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Chapter 601 – Terrifying Undying

Chapter 600 – A Bet

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The major Warlock groups took out countless magic crystals to buy Bronze Warrior and Silver Warrior secret treasures from Yang Feng.

Yang Feng sold Bronze Warrior secret treasures to the Warlock groups who participated in the auction without restrictions, and then screened those who came to him later. The forces that are hostile with the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon got Yang Fengs support, and were sold a large number of Bronze Warrior secret treasures, which improved their strength.

Thanks to Yang Fengs manipulation, the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon is now in a bind. Although they didnt suffer a vital blow, but they are weakening continuously. If this continues for hundreds of years, the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon will decline and fall from the ranks of the top forces of the Li Gui Province.

In the absence of large-scale wars, the top Warlock groups are constantly weakening their enemies through small skirmishes and improving their own power and strength step by step.

Only if a Warlock group produces an invincible genius, will they launch a war to destroy other Warlock groups and occupy more resources. Otherwise, most Warlock groups can only improve their power and strength step by step.

The Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres, these 14 powerful forces of the Li Gui Province keep each other in check. None of them possess the power to destroy the other. Under these circumstances, Bronze Warrior and Silver Warrior secret treasures that can improve the power of low-level Warlocks have become crucial to determining the rise and fall of a Warlock force.

The young men and women at the Immortal Wings Lake are the true disciples and Young Masters of top and first-rate Warlock groups. Naturally, they are aware of the influence the Young Master of the Undying Mountain Yang Feng has.

Yang Feng sat down and glanced at the young men and women, and his eyes brightened.

These young men and women are top Warlocks. Except for Ye Wuxin and a few other Warlocks who are practicing special secret methods, they are all good looking.

Among the good looking people, there are four who stand out.

One is Hua Xiangxuan, ranked second among the Li Gui Provinces eight beauties. Another is a very handsome young man dressed in green scholar clothing. Yet another is gorgeous girl no less beautiful than Hua Xiangxuan in a crimson dress with a sexy figure oozing an enchanting temperament. The last one is a mesmerizing girl even more beautiful than Hua Xiangxuan in white with snow-white skin and picturesque features exuding an unearthly and holy temperament.

“Let me introduce you, this is Lei Ming, the Young Master of the Undying Mountain!” Wei Hao smiled and introduced Yang Feng to the people in front of him. At the same time, he introduced the people present to Yang Feng.

After Wei Hao introduced the rest of the young people to Yang Feng, he became a bit more serious and introduced the four who stand out to Yang Feng: “Lei Ming, this is Bian Zixin, ranked eighth among the Li Gui Provinces top eight beauties, She is the Young Mistress of the Lightning Fang. This is Zhang Mingtang, a peerless genius of the Zhang family of the Five Heavenly Lords. And this is Hu Xianghuan, the Young Mistress of the Secret Treasure City.

Wei Hao carried on: “As for this last person, she is Bai Yuxian, the Merak Star of the Great Cloud Dynastys Moonlight Seven Stars.”

For the first time, Yang Fengs eyes flashed with dignity: “Bai Yuxian, the Merak Star of the Moonlight Seven Stars? One of the most outstanding geniuses of the Bai familys younger generation!”

The Moonlight Seven Stars are the seven most outstanding Moonlight Warlocks of the Great Cloud Dynasty, each of which is a peerless genius who formed a virtual world and can defeat weaker Glorious Sun Warlocks.

Among the Moonlight Seven Stars, three are from the Bai family. They are know as the strongest geniuses of the Bai familys younger generation. If there are no accidents, the Moonlight Seven Stars are virtually guaranteed to promote to Glorious Sun Warlocks. Only the advancement to the Bright World Warlock and Infinity Warlock rank may stop the Moonlight Seven Stars in their tracks.

The Great Cloud Dynasty has a stronghold in the Li Gui Province. At present, the Great Cloud Dynasty is in peace with the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres of the Li Gui Province, so peerless geniuses like Bai Yuxian born from the Bai Family can naturally travel freely in the Li Gui Province.

Moreover, the Bai family is the royal family of the Great Cloud Dynasty as well as the number one Warlock force in the dynasty. Bai Yuxian is equivalent to a Princess of the Bai family, and so her status is far higher than that of anyone else present.

Bai Yuxian smiled enchantingly and said: “Lei Ming, to develop a secret treasure like Silver Warrior, the Undying Mountains alchemy is really amazing. I am very interested in alchemy. If you have time, can you teach me the Undying Mountains unique alchemy?”

When Bai Yuxian smiled, the surroundings appeared to brighten. Despite his firm will, Yang Fengs heart couldnt help but skip a beat before that beautiful smile.

There was a flash of envy in Zhan Mingtangs eyes, and he snorted coldly and gave Yang Feng a hostile look: “Humph, what does alchemy count for? For Warlocks, secret treasures are just external things. Only our own strength is key. Warlocks using Bronze Warrior and Silver Warrior secret treasures are far weaker than true Great Warlocks and Starry Sky Warlocks.”

Gazing at Zhan Mingtang with adoration in her pretty eyes, the gorgeous Bian Zixin in a red dress spoke in agreement: “Thats right. For Warlocks, cultivation base is everything. Ive seen level-3 Warlocks using Bronze Warrior secret treasures to gain the power of Great Warlocks, but they cant use level-4 spells. They cant withstand a blow from true Great Warlocks.”

Yang Feng glanced at Zhan Mingtang and Bian Zixin, showed a pitying smile as if looking at two retards, and sneered: “The reason why we Warlocks can stand firmly in the Cangzhi Plane and defeat countless formidable races is thanks to powerful secret treasures. The 7th Warlock Dynasty Magic Note Dynasty is regarded as one of the strongest dynasties because it developed all kinds of powerful secret treasures. Both cultivation base and secret treasures are essential, because they are both part of a Warlocks strength. Dont you even understand such a simple thing?”

Zhan Mingtangs face fell, and he uttered coldly: “You have a sharp tongue on you. However, disputes between Warlocks still have to be resolved through strength.”

Zhan Mingtang clapped his hands, and a two-meter-tall man with a few scars on his face giving off an oppressive feeling walked out from the side and bowed respectful to Zhan Mingtang: “Greetings, Young Master!”

Zhan Mingtang spoke with a smile: “This is Eight Ogre, a Starry Sky Warlock I recruited from the Barbarian Ogre Mountains. I heard that you have 5,000 Starry Sky Warlock guards. Lets have a match.”

The Li Gui Province is a place of great chaos where countless Warlock groups fight endlessly for resources. Warlock groups put up against the wall by the Great Cloud Dynasty will flee into the Li Gui Province in order to make a comeback.

It is common for Warlocks to swap pointers in the Li Gui province. Silk pants with noble identities recruit many Warlocks from humble origins and let them duel.

Yang Feng responded with a smile: “Interesting! But a duel alone is not exciting enough. Why dont we have a wager? Lets bet 10 million high grade magic crystals.”

When Yang Feng made that statement, the Warlocks who intended to watch a good show from the sidelines suddenly revealed dignified looks.

10 million high grade magic crystals is equivalent to 300 billion low grade magic crystals. Warlock groups like the Evil Spirit Fang who have Moonlight Warlocks standing guard have at most 3 million high grade magic crystals. This kind of wager is not a joke.

When they have a grudge, the young men and women do bets. But such a stake can no longer be described as an ordinary grudge.

A cold gleam streaked past Zhan Mingtangs eyes, and he said with a cold smile: “Fine. If lose, I will give you 10 million high grade magic crystals. But if you lose, youll have to compensate me with 100,000 pieces of Silver Warrior secret treasure.”

Although Zhan Mingtang doesnt like Yang Feng due to envy, but he also understands the importance of Silver Warrior secret treasures. 100,000 pieces of Silver Warrior can provide the Zhan family 100,000 Starry Sky Warlocks, which will greatly improve the Zhan familys strength.

Yang Feng asked: “Two out of three, or one?”

Zhan Mingtang hesitated for a while, and then answered cautiously: “Three out of two!”

A ripple surged in space, and two Warlocks – one tall and one slim – exuding queer auras walked out of the space and came to Zhan Mingtangs side. An unruly expression on their face, the two Warlocks looked at Yang Feng and smiled coldly.

“I will provide the arena!” Bai Yuxian spread the fingers of her hand, and a palm-sized arena flew out of her porcelain hand, fell aside, and formed a small arena with spatial force.

Eight Ogres figure fluttered and he flew into the small arena.

Yang Feng said lightly: “A-da, go ahead. If he doesnt concede, kill him.”

“Yes, Master!” An Undying responded in a hoarse voice, and then flickered into motion and entered the small arena at once.

Eight Ogre licked his face with a snake-like tongue, revealed a sinister smile, and threatened fiercely: “To meet me, your out of luck, punk. 10 Starry Sky Warlocks have died at my hands, and you will be the 11th. Its not too late for you to surrender now. Otherwise, you will regret it later.”

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