Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 602 – Secret Talks

Chapter 601 – Terrifying Undying

Translator: Xaiomoge

In a fight, psyche is a very important part. Many Warlocks from prestigious backgrounds have a powerful cultivation base and astonishing secret treasures, but they are often killed by Warlocks of humble origins weaker than them. Thats because their psyche is lacking, and they cant even display 30% of their ability in a fight.

Eight Ogres words are also a weapon. As long as he can intimidate the opponent, the other party wont be able to exert their full strength.

Unfortunately for Eight Ogre, his threats have no effect against the undying Yang Feng named A-da. Robots have no psyche. They cannot erupt with power that exceeds their limit, nor can they be intimidated. They will only use 100% of their fighting power.

“This guy is a tough cookie.” Eight Ogre stared at the immobile A-da, and a dignified glint streaked past his eyes. He silently recited an incantation. Strange patterns covered his body, and he expanded and turned into a three-metal tall Three-eyed Evil Ogre with an eye on the forehead.

Three-eyed Evil Ogres are evil ogres proficient in eye abilities, and their third eye possesses the power of illusions, breaking illusions, and distorting space. They are a powerful kind of evil ogres.

Face expressionless, A-da flipped its hands, and 2 two-meter-long high frequency starlight electromagnetic swords appeared in its hands.

High frequency starlight electromagnetic swords can cut through the life force field of Bright World Warlocks. They are the strongest melee combat weapon that can be mass-produced by the level-3 stronghold.

In front of Eight Ogre, A-da looks like an ordinary human standing in front of a giant evil ogre. It feels like the two are not on the same level.

Bai Yuxian spoke faintly: “Begin the match!”

As soon as Bai Yuxians words fell, an after image flickered, and A-da disappeared from the spot. As if it went through Eight Ogre, it appeared behind the opponent.

“How, how is this possible! How… so fast!” With a look of horror and despair on his face, Eight Ogre screamed, and then his body collapsed into countless pieces of flesh that fell on the ground.


“A Starry Sky Warlock who was instakilled!”

“So fast speed. Is this a Warlock from Undying Mountain? How fearsome!”


The Warlock geniuses outside the arena inhaled a breath of cold air and looked at A-da with complex emotions in their eyes.

There was a dignified gleam in Zhan Mingtangs eyes: “What a formidable Warlock! Is this the underlying strength of the Undying Mountain? Sure enough, its fearsome. Its worthy of being a Warlock group that once fought with the 6th Warlock Emperor Golem Lord in ancient times.”

In addition to being envious, the reason why Zhan Mingtang provoked Yang Feng is because he wants to test the strength of the Undying Mountain.

After the collapse of the 5th Warlock Dynasty and before the establishment of the 6th Warlock Dynasty, the most powerful Warlock group in the Eastern World, the Undying Mountain, once chased the Golem Lord to the end of the world. Regarding the reappearance of this ancient Warlock group, the Warlock groups in the Li Gui Province are apprehensive and even fearful.

With this powerful counterattack to Zhan Mingtangs provocation, Yang Feng hopes to create an image of a silk pants who flings caution to the wind when fighting enemies. This way, anyone who wants to test the Undying Mountain must pay a bitter price. This can discourage the other Warlock groups from probing the Undying Mountain.

Ultimately, the Undying Mountain is a fictional force created by Yang Feng. Once this lie is exposed, he will be hunted down by countless forces. After all, the production method of the Bronze Warrior and Silver Warrior secret treasures can even tempt the Warlock groups at the level of the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres. But with the fictional ancient force at his back, these powerful Warlock groups wont attack Yang Feng rashly.

Yang Feng said: “Zhan Mingtang, next!”

Zhan Mingtang smiled slightly and uttered full of confidence: “Lei Ming, Im sorry to say, but Ive seen through your Starry Sky Warlock. The next match will be your loss.”

With that, Zhan Mingtang flicked his hand, and speck of light entered the tall Warlocks forehead.

Zhan Mingtang spoke: “Seven Ogre, go kill him!”

“Yes! Lord!” The body of the tall Warlock called Seven Ogre blurred, and he flew into the arena.

“Does the Undying Mountains Starry Sky Warlock has a weakness?”

“What weakness can there be? That Starry Sky Warlock is so powerful that he instakilled Eight Ogre.”


There was a touch of curiosity in the eyes of the young Warlocks. In their view, the Undying is incredibly powerful. It should be noted that before Eight Ogre joined Zhan Mingtang, he was a ferocious and violent Starry Sky Warlock who killed 10 Starry Sky Warlocks. Yet he was instakilled by the Undying.

As soon as Seven Ogre entered the arena, he silently recited an incantation, powerful spell fluctuation surged around him, and he pointed with a finger.

With a flash of light, air blades invisible to the naked eye yet sharp as knives appeared beside Seven Ogre.

Zhan Mingtang sneered: “This is the defensive spell Floating Blades which specifically restrains Warlocks who use high-speed movement spells. Your Warlocks life force isnt strong, yet he has such a terrifying speed. He must have pursued speed to the limit. However, in this way, he must be lacking in other aspects. As long as a targeting spell is set up, your subordinate will lose.”

Yang Feng couldnt help but praise secretly: “He has a good eye. No wonder hes a peerless genius of the Zhan family.”

The Undying is a high-speed 3rd generation battle robot that has its speed developed to the limit. The top speed of the Undying is Mach 25, which makes it even faster than some Bright World Warlocks who arent proficient in flying spells.

Apart from its high speed and undying property, the parameters of the Undying are much lower than those of other 3rd generation battle robots. It has no other special abilities.

Bian Zixin praised with a look of joy on her face: “So thats how it is. As expected, Big Brother Zhan, youre really amazing. You could tell that Warlocks weakness at a glance.”

The other Warlocks also showed an expression of realization.

Bai Yuxian said: “Begin the match!”

Bai Yuxians words have just fallen, when the Undying Yang Feng named A-da suddenly turned into a stream of afterimages as it flew towards Seven Ogre, and then knocked into the air blades in an instant.

With its Mach 25 speed, the Undying was instantly chopped into nine pieces by the air blades. But the most important undying chip was not damaged.

A-da waved the 2 two-meter-long high frequency starlight electromagnetic swords clenched by its severed arms and slashed at Seven Ogre.

In a flash, Seven Ogre turned into numerous bloody pieces that scattered on the ground.

A-das body chopped into several segments didnt shed a drop of blood. As if dragged by invisible threads, the segments gathered and glued back together. The Undying was completely restored in an instant.

“Shocking, too shocking. Is this a secret method of the Undying Mountain? How scary!”

“He didnt even die with his head chopped off, how awful!”

“Reportedly, some Infinity Warlocks who practice special secret methods wont die even if their head is cut off, their heart is pierced, their limbs are cut off, and their blood is drained. I didnt expect that the Undying Mountains secret methods are so powerful that even a trifling Starry Sky Warlock can achieve this much.

“Is this an undying secret method? Its so powerful!”


Seeing this scene, the surrounding Warlocks breathed in cold air and discussed spiritedly.

In the world of Warlocks, many Infinity Warlocks who practice life-saving secret methods can preserve their life even if their head is severed, their heart is dug out, and their blood is drained. But in the Starry Sky Warlock realm, only Warlocks who practice special secret methods can accomplish the same.

The 5th Warlock Dynastys Death Lord cherished the Life and Death Text he created very much. Only the Undying Mountain grasps his Life and Death Text.

After the 6th Warlock Dynastys Golem Lord destroyed the Undying Mountain, he only got the remnants of two volumes of the Life and Death Text.

Due to the lack of the most essential parts, human Warlocks cannot create more powerful secret treasures from the remnants of the two volumes of the Life and Death Text. Therefore, in the Starry Sky Warlock realm, it is very rare to see a Warlock who has an undying secret method.

Zhan Mingtang inhaled cold air, and his eyes shimmered with apprehension: “Amazing. Is this the secret method of the Undying Mountain? How powerful!”

Bai Yuxians beautiful eyes glimmered: “Astounding. They have 5,000 of such Warlocks, no wonder they are a Warlock group who could contend against the Golem Lord in the past. Even though they declined, but the secret method is still this powerful.”

Yang Feng said flatly: “Theres no need for the last match. Zhan Mingtang, please prepare the 10 million high grade magic crystals within one month.”

Zhan Mingtangs face twitched, and he responded indifferently: “Fine!”

10 million high grade magic crystals is not a small number for Zhan Mingtang, but for the Zhan family as a whole, it is still manageable.

A-das body flickered, and it returned to Yang Fengs side and stood silently like a sculpture.

The Warlocks of extraordinary origins looked at the four Undyings standing next to Yang Feng with an enigmatic glint in their eyes. The four Undyings who can even threaten Moonlight Warlocks are just ordinary bodyguards under Yang Fengs command. With this, the young Warlocks have more speculations about the strength of the Undying Mountain.

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