Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 596 – Way of the Dragon [1]

Chapter 595 – Quelling Evil Spirit Fang

Translator: Xaiomoge

With a frigid smile, Yang Feng took out an orb and threw it casually: “You have called for reinforcements? Then Ill do the same! Lets see whos reinforcements are more powerful!”

The orb suddenly flew into the sky, opened, and emitted a giant mountain projection exuding strong demonic qi.

5,000 3rd generation battle robots disguised as human Warlocks driving lightning fast aboard magic chariots quickly headed for Myriad Flowers Pavilion.

“Kill them!” When the Master of Evil Spirit Fang saw the 5,000 Undyings, he quickly concluded that they are likely Yang Fengs men, and he ordered without hesitation.

With bright lights, Evil Spirit Fang Warlocks transformed into various evil ogres of Evil God Plane.

There are some similarities between Evil Spirit Fang Warlocks and Fuso Subcontinent Warlocks, in the sense that they both use evil ogre bloodlines from Evil God Plane and cultivate various evil secret methods.

After they transformed, the Warlocks from Evil Spirit Fang blurred into motion and rushed towards the Undyings.

“The Warlocks of Evil Spirit Fang are fighting foreign Warlocks. Zhan Guis son stirred up a hornets nest this time.”

“Evil Spirit Fangs Warlocks are very strong. Those foreigners dont even have a Moonlight Warlock. It seems that they will suffer a big loss!”


Warlocks from Shariman Citys other three tycoons watched on from the sidelines, showing no intention to give a helping hand.

Although Evil Spirit Fang is the weakest of the four tycoons of Shariman City, but Zhan Gui, the Master of Evil Spirit Fang, is the number one expert in Shariman City. Moreover, Warlocks with evil ogre bloodline cant differentiate between foe and friend once they went on a killing spree.

There are countless powerful evil gods in Evil God Plane. In terms of the number of powerhouses alone, even Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks cant compare. However, Evil God Planes evil gods fight amongst themselves ceaselessly, which is why they havent become a thorn in Cangzhi Planes side.

The dense swarm of Undyings suddenly erupted with Mach 20 speed and shot towards Evil Spirit Fangs Warlocks.

Following a series of afterimages, Warlocks of Evil Spirit Fang were instantly turned into countless fragments that fell to the ground.

The smile on Zhan Guis face stiffened, his eyes flashed with incredulity, and he cried out, “How, how is this possible? How come there are so many Starry Sky Warlocks?”

Even if it is Shariman City, Starry Sky Warlock are considered experts. Evil Spirit Fang only has 30 Starry Sky Warlocks. The 5,000 Starry Sky Warlocks are a terrifying force.

With a blur, an Undying appeared in front of Zhan Gui, slashed at the other partys life force field with a sword, and cut it open.

“It doesnt matter who you are, but since you want to kill me, then die!” Eyes shot with blood, Zhan Gui bellowed, and numerous weird runes extended down his face. His body expanded suddenly, and he turned into a 1,000-meter-tall Hegemon Evil Ogre covered with sharp bone spurs exuding terrifying might.

Hegemon Evil Ogres are one of the strongest races among Evil God Planes evil ogres. In the archgod era, Hegemon Evil Ogres have produced two Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses. But due to their stupidity, they were played by the Time Lord, and fought each other, which gave the Time Lord an opportunity to kill them. At that time, the Time Lord still might not have been an opponent of the two Hegemon Evil Ogres.

Once Zhan Gui transformed into a Hegemon Evil Ogre, an overbearing aura spread from him. Warlocks throughout Shariman City can feel the fearsome might released by Zhan Gui. After he transformed into a Hegemon Evil Ogre, even some weaker Glorious Sun Warlocks are not his match.

Flashing around the Hegemon Evil Ogre, the 5,000 Undyings slashed at the opponent with their sharp swords. After one breath of time, the Hegemon Evil Ogre was cut into countless pieces, and a copious amount of blood spewed out in all directions.

“Defeated? Zhan Gui, Zhan Gui was defeated?”

“Whats going on?”

“How, how could Zhan Gui have lost?”


Struck dumb, the Warlocks watching the fight cannot believe their eyes. Zhan Gui is the number one expert on Shariman City. After transforming into a Hegemon Evil Ogre, hes even stronger. No one can beat him in a one on one fight. Yet such top-level expert was instakilled by the 5,000 Undyings, making the blood of the onlookers run ice-cold.

A Moonlight Core suddenly shot out from the remains of the Hegemon Evil Ogre and flew towards the Warlock tower of Evil Spirit Fang.

As Transcendent level experts, Moonlight Warlocks have numerous ways for them to be reborn. Even if their body is chopped into pieces, but as long as the Moonlight Core is intact, they will have a way for them to be reborn.

A Sealer spread the fingers of a hand, and a ray of light hit the Moonlight Core.

Suddenly, a dense evil aura emerged from the Moonlight Core and tried to break away from the light. After struggling for a while, the Moonlight Core was sealed into a crystal.

1,000 3rd generation battle robots quickly began to clean the battlefield, and the remaining 4,000 3rd generation battle robots flew towards Myriad Flowers Pavilion at Mach 20 speed.

Within a few breaths of time, 4,000 3rd generation battle robots wearing black suits and sunglasses appeared in Myriad Flowers Pavilion.

As if carved out of stone, the 4,000 battle robots stood silently and stared coldly at the Young Master of Evil Spirit Fang.

In the secret chamber, the pretty eyes of the beautiful girl who looks like nothing can faze her flashed with envy and dignity: “What formidable soldiers. They are not only jagged and unswerving elites, but they are also Starry Sky Warlocks. Who is that silk pants? How come there are so many elites serving him?”

The computing chips of the 4,000 battle robots are embedded with the fighting patters of Other Plane Development Divisions most elite Starry Sky Warlocks. Therefore, unlike ordinary Starry Sky Warlocks, every movement of theirs screams of elites.

In Cangzhi Plane, Other Plane Development Divisions Starry Sky Warlocks may even kill Moonlight Warlocks who arent proficient in combat. Thats the difference between elite and ordinary Warlocks.

When Hong Gu saw the 4,000 3rd generation battle robots, her body trembled and her eyes filled with fear: “Fortunately, I didnt offend him just now. These silk pants are each scarier then the last one.”

Yang Feng looked at the Young Master of Evil Spirit Fang and company and uttered coldly: “Kill them all!”

Following a blur of figures, the 4,000 3rd generation battle robots attacked Evil Spirit Orders barrier, and the barrier shook at once.

“No, I dont want to die, let me go! I dont want to die” The Young Master of Evil Spirit Fang trembled, his face distorted in terror, two lines of yellow liquid flowed down his legs, and he screamed miserably.

The next moment, the barrier collapsed, and the fierce and ruthless Young Master of Evil Spirit Fang was chopped into countless pieces in an instant. The several lackeys next to him were also killed in an instant.

“Evil Spirit Fang came to me for trouble, truly reckless. Starting today, Evil Spirit Fang shall no longer exist in Shariman City.” Yang Fengs eyes shimmered coldly, and he got up and strode outside.

Following behind Yang Feng, the 4,000 3rd generation battle robots walked in a virtually uniform pace.

The beautiful girl raised her eyebrows slightly and guessed Yang Fengs intention: “Hes going to Evil Spirit Fang to level it!”

All the way up to Evil Spirit Fangs base, everything was peaceful. No one daring to stop this army.

With a flicker of light, a thin man with long red hair exuding a wicked charisma flew out of Evil Spirit Fangs headquarters. Standing in midair, the man admitted defeat loudly: “I am Ma Qianming, the Great Elder of Evil Spirit Fang! Young Master Lei, everything that happened before was the fault of Zhan Gui and his son. They are now dead. On behalf of Evil Spirit Fang, I apologize to you, Young Master Lei. At the same time, I am willing to compensate you with 300 beautiful Warlocks. Why dont we turn hostility into friendship?”

Zhan Gui who practices Hegemon Evil Ogre Transformation Secret Method is the backbone of Evil Spirit Fang. However, he was instakilled by the 5,000 3rd generation battle robots. Although Ma Qianming is also a Moonlight Warlock, but he doesnt want to be enemies with Yang Feng.

Yang Feng uttered coldly: “I said – starting today, Evil Spirit Fang shall no longer exist in Shariman City.”

Yang Feng has plotted this all from the start. He has decided to eliminate Evil Spirit Fang and replace it, which is why he clashed with Evil Spirit Fangs Young Master in Myriad Flowers Pavilion. So why would he back down now?

“If thats the case, then do as you please! I, Ma Qianming, hereby quit Evil Spirit Fang! Goodbye!” Without hesitation, Ma Qianming turned into a stream of bloody light and fled, not caring about the fate of his comrades in Evil Spirit Fang.

“This Ma Qianming is rather decisive!” Yang Feng was slightly surprised. He pointed at the base of Evil Spirit Fang and cast a spell to detect evil, and beams of wicked light soared into the sky from the base. Apparently, virtually all Warlocks in Evil Spirit Fang are wicked characters, their hands stained with blood.

Yang Feng ordered coldly: “Attack!”

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