Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 593 – Quelling the Goddess of Ice

Chapter 592 – Fighting the Ice Divine Country

Translator: Xaiomoge

“Yang Feng, youre so vicious!” The Goddess of Ices stern shout came from the Ice Divine Country.

Its not clear how much damage the Goddess of Ice incurred with the death of countless believers. Under Yang Fengs deliberate attacks, of the countless believers of the Goddess of Ice, only less than 3,000 remained.

Now that the number of her believers is less than 3,000, the Goddess of Ice begun to decline slowly but firmly, and some of her extraordinary abilities begun to weaken.

As long as Yang Fengs mechanical legion besieged the Ice Divine Country for 100 to 200 years, the Goddess of Ice will slowly weaken and eventually die.

Ever since the Time Lord suffered a great loss in the divine country of a supreme god, human Warlocks are very careful when dealing with gods, and wont enter a divine country rashly.

Of course, if it is an Infinity Warlock, they can naturally break into the divine country of a feeble divine force rank god and kill the god.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and a dense swarm of battle robots flew towards the Ice Divine Country.

The Ice Divine Country opened a huge entrance, and let the swarm of robots enter inside.

If the Ice Divine Country had activated a powerful barrier to protect itself, then it would put it in a confrontation with Yang Feng where consumption of power is key. Besieged by countless robots, the barrier would eventually break. Since this is the case, then the Goddess of Ice might as well open a passage for the robots to enter.

When the robots entered the Ice Divine Country, they were met with a snow storm.

The Ice Divine Country is shrouded in white snow, and snow storms rage everywhere.


When the battle robots entered the Ice Divine Country, a series of information was fed back to Yang Feng from the level-3 optical computer.

Unlike on Earth, absolute zero (-273.15°C) is not the lowest temperature in the Cangzhi Plane. In some special environments, the spells of Glorious Sun Warlocks containing the law of ice can exceed this temperature.

Even so, a -230°C temperature is already extremely low. It is equivalent to releasing a level-3 large area of effect ice spell at all times.

Once ordinary humans enter the Ice Divine Country, they will be frozen into ices statue shortly after. Even human Warlocks below the Great Warlock rank will be quickly frozen to death if they dont cast spells to protect them from the cold. In this environment, the fighting strength of Great Warlock rank powerhouses will be weakened by more than 50%. But even Great Warlocks cant bear a long exposure to this environment.

Ice Fairies with long silver hair and snow-white skin that look like beautiful women, six-meter-tall Ice Bears, three-meter-tall Snowmen with white hair that look like men, and other creatures formed from snow and ice suddenly appeared.

Yang Feng looked at the huge divine legion and showed a playful smile: “So this is the divine legion of the Goddess of Ice. Compared to Angels, they are not up to par.”

Angels are weapons the Supreme God God of Heaven who once wounded the Time Lord created.

Angels are divided into nine grades. The upper three grades are the Blazing Angel, the Seat Angel, and the Wisdom Angel. The middle three grades are the Primary Angel, the Energy Angel, and the Power Angel. The lower three grades are the Right Angel, Great Angel, and the Angel.

Angels of the upper three grades have the potential advance to the Infinity Warlock rank, while Blazing Angels even more so have the potential to evolve into existences comparable to supreme gods in terms of fighting strength. Angels of the middle three grades have the potential to evolve into existences comparable to Transcendents in terms of battle prowess. Angels of the lower three grades are unable to break through the Transcendent boundary, and at most can only reach the demigod realm.

After the Supreme God God of Heaven was slain by the Time Lord, the manufacturing methods of Angels have spread to many planes thanks to human Warlocks.

The divine legions in the Feisuo Plane are only composed of Angels and Braves.

Since the divine legion of the Goddess of Ice has neither Angels nor Braves, there is a huge disparity in terms of strength between her divine legion and the divine legions of the Feisuo Plane.

A violent hurricane of ice and snow blew towards Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

Click! Click! Along with brittle sounds, a thin layer of ice covered the mechanical legion at once.

The divine legion of the Goddess of Ice suddenly moved and swept towards the mechanical legion like a tide.

From within the seemingly frozen mechanical legion, 5,000 Undyings suddenly blurred into motion and flew into the midst of the divine legion.

With the flicker of sword rays, Ice Fairies, Ice Bears, and other divine soldiers had their limbs cut off instantly, and they collapsed on the ground, powerless.

Sealers flew out suddenly, emitted light, and sealed one divine warrior after another, who turned into fist-sized crystals.

The divine legion has an undying property, their souls unperishable to a certain extent. A divine soldier formed from the soul of a level-1 Warlock rank believer can “die” 100 times before their soul collapses and disappears. A Legend rank soul can “die” 5,000 times, a demigod rank soul can “die” 10,000 times, a feeble divine force rank soul can “die” 100,000 times, and a weak divine force rank soul can “die” 1 million times.

The undying property of divine legions is the trickiest part about dealing with them. There are only three ways of dealing with them. The first is to destroy the divine soldiers faster than they can be reborn. The second is to seal them. The last is to kill the lord of the divine country. Once the lord of the divine country dies, the undying property of the respective divine soldiers will disappear.

Yang Feng obtained a lot of information about warfare between human Warlocks and gods from the Battle Demon Sect and formulated the most appropriate response.

Each Undying possesses Starry Sky Warlock rank battle prowess. There are only 100,000 Legend rank and three demigod rank experts in the divine legion.

Under the frantic attacks of the Undyings, the huge divine legion was pierced into, broken up, and sealed continuously.

In front of Yang Fengs 3rd generation battle robots, the divine soldiers of the seemingly immense and invincible divine legion of the Goddess of Ice appeared to collapse at the first blow, their numbers decreasing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Suddenly, a huge barrier appeared outside the Ice Divine Country, cutting off the battle robots that have entered the divine country from the battle robots outside.

After the interior of the Ice Divine Country was cut off from the outside world, the connection was also lost.

Outside the Ice Divine Country, countless battle robots attacked the barrier madly, setting off ripples. Within a short period of time, they cannot break through the barrier.

Yang Feng smiled slightly: “Launching the barrier to cut off the inside from the outside, and then annihilating the enemies that entered inside… It seems that this Goddess of Ice isnt a fool!”

When attacking a divine country, you have to consider the environment, laws, divine legion, barrier and other factors. Within a short time, even Infinity Warlocks cannot break into a divine country.

Of course, when a barrier is launched, it will consume a tremendous amount of divine force crystals at all time, which is a great burden on the divine country.

Inside the Ice Divine Country, the 100-meters-tall, beautiful Goddess of Ices true body with snow-white skin, long silver hair, and a sexy figure exuding a bone-chilling aura suddenly appeared in the midst of the violent snowstorm.

The Goddess of Ice parted her cherry lips and performed the divine spell Breath of the Goddess of Ice, and a white freezing air exited her lips.

The temperature in the Ice Divine Country fell like crazy, and everything the white freezing air touched was frozen into ice.

3rd generation battle robots slaughtering divine soldiers were turned into ice sculptures.

Inside the Ice Divine Country, the might of divine spells conjured by the Goddess of Ice is comparable to that of advanced Glorious Sun Warlocks. With only one move, tens of thousands of 3rd generation battle robots were frozen.

Yang Feng praised: “Remarkable. As expected of a goddess inside her divine country, her combat power is really amazing.”

The Artillery Robots fired small positron artilleries at the ice sculptures.

Dazzling rays slammed onto the ice statues and blasted them to pieces.

The remains of the Undyings quickly converged back into Undyings, which rushed towards the Goddess of Ice.

In one breath of time, 50,000 Undyings flew out of the ice, arrived in front of the Goddess of Ice, and slashed at her.

Cracks immediately appeared on the body of the Goddess of Ice, but then ice force surged, and the injuries of the Goddess of Ice healed instantly.

Inside the Ice Divine Country, the Goddess of Ice has all kinds of extraordinary abilities. Her healing ability inside the divine country is also very different from when she is in the outside world.

“Ice Divine Domain!” The Goddess of Ice opened her beautiful eyes, the law of ice flashed in her eyes, and immense divine force suddenly formed an Ice Divine Domain that engulfed the 50,000 Undyings.

Inside the Ice Divine Domain, enveloped by a temperature lower than the absolute zero that completely violates the rules of physics, the time of the Undyings seemed to freeze, and they fell from the sky.

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