Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 604 – Insidious Scheme

Chapter 603 – Zhan Ying

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In the deepest part of a mine strictly guarded by the Zhan family, a Void Assassin stepped out of the void. After a moment, it entered back into the void.

In the moment it was out in the open, the Void Assassin has scanned the planar passageway under construction inside the mine.

In the mine, there is a Starry Sky Warlock with his eyes closed. He didnt notice that a Void Assassin has appeared here just now.

While examining the data, Yang Feng was thinking: “From the information she gave me, the Zhan family has really colluded with the Abyssal Fiend Grand Duke Poydul of the 666th floor. They want to unify the Li Gui Province. This is really bad news for theUndying Mountain who is in the process of returning to the Cangzhi Plane. Similarly, the Great Cloud Dynasty is reluctant to see the Li Gui province being occupied by an abyssal fiend grand duke.”

If the Li Gui Province is occupied by the Abyssal Fiend Grand Duke Poydul, he can use the province as a bridgehead to attack the Great Cloud Dynasty at will.

The Fallen Angels in the Fallen Angel legion require precious and powerful souls as well as soul stones to be produced. The best soul material for making Fallen Angels are the souls of human Warlocks. Therefore, once the Abyssal Fiend Grand Duke Poydul occupies the Li Gui Province, he will definitely attack the Great Cloud Dynasty and plunder the souls of human Warlocks.

Yang Feng sneered in his heart: “However, to have me take the initiative, wishful thinking. Even if the entire Li Gui Province is occupied by the abyssal fiends, Ill withdraw from the province at worst.”

With the evidence of collusion between the Zhan family and the Abyssal Fiend Grand Duke Poydul in her grasp, since Bai Yuxian didnt announce it to the world, she clearly doesnt want to offend such a colossus as the Zhan family. She wants Yang Feng representing the Undying Mountain to break the facade and expose the Zhan familys plot, and have the Undying Mountain and the Zhan family become mortal enemies.

If the Undying Mountain really wants to use the Li Gui Province as a base for their return, they wont miss this opportunity. After all, only by getting rid of the Zhan family will space for the Undying Mountain to take root in the Li Gui Province be vacated. This is an irresistible overt plot.

But the Undying Mountain is a fictional force created by Yang Feng. If he can gain a footing in the Li Gui Province, that would be certainly for the best. But if he cant, Yang Feng can withdraw from the Li Gui Province and go to another place.

A crafty rabbit has three burrows. Before he entered the Li Gui Province, Yang Feng has prepared for failure.

10 days later, the Moon Heaven City, in a manor.

Bai Yuxian taking a walk inside a garden filled with blooming flowers frowned slightly and uttered, pensive: “This Undying Mountains Lei Ming is a troublesome guy. He can really keep his composure.”

Soon after, Bai Yuxian sighed and said regretfully: “Unfortunately, I have to use another pawn now.”

With a wave of her hand, a ray of white light entered the void in a flash.

Half a month later, a handsome young Warlock of dignified bearing entered the Water Moon Heaven.

Immediately after, an explosive news came from the Water Moon Heaven and spread to the whole Li Gui Province. The news states that the Zhan family of the Five Heavenly Lords colluded with Abyssal Fiend Grand Duke Poydul of the 666th floor of the Abyss.

When this news came out, a commotion broke out in the Li Gui Province.

Once the abyssal fiends come, it will be a huge disaster for the Li Gui Province. Although the abyssal fiends in the 666th floor of the Abyss are more orderly than the other abyssal fiends. But make no mistake, they wont refrain from slaughtering humans.

The Abyssal Fiend Grand Duke Poyduls Fallen Angel legion is fierce and powerful, but the birth of Fallen Angels is accompanied by the death human Warlocks.

Poydul wont care about the fate of human Warlocks. Once his Fallen Angel legion arrives at the Li Gui Province, they will certainly unleash a massacre and harvest the soul of Li Gui Provinces human Warlocks.

When the Water Moon Heaven made a public appeal, apart from the Zhan family, the other Warlock groups of the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres formed a Zhan Subjugation Alliance.

Almost 80% of the the Li Gui Provinces Warlock groups joined the Zhan Subjugation Alliance, and Yang Feng has also joined the alliance on behalf of the Undying Mountain.

Although the Zhan family denied all the evidence released by the Zhan Subjugation Alliance, but the alliance still declared the Zhan family traitors of humans.

Under the orders of the Zhan Subjugation Alliance, the Warlock groups within the alliance all took people to the Wave Cloud Mountain City.

The Wave Cloud Mountain City is only five hundred kilometres away from the Zhan familys largest fortress Steel Fang Fortress. For Warlocks, this distance can be crossed in one hour.

So long as the Steel Fang Fortress is captured, the hinterland of the Zhan family will be exposed to the Zhan Subjugation Alliance, and the alliance will be able to attack the Zhan family from any direction. The Zhan family will only have left their holy land Wu Hui Tian City as their final line of defense.

The Wave Cloud Mountain City originally had a population of approximately 1 million people. But now 80% of Warlock groups in the Li Gui Province led their Warlock armies here and stationed around the city. Extending for hundreds of kilometres, you can see beautiful palaces everywhere.

Warlock means are incredible. Of course, the place where Warlock armies reside is not a simple barracks, but luxurious palaces. In the palaces, there are many ordinary people who serve the Warlock soldiers.

A light shone, and a huge warship descended and landed in front of the Wave Cloud Mountain City.

From the huge warship, 5,000 3rd generation battle robots and 100,000 2nd generation battle robots alighted orderly.

The 105,000 battle robots exude a jagged aura that is unique to elite Warlocks of the Other Plane Development Division, making those who see them bear fear in their heart.

A Warlock came to Yang Feng and said a little respectfully, “Excuse me, are you Young Master Lei from the Undying Mountain? I am Zhao Ming, the alliances quartermaster. We have arranged an encampment for you outside the city!”

“Get out of the way, were going into the city. If you dont let the Undying Mountain enter the city, then I will tear the Wave Cloud Mountain City down.” Yang Feng pushed Zhao Ming to the side and took the 105,000 battle robots into the Wave Cloud Mountain City, domineering.

The elite troops commanded by the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ghosts are stationed in the Wave Cloud Mountain City. On the surface, Yang Fengs Undying Mountain is not inferior to the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres. So how can they stay outside the city like other ordinary Warlock groups?

Simulating soaring killing intent, the 105,000 battle robots barged into the Wave Cloud Mountain City together with Yang Feng.

The quartermaster flung aside by Yang Feng had no choice but to give up a place in the Wave Cloud Mountain City. Otherwise, the Undying Mountains Warlock army would have a fight with a Warlock army inside the Wave Cloud Mountain City.

When Yang Feng returned to his bedroom, he glanced calmly at a corner of the room and said lightly, “Come out!”

“Amazing. I expected nothing less from the Undying Mountains Young Master.” A lady no less beautiful than Bai Yuxian dressed like a man and exuding an astonishing charm came out, a smile on her face.

The beautiful lady smiled sweetly and said: “I am Zhan Ying. Young Master Lei, wont you invite me to take a seat?”

Yang Feng sat down on a sofa: “Please take a seat, Miss Zhan.”

A fragrance wafting out from her, Zhan Ying sat opposite Yang Feng.

Smiling a bit like a rogue, Yang Fengs gaze as sharp as a knife wandered about Zhan Yings body: “Miss Zhan, to come to my quarters, I have to commend you for your bravery. Outside my quarters, there are 105,000 elites. As long as I give the order, Miss Zhan, you will be in a bind to get out of here. The Zhan family is now the public enemy of the Li Gui Province. If I capture you, I will make a great contribution to the Zhan Subjugation Alliance.”

Zhan Ying is the number one beauty of the Li Gui Province as well as a peerless genius of the Zhan family, her status in the Zhan family even higher than that of Zhan Mingtang. She is the leading figure of the Zhan familys younger generation and the sole female heir of the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres.

Although Hua Xiangxuan is the Young Mistress of the Secret Treasure City, but she is not the heir. She is only the daughter of the City Master of the Secret Treasure City, which is why she is addressed by others as Young Mistress.

The heirs of the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres must be the most outstanding Warlock geniuses of the respective forces. Although Hua Xiangxuan is very remarkable, but she is not the most remarkable Warlock genius in the Secret Treasure City.

Zhan Ying uttered with a smile: “Young Master Lei, clever as you are, you should know what it means for me to appear here.”

Yang Feng responded flatly: “Either you have been hiding here all along, or you have people on the inside.”

At this moment, the Wave Cloud Mountain City has a detection barrier opened, and dozens of extraordinary life forms with detection abilities are stationed throughout the entrances of the city. It is extremely difficult for someone to sneak into the Wave Cloud Mountain City without alarming anyone.

Zhan Ying smiled sweetly and said: “Yes, we have people on the inside. If we want, the Warlocks in the Wave Cloud Mountain City can be easily eliminated. I came to invite the Undying Mountain to join the Zhan Family Alliance. As long as we win, the Li Gui Province will be in our pocket.”

Yang Feng uttered: “The Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres have formed an alliance. Faced against such a force, I fail to see how the Zhan family can win. In the Li Gui Province, even the Great Cloud Dynasty in not their opponent.”

Zhan Ying offered a very generous condition: “If a major event takes place, you can choose to stay neutral. After the Zhan family and them have decided the victor, you are welcome to join the Zhan family.”

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