Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 603 – Zhan Ying

Chapter 602 – Secret Talks

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After the challenge, the atmosphere became peaceful, and no one else came to provoke Yang Feng. Instead, the youngsters were enthusiastic about making friends with Yang Feng.

After the Flower Festival ended, Yang Feng returned to his chambers, and then frowned slightly and said coldly: “Whos there? Come out!”

“No wonder youre the Young Master of the Undying Mountain. To be able to detect my presence, how remarkable.” Along with bright laughter, the space in a corner of the room rippled, and the beautiful like a fairy Bai Yuxian came out, smiling. She beckoned with her hand, and a white gauze flew into her lily-white hand.

Yang Feng praised: “Worthy of the Moonlight Seven Stars Merak Star. To be able to conceal yourself from my servants, Im impressed.”

In fact, Yang Fengs residence is full of countless surveillance robots, and is equipped with various scanning systems. When Bai Yuxian sneaked into Yang Fengs residence, she has been discovered after she crossed the third line of defense.

To cross all the lines of defensive and enter Yang Fengs bedroom without being discovered, only Glorious Sun Warlocks proficient in stealth secret methods may accomplish this. However, Yang Feng naturally wont reveal that he already knew that Bai Yuxian has snuck in. If one day the two fall out, he can take advantage of this point, and give her a big surprise.

A delicate smile on her face, a fragrance wafting out from her, Bai Yuxian sat on a sofa in front of Yang Feng: “Young Master Lei, youre sweet.”

Yang Feng asked: “Miss Bai, what can I do for you?”

Bai Yuxian spoke with a smile: “Call me Yuxian. Does the Undying Mountain want to get their own territory in the Li Gui Province?”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with intense light: “Of course we do!”

As a Warlock group who wants to return to the Cangzhi Plane, their biggest desire should be to get a footing in the Cangzhi Plane.

The Cangzhi Plane is a treasure land. But the places most abundant in resources are occupied by powerful Warlock groups. The Li Gui Province is rich in resources as well. Although the Li Gui Province cant produce Infinity Warlocks. However, it is entirely possible to cultivate an Infinity Warlock in some other place in the Cangzhi Plane with the Li Gui Provinces resources.

As an ancient Warlock group who wants to return to the Cangzhi Plane, the Undying Mountain cannot possibly not want to gain a foothold in the Li Gui Province.

Bai Yuxian waved her porcelain finger gently and uttered full of enticement: “100,000 pieces of Silver Warrior and 5 million pieces of Bronze Warrior. As long as you give me these secret treasures, I can guarantee that the Undying Mountain will get a foothold in the Li Gui Province, and their territory will be as large as that of any of the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres.”

When he head that, contempt shimmered in the abyss of Yang Fengs eyes. He responded with a smile: “Is the Great Cloud Dynasty planning to send troops to the Li Gui Province? Three years ago, the Great Cloud Dynasty expelled the Ten Great Sects from the Eastern World. It will take you at least 100 years to recover from this ordeal. His Majesty is wise and mighty. Naturally, he knows that the Great Cloud Dynasty should stay quiet at this time. How could he send troops to the Li Gui Province? If you dont send troops, then how can you seize such a large piece of land from the the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres?”

The Emperor of the Great Cloud Dynasty Bai Wuqing is shrewd. After driving the Ten Great Sects out of the Eastern World, he began to recover his forces and reorganize the Imperial Court.

Everyone knows that the Great Cloud Dynasty will be able to recover its strength or even reach a higher level after several hundred years. During this period, the shrewd Bai Wuqing will never send a large number of troops to the Li Gui Province. Otherwise, if they lose, restless ambitious forces hidden in the Great Cloud Dynasty will rebel.

Bai Yuxian spoke with a sweet smile: “Although the Great Cloud Dynasty wont send an army into the Li Gui Province. However, there are ways for the Undying Mountain to gain a piece of land. Of course, the Undying Mountain must also send troops to cooperate with us when necessary.”

Yang Feng asked curiously: “Which force does the Great Cloud Dynasty intends to tackle?”

Smiling silently, Bai Yuxian stared at Yang Feng with her limpid eyes.

Staying collected, Yang Feng picked up a glass of wine and sampled it calmly.

Bai Yuxian spoke with a sweet smile: “100,000 pieces of Silver Warrior and 5 million pieces of Bronze Warrior; give me these secrets treasures and I will tell you.”

Yang Feng refused decisively: “Please leave.”

100,000 pieces of Silver Warrior and 5 million pieces of Bronze Warrior is equivalent to the all-out output of Yang Fengs bases for one month. These secret treasures can make a Warlock group with a single Moonlight Warlock standing guard be able to contend against a Warlock group with a Glorious Sun Warlocks standing guard.

Bai Yuxian wants to take away all those secret treasures by virtue of unreliable and incomplete information. Yang Feng cant agree to this.

Bai Yuxian smiled and said: “10,000 pieces of Silver Warrior and 500,000 pieces of Bronze Warrior. I can ask the higher-ups to grant you the title of major general of the Li Gui Province and viscount.”

The Great Cloud Dynasty has inherited the governmental system of the Magic Note Dynasty, and its nobility is organized according to five titles – duke, marquis, count, viscount, baron. Viscount is already an aristocrat of very high standing. A title in the Great Cloud Dynasty is much more precious than that of other forces. No matter where they go, a viscount will have all kinds of privileges.

Yang Feng smiled and refused tactfully: “100 pieces of Silver Warrior and 10,000 pieces of Bronze Warrior, and I can consider it.”

Bai Yuxian spoke with a light smile: “Its not impossible. However, I need your help. If you kill Zhan Mingtang, I can ask the higher-ups to confer you the title of count.”

Yang Fengs eyes narrowed slightly, and he refused directly: “To kill Zhan Mingtang? Sorry, I dont have that kind of ability.”

Zhan Mingtang is a peerless genius of the Zhan family of the Five Heavenly Lords and a future leading figure of the Zhan family. Yang Feng humiliated him and won a great bet against him in the Flower Festival. With the fictional Undying Mountain at his back, the Zhan family wont do anything to him.

However, if Yang Feng kills Zhan Mingtang, the Zhan family will mobilize all their power to kill Yang Feng. Even though he has the support of the Undying Mountain, he cannot resist the Zhan familys revenge.

Bai Yuxian spoke with a solemn expression: “The Great Cloud Dynasty has found out that the Zhan family has colluded with abyssal fiends and wants to destroy all other forces in the Li Gui Province.”

Yang Feng said with a smile: “Collusion with abyssal fiends, what is there to fear?”

The endless Abyss runs through countless planes. Legend has it that is the dark side of the universe where the evil force of the countless planes gathers. There are countless powerful beings in the Abyss. But the Abyss is full of slaughter and chaos.

Abyssal fiends like to kill and devour each other the most. The most cruel, ruthless, and cunning abyss fiends will receive the favor of the Abyss, and evolve very fast.

Without the control of a higher-level fiend, if 10,000 abyssal fiends are put together, they will be down to less than a 100 individuals a 10 plus days later.

The collusion between the Zhan family and abyssal fiends is simply a joke in Yang Fengs view. If the Zhan family opens a passageway for abyssal fiends to come to the Cangzhi Plane, the abyssal fiends will attack the experts of the Zhan family first because they are the closest.

Bai Yuxian said with a grave expression: “If it were ordinary abyssal fiends, there would be nothing to fear. But they colluded with Abyssal Fiend Grand Duke Poydul of the 666th floor.”

A dignified gleam streaked past Yang Fengs eyes, and he uttered slowly: “So its him! If its him, then things will be tricky.”

No one knows how many floors there are in the endless Abyss. But Abyssal Fiend Grand Duke Poydul on the 666th floor is famous throughout the Cangzhi Plane.

Poydul is a pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank abyssal fiend. He is cunning and wise, and has a fallen angel legion under his command.

The fallen angel legion was created by Poydul, who on one hand corrupted the angels of gods, and on the other hand used pure and holy souls and powerful soul stones coupled with a special method to make fallen angels.

Poyduls most famous exploit was when he sent the fallen angel legion to besiege and kill a Warlock Monarch after the 7th Warlock Dynasty Magic Note Dynasty collapsed. Later, when the 8th Warlock Dynasty collapsed, his fallen angel legion barged into the Cangzhi Plane and slayed another Warlock Monarch. Additionally, over the years, more than a 100 Infinity Warlocks died to his fallen angel legion.

Even though Poyduls fallen angel legion has suffered successive heavy losses, but its still a very powerful army that Infinity Warlocks fear.

Poydul is one of the abyssal fiends of whom human Warlock are the most apprehensive. In the endless Abyss, there is not a small number of abyssal fiends stronger than him. However, very few abyssal fiend lords have a fallen angel legion guarding them.

The 666th floor is also the most orderly floor of the Abyss. Compared with the rest of the Abyss, it resembles more the Infernal World controlled by devils. If the Zhan family colluded with Poydul, then the Li Gui Province may really fall into Poyduls hands.

Bai Yuxian spoke with an enticing tone: “Young Master Lei, if you kill Zhan Mingtang and expose the conspiracy of the Zhan family, youll become the hero of the Li Gui Province. The Zhan family will be destroyed by the rest of the heavenly lords and heavenly ogres. In this way, wont the Undying Mountain have the opportunity to get involved with the Zhan familys territory?”

Yang Feng replied: “If there is no concrete evidence, I wont take action.”

Bai Yuxian smiled sweetly and pushed an envelope in front of Yang Feng: “As long as you investigate these, you will get the evidence you want.”

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