since this involves the dispute for the title of Crown Prince, the Imperial Court ministers dont dare to comment.

Crown Prince is the title of the successor to the throne. Once a Prince is conferred the title of Crown Prince, they can use imperial force stored in the Magic Note Throne to practice cultivation, making it easier for them to promote to the Infinity Warlock rank.

Once the Emperor perishes, the Crown Prince will naturally succeed the throne, and can use the power of the Magic Note Throne to suppress their enemies.

In the Bai family, apart from rubbish Crown Princes who were defeat by others, many Crown Princes smoothly succeeded the throne once their predecessor died.

Bai Wuqing spoke indifferently: “Due to dereliction of duties, Amol shall be removed from the post of division chief of the Other Plane Development Division. Of the remaining seven deputy division chiefs of the Other Plane Development Division, whoever can kill Yang Feng shall be the next division chief. Put Yang Feng on the 10th place in the Demon Hunting Divisions wanted list.”

An eunuch wrote down Bai Wuqings words respectfully.

“The top 10 of the Demon Hunting Divisions wanted list. His Majesty puts a lot of importance on him.

“The top nine on the wanted list are all Infinity Warlocks. For Yang Feng to be able to enter the top 10, he really stirred His Majestys killing intent.”

“With nearly 2 million elites wiped out, the Other Plane Development Division will take at least 100 years to recover. To His Majesty, its definitely not a small blow.”


Although the ministers were silent, but their hearts were surging with waves.

The nine Infinity Warlocks on the Demon Hunting Division wanted list are nine great enemies the Great Cloud Dynasty gained over the tens of thousands of years since its inception. They are hiding in other planes, not daring to set foot on in the Cangzhi Plane lightly.

The 10th place on the wanted list is equivalent to having the Demon Hunting Division focus on hunting Yang Feng next, and even the Infinity Warlock division chief of the Demon Hunting Division might personally take action and kill Yang Feng.

Bai Wuqing said flatly: “Bai Tianxings desire for merit led to a great defeat. He shall be demoted to a common person and exiled to the Demonic Realm. Jiang Tie is suspected of corruption. He shall be dismissed from the post of a deputy division chief of the Other Plane Development Division, and await punishment.”

With that, the countenance of representative from the Jiang family changed greatly, and despair streaked past their eyes.

“Bai Tianxing is finished!”

“The Jiang family bet on the wrong horse.”


Gazes of schadenfreude focused on the representative from the Jiang family. The Other Plane Development Division is the most popular department of the Great Cloud Dynasty. Although most of the resources obtained from other planes must be turned over to the imperial treasury, but the Other Plane Development Division can retain a small amount of precious materials.

Additionally, as people in the Other Plane Development Division often come in contact with other planes, its possible to discover the coordinates of some other planes with life forms. The coordinates of each such plane can be sold for a hefty penny.

Even if its just a grade 9 plane, it can still be used as a base to spread faith. As for grade 7 planes and above, they are even more precious, because they can breed gods. Human warlocks who long for immortality are willing to pay any price for a god slot.

Now that the Jiang family lost its standing in the Other Plane Development Division, it sustained not a small blow. With one deputy division chief dead and another relieved of his post, the Jiang family has lost more than three-fourths of its influence in the Other Plane Development Division.

The Minister Wei Jin of the Ministry of War of the Six Ministries suddenly opened an eye on his forehead, and a strange rune emerged, and his face fell.

Bai Wuqing asked flatly: “Wei Jin, what happened?”

An unsightly expression on his face, Wei Jin gritted his teeth and answered: “Your Majesty, the Green Cloud Plane, the Purple Fragrant Plane, the South Cloud Plane, the Anli Plane, the Guli Plane, and the Maud Plane were captured by Yang Feng mechanical legion.”

Boom! With a loud noise, the whole hall shook. Underneath the expressionless Bai Wuqings feet, the earth split open, and countless cracks spread into the surrounding.

The nine purple dragons opened their eyes, which flickered with savage and berserk light. A boundless and tyrannical aura spread from the nine purple dragons.

In the Imperial Court, everyone lowered their heads, not saying a word. They can feel a tyrannical aura pervading the hall.

The nine purple dragons are monsters formed from imperial force. In this hall, they can even kill Infinity Warlocks.

Bai Wuqing sitting on the throne feels like an incarnation of rage.

Although the Great Cloud Dynasty isnt an unparalleled and invincible dynasty like the Eight Warlock Dynasties, but ever since its inception, the dynasty is growing with each passing day, taking back planes that were taken away by others and exploring and colonizing new planes.

Although the six planes that Yang Feng captured are only grade 9 planes, but this is nonetheless equivalent to slap in Bai Wuqings face.

Bai Wuqing said indifferently: “Bai Yunlie.”

“Your Majesty!”

A burly man straight like a ruler stepped out. He exudes a domineering aura.

Bai Wuqing spoke flatly: “Destroy those six planes.”

Bai Yunlie responded respectfully: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

The Bai Family has 13 Infinity Warlocks, and Bai Yunlie is one of them. He is one of the 13 Grand Princes of the Great Cloud Dynasty.

Once a Bai family member advances to an Infinity Warlock, they will be granted the title of Grand Prince of the Great Cloud Dynasty. Apart from tremendous power and countless resources, they will also receive a grade 7 plane.

Many ministers felt a chill in their heart when they heard the order. In general, grade 9 planes are very precious commodities. If they are snatched away by others, then theyll be recaptured. Few people will destroy the planes. After all, ordinary people of grade 9 planes can offer a steady supply of divine force crystals.

There are many people who ascended to godhood under the wing of the Great Cloud Dynasty, and those gods all need faith force from ordinary people.

But in his moment of fury, the ministers didnt dare to dissuade Bai Wuqing. After all, Bai Wuqing is a ruthless character. Anyone who has angered him during his moment of fury is dead.

A few days later, in the Green Cloud Planes outer space, spatial ripples rose abruptly.

Bai Yunlie stepped out from the spatial ripples.

The moment Bai Yunlie emerged, a tremendous plane origin will rose from the depths of the Green Cloud Plane and crushed towards him.

“The plane origin will of a trifling grade 9 plane wants to suppress me, fat chance!”

Bai Yunlie smiled coldly, and a frightening Infinity Warlock rank life force field suddenly clashed with the plane origin will and overwhelmed the plane origin will little by little.

“Infinity Warlock!”

From the Green Cloud Planes Skynet came a warning, attracting Yang Fengs attention to the Green Cloud Plane. The first thing he saw was the human Warlock Bai Yunlie fighting the suppression of the plane origin will, and even suppressing the plane origin will instead.

“Kill him! Open fire!”

In the semi-plane in the outer space of the Green Cloud Plane, numerous steel gates opened and revealed a fully charged star destroyer artillery.

The level-3 optical computer calculated and deduced Bai Yunlies reaction pattern and predicted his action.

The star destroyer artillery lit up, and an extremely bright pillar of light cutting through the void barreled towards Bai Yunlie along the orbit calculated by the level-3 optical computer.

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