Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 600 – A Bet

Chapter 599 – Killing Intent

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Yang Feng smiled and said: “I can give you 70% of Silver Warrior secret treasures. The remaining 30% have to be left for other forces.”

In Li Gui province, there are 14 magnates – Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres. Silver Warrior secret treasure is just a stepping stone for Yang Feng to enter Li Gui Province. He cant sell Silver Warrior to a single Warlock group, as this would not be in his interest.

Bronze Warrior and Silver Warrior secret treasures require high energy crystals and super energy crystals as power source respectively. With each activation, the secret treasures expend a tremendous amount of energy.

Wei Hao and Ye Wuxin raised the price several times, but Yang Feng didnt relent. Realizing that Yang Feng would not concede on this point, they stopped mentioning it, and began to talk about local customs and practices as well as difficulties they encountered while practicing cultivation.

Before leaving, Wei Hao gave Yang Feng an invitation and uttered meaningfully: “Young Master Lei, this is an invitation for Moon Flower Festival that will be held in Moon Heaven City 3 month later. At that time, at least half of Li Gui Provinces top 10 beauties and many other talented youngsters will come. Dont miss this opportunity!”

Yang Feng smiled and took the invitation, aware that Wei Hao has opened a door to the circle of Li Gui Provinces upper echelon silk pants and invited him in.

As the Young Master of the ancient Warlock group Undying Mountain, he has 5,000 Starry Sky Warlocks as bodyguards, and can easily take out more than 10,000 pieces of Silver Warrior and millions of pieces of Bronze Warrior. Surrounded by that kind of halo, Yang Feng received Wei Haos approval, and got the opportunity to join the circle of Li Gui Provinces upper echelon silk pants.

At a magic crystal vein occupied by Nethermoon Ogre Dragon.

Xing Quande patrolling at the entrance of the magic crystal vein watched with a smile on his face as slaves dug out magic crystals.

Xing Quande is a Starry Sky Warlock of Nethermoon Ogre Dragon. A few months ago, he led his men to occupy this vein that Water Moon Heaven had just developed and slaughtered the other sides Warlock.

This kind of thing is very common in Li Gui Province. Although Li Gui Province is large, but there are 14 powerful Warlock groups here. Additionally, there are countless small Warlock groups. In order to compete for resources, they fight each other endlessly.

A Warlock group like Evil Spirit Fang who slaughtered ordinary people at will to refine various evil secret treasures didnt dare to exist openly in Great Cloud Dynasty. However, in Li Gui Province, it could become one of the four tycoons of Shariman City. From this, you can tell how chaotic Li Gui Province is.

Xing Quande looked at the countless magic crystal ores with a smile of satisfaction on his face: “Now that this vein is occupied, I can keep 10 high grade magic crystals every month. With enough high grade magic crystals, my chances to break through to a Moonlight Warlock will increase.”

Starry Sky Warlocks generally use low grade magic crystals to practice cultivation. Xing Quande became the manager of this vein so that he could embezzle 10 high grade magic crystals every month.

The competition within Nethermoon Ogre Dragon is fierce. Xing Quande can only hope to promote to a Moonlight Warlock if he seizes every opportunity he can.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded.

“Enemy attack!”

Xing Quande immediately felt nervous and looked into the distance.

He saw a flat, 100-meter-long extraordinary life form Hurricane Flat Snake with sharp teeth flying this way in a gust of wind. Atop the Hurricane Flat Snake stood 10 Great Warlocks and more than 100 level-3 Warlocks of Water Moon Heaven.

At the sight of the 10 Great Warlocks, Xing Quande sneered: “Zhang Sheng, you managed to escape with your life last time. Did you come here to die?”

During Xing Quandes raid on this vein, these 10 Great Warlocks have escaped by a fluke.

Along with black light, 17 Great Warlocks of Nethermoon Ogre Dragon flew to Xing Quandes side and looked at the Warlocks from Water Moon Heaven with cold smiles, as if looking at a group of dead people.

“Xing Quande, you killed my teacher last time. Today youre are going to die!”

Eyes shot with blood, Zhang Sheng pressed a necklace hanging from his neck, and silver light enveloped him and formed a set of silver armor in an instant, and Starry Sky Warlock rank might spread from him.

The other 9 Warlocks also pressed a necklace and transformed into Silver Warriors.

The more than 100 level-3 Warlocks pressed a necklace, and then transformed into Great Warlock rank powerhouses.

Struck dumb, Xing Quande cried out: “Starry Sky Warlocks, how is that possible? What are those secret treasures?”

The 10 Silver Warriors from Water Moon Heaven cast various secret methods and besieged Xing Quande.

The more than 100 Bronze Warriors besieged the rest of the Warlocks from Nethermoon Ogre Dragon.

Different kinds of light flashed and interwove in the area.

The fierce battle lasted for an entire hour. Going all out, Xing Quande killed one Silver Warrior of Water Moon Heaven. But then he was besieged and killed by the remaining Silver Warriors.

Although the Silver Warriors suddenly gained Starry Sky Warlock rank battle prowess, but they are not Starry Sky Warlocks after all. They are still a lot weaker than real Starry Sky Warlocks. This is why Xing Quande managed to kill a Silver Warrior by going all out.

Most of the Warlocks from Nethermoon Ogre Dragon were killed by the more than 100 Bronze Warriors. Only six Great Warlocks escaped by unleashing secret methods.

The same scene took place throughout the areas disputed by Nethermoon Ogre Dragon and Water Moon Heaven. With the help of Bronze Warrior and Silver Warrior secret treasures, Water Moon Heaven seized the areas held by Nethermoon Ogre Dragon.

Additionally, the Warlock groups who have bought a large number of Bronze Warrior secret treasures also began to expand rapidly in all directions.

Li Gui Province was in a state of chaos to begin with. But after the two types of secret treasures were thrown into the mix, Li Gui Province became even more chaotic, and fights broke out more frequently.

Nethermoon Ogre Dragons sacred mountain, in a hall.

Liu Boen slapped a wooden table and showed a look of anger and regret: “Scoundrel!”

With the help of Bronze Warrior and Silver Warrior secret treasures, Water Moon Heaven suppressed Nethermoon Ogre Dragon completely, and the areas disputed by the two Warlock forces fell into the hands of Water Moon Heaven. Unless Nethermoon Ogre Dragon breaks the unwritten rule and uses experts at the Moonlight Warlock realm and above to fight Water Moon Heaven, they will have a hard time taking back those territories.

The power level of the upper echelon of Water Moon Heaven and Nethermoon Ogre Dragon is about the same. If Nethermoon Ogre Dragon starts a full blown war with Water Moon Heaven, the outcome will be unpredictable. Even if they win, the victory will have come at a tremendous cost. The victorious side will soon be swallowed up by other forces. This is the reason why Nethermoon Ogre Dragon wont resolve itself to wage an all out war with Water Moon Heaven.

Fierce light flickered in Liu Boens eyes for a while, and then he uttered coldly: “Dark Ogre!”

A warlock in black stepped out of a twisted space and knelt before Liu Boen on one knee: “Greetings, my Lord!”

Liu Boen said frigidly: “I want Undying Mountains Lei Ming dead. You have to kill him in Moon Heaven City.”

So long as Yang Feng dies in Moon Heaven City, the secret treasure trade between Undying Mountain and Water Moon Heaven will be severed. In this way, Nethermoon Ogre Dragon can slowly take back everything that was taken away by Water Moon Heaven.

“Yes! My Lord!” The figure of the Warlock in black distorted and disappeared.

Immortal Wings Lake is a beautiful lake located in the western part of Moon Heaven City. It is surrounded by various beautiful extraordinary plants. All year long, there are beautiful flowers in full bloom exuding fascinating aroma here.

Immortal Wings Lake and the surrounding garden belong to Water Moon Heaven. In Moon Heaven City, many ordinary people would like to have a swim in the lake, bu they cant. Only Warlock big shots close with Water Moon Heaven can freely enjoy Immortal Wings Lake.

Moon Flower Festival is held in a small manor called Immortal Lake Manor located next to Immortal Wing Manor.

Two magic carriages stopped before Immortal Lake Manor. Yang Feng stepped out from one magic carriage, while four Undyings came out from the other magic carriage and followed next to Yang Feng.

A Great Warlock rank guard stepped forward and said respectfully, “Mister, please show me your invitation!”

Anyone who can participate in the Moon Flower Festival is a bigwig. They are not existences that a Great Warlock guard can offend.

Yang Feng gave the guard the invitation letter.

The guard took a look at it, and then stepped aside and made an inviting gesture: “Mister, please go in!”

Yang Feng and his four guards walked into Immortal Lake Manor.

Led by a beautiful Warlock maid, Yang Feng crossed pavilions and corridors, and then saw a group of young men and women gathered together enjoying themselves by the lake side.

“Young Master Lei, youre here!” When Wei Hao saw Yang Feng, his eyes brightened, and he greeted the other party.

Ye Wuxin also got up, smiled heartily, and greeted him.

“Thats Lei Ming, the Young Master of Undying Mountain?”

“He is the Young Master of Undying Mountain?”


Gazes of curiosity, envy, jealousy, apprehension, etc. fell on Yang Feng.

The reputation of Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming has spread throughout Li Gui Province. Within the past three months, countless conflicts erupted in Li Gui Province, and Bronze Warrior and Silver Warrior secret treasures displayed their terrifying power. The forces who possessed the two types of secret treasures gained an overwhelming advantage.

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