Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 60 – Obscure Mountain Range

Chapter 59 – Purchasing Spell Models

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Anyas eyes flashed with an incandescent as she spoke: “The Gloom Caves headquarters naturally isnt a place that we can explore. However, if we just explore its surroundings, then the obtained resources will be enough to let us promote to Warlocks.”

Yang Feng muttered for a moment, then a queer glint shimmered deep within his eyes, and he uttered with a smile: “Fine, Ill join you!”

Anya said: “Yang Feng, since you agree to joint our team to carry out the exploration, then you mustnt disclose this information to anyone else. Even if its your uncle Yang Ye, you still cant tell him. Otherwise, with an official Warlock joining the exploration, we wont be able to enjoy the resources there.”

Yang Fengs eyebrows wrinkled, and he sunk into his thoughts.

Inna complemented promptly: “Lets first explore once, then you can tell your uncle about the relic. Anyway, after this time, well also tell our teacher about the relic.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with an enigmatic gleam as he spoke: “Very well, I wont tell my uncle about it.”

After discussing the details for a while, the two girls left.

“Did it finally begun? Theyre so concerned about me.” As Yang Feng watched the retreating back of the two girls, the look in his eyes gradually became cold, and he whispered, “It seems that I should get ready!”

Yang Feng quickly arrived at the inner courts trading hall.

“Five magic stones for one kilogram of fire steel.”

“Looking to buy necrotic ink for 20 magic stones.”

“Selling my optimized level-0 spell model for 10 magic stones.”

“I can explain the theory behind a level-0 spell of a certain field for 5 magic stones.”


Inside the inner courts trading hall, there were many transaction notices posted in a corner.

In the center of the trading hall sat a 31- or 32- year-old, blond woman in an Apprentice Warlock robe, with a fiery figure and a stunning appearance.

Yang Feng went to in front of the stunning beauty and said flatly: “I want to purchase level-1 spell models! How many do you have?”

The blonde beauty glanced at Yang Feng. With a look of jealousy and envy in hr eyes, she said softly: “Level-1 spell models! 8,000 magic stones per one basic spell model. Currently, there are 282 level-1 spell models.”

“So expensive!” Yang Feng immediately sucked in a breath of cold air: “So many level-1 spell models, thats the Warlock College Antalya for you!”

If the wealth the Steel City amassed every year was converted into magic stones, then it would be merely 3,000 magic stones, yet the cost of one level-1 spell model was 8,000 magic stones. Such a huge sum of money caused the rich and overbearing Yang Feng to have a headache.

The Fernandro Familys war reparations was of 300,000 magic stones. During the past two years, Yang Feng has already spent 100,000 magic stones. After all, even though 3796 synthesized the Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir, the Mermaid Tears Elixir, the Dragon Blood Elixir, and other elixirs, it still required the purchase of a lot of precious ingredients.

Level-1 spell models were very precious. The Black Cottage only had 15 level-1 spell models, while the Warlock College Antalya had 282 level-1 spell models. Both forces were in different leagues. Almost any level-1 Warlock could find their favorite level-1 spell model in the Warlock College Antalya.

Of course, 8,000 magic stones was also a huge sum of money for an official level-1 Warlock, let alone ordinary level-3 Apprentice Warlocks. However, once a student of the Warlock College Antalya became a level-3 Apprentice Warlock, there will be Warlock families wishing to recruit them. The Warlock College Antalya also provided loan contracts for the level-3 Apprentice Warlock students.

It was thanks to a variety of methods that the Warlock College Antalya was able to accumulate a great wealth and groom a number of Great Warlock rank experts.

Yang Feng silently analysed: “With the mechanical legion, I dont have to worry about offensive power. What I lack most now is defensive spells, specially defensive spells against curses and incomprehensible phenomena.”

Yang Feng said: “Let me have a look at the introductions of the level-1 defensive spell models.”

The blonde beauty flicked her fingers, and light shot out from a rhombus-shaped crystal atop the table and formed a 3D-like projection of introductions in the air.


The introductions of defensive spells appeared before Yang Fengs eyes, and he silently entered them into the database via the eyeglasses.

Yang Feng threw a magic stone into the blond beautys hand: “Please show me also the introductions of offensive spells, this is for your trouble!”

Eye flickering with delight, blonde beautiful woman flicked her fingers, and a light entered the rhombus-shaped crystal.

That rhombus-shaped crystal flashed, the introductions to a variety of level-1 spells appeared in front of Yang Feng, and he recorded them into the database one at a time.

Yang Feng quickly selected 20 spell models: “I want 20 level-1 spell models – Warping Force Field, Divination Perception, Divination Interference, Sanctity Dispelling, Magic Eye, Fireball, Storm Embrace, Micro Treatment, Dark Fog, Poison Dispelling, Low-Level Summon, Fire Ring, Fire Resistance, Brute Strength, Soul Eye, Shadow Hand, Frost, Stone Into Mud, Rock Armor, Thunder Laser.”

That blond beautiful woman was startled, then her smile became more and more sweet and intimate: “That would be a total of 160,000 magic stones!”

Ordinary Apprentice Warlocks would hesitate again and again before finally gnashing their teeth and purchasing one level-1 spell model. Yang Feng who purchased 20 level-1 spell models at once was simply a great customer. The blonde beauty would get a commission of one-thousandth of the deal, which was 160 magic stones.

Yang Feng took out a crystal card and paid the 160,000 magic stones.

“This is a knowledge crystal, it has the 20 spell models recorded within.” With a charming smile, the blonde beautiful woman passed Yang Feng a red crystal. At the same time, she gave him a flirtatious look, extended her hand, and lightly tapped his palm, leaving a piece of paper on his hand, and then said with an ambiguous smile: “My name is Emma and this is my address, come by to have some fun when youre free.”

The Turandot Subcontinent was fairly open-minded, and there were many aristocratic youngsters who had their first sexual experience with their maids when they were 13 or 14 years old. When aristocratic girls wanted to get married, they would improve their behavior a little. However, the number of aristocratic girls who led lives of debauchery after the wedding was large.

In the Warlock College Antalya, female Apprentice Warlocks using their bodies in exchange for resources was quite a common occurrence. The reason why Emma could sit in this comfortable place to begin with was apparently because she paid a hefty price.

Yang Feng put the slip of paper into his pocket, gave Emma a light smile, and turned and left the hall.

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