Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 61 – Scuffle

Chapter 60 – Obscure Mountain Range

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More than 10 kilometers to the west of the Warlock College Antalya, in a small inn on the edge of the road, there were four people sitting around a large table inside a big room. Among them, the two women were Anya and Inna.

Of the other two people, one was a young man in a grey Apprentice Warlock robe with three copper threads on the cuffs, with eagle eyes and a hook nose. The young man exuded a bloody aura.

The other person was a man built like a bear dressed in a gray Apprentice Warlock robe with three copper threads on the cuffs, with short blue hair and a claw scar on the left side of his face.

The young man exuding a bloody aura stared at Anya with firmly creased eyebrows and said solemnly: “Anya, why did you invite him? Hes just a waste with a good uncle. He only achieved his cultivation base through the accumulation of resources. In terms of battle prowess, he might not even be able to defeat a Great Knight. Such a fellow will only become a burden.”

Anyas eyebrows arched, and she responded: “Trucks, pay attention to what youre saying. Have you forgotten the lesson that the idiot Bantania was taught? Or do you want to become a second idiot?”

The matter with Bantania has been widely spread within the Warlock College Antalya. Moreover, his name became synonymous with idiot and moron. It was precisely because of this that Yang Feng hasnt suffered any provocations in the Warlock College Antalya. Although the majority of the students were jealous and despised him for being a waste that quickly promoted by relying on his familys power, yet no one dared to say anything offensive to his face.

Trucks frowned slightly, clenched his fists tightly, stared at Anya with anger in his eyes and said coldly: “Anya, are going to snitch to that good for nothing? Cant our friendship stand to that waste? Whats so good about him? Without his uncle, he is nothing!”

“Trucks, dont say another word!” The man with a claw mark on the left side of his face spoke gravely.

The man with the claw scar on his face clearly had clearly a fairly high status. With just a few words from him, Trucks fell silent, yet his eyes still surged with anger and jealousy.

There was a knock on the door.

Inna went over and opened the door. With a head full of short black hair and an ordinary appearance, a young man dressed in a grey Apprentice Warlock robe with three copper threads on the cuffs walked into the room under the protection of two burly men built like a bear. The two men looked like they cast from a mold.

The young man with the short black hair and an Asian appearance was Yang Feng.

Anya swept the two male-looking guards next to Yang Feng with a glance, and her eyebrows arched, her beautiful eyes flashed with anger, and her voice carried a chill: “Yang Feng, have you spoken to others about the information on the ruins?”

Trucks had a smile of contempt on his face, and ridiculed: “Ha-ha, I knew it would be like this! Yang Feng, youre such an untrustworthy young master. Anya, you were really foolish to invite such a fellow.”

The eyes of the man with the claw scar on his face congealed. After sizing the two guards beside Yang Feng up for some time, he said in a solemnly: “Such exquisite mechanical golems! If it werent for the fact that they dont possess the aura of life, I would have also thought that they were humans. The reputation of the Steel Citys mechanical golem legion is well deserved.”

“Mechanical golems?” Taken aback, Anyas fury melted away, and she carefully examined the two robots beside Yang Feng. Her spirit fluctuations enveloped the two robots. After a while, a look of apology welled up on her face, saying: “Yang Feng, sorry for misunderstanding you.”

“Humph!” Trucks gave a cold snort, and then turned silent.

The man with the claw scar on his face took the initiative to speak: “I am Pierre. Yang Feng, I want to apologize for Trucks and Anya, but please understand, this exploration is too important for us.”

Yang Feng responded with a smile: “Its okay!”

Pierre said: “Since everyone is present, then lets set off.”

Since no one objected, they left the inn.

The Obscure Mountain Range was located at the border between the three major powers Warlock College Antalya, Savage Claw and and Rose Garden. As it was poor in resources, and its environment was perilous, the three major powers didnt pay that piece of land any heed.

Wanted criminals, human scum, strange non-human species, and those that couldnt make a living in the human society have gathered in this piece of land and formed small cities.

The taverns door was pushed open, and seven youngsters dressed in adventurers clothing came inside. It was Yang Feng and his party.

Adventurers were strong and powerful people that ventured all over, completed missions, and earned money. Their social status was only slightly higher than that of peasants. By relying on their adventurer badges, they could travel all over. They flocked to places where money could be made.

Unlike what most a lot of people fantasized, the lives of adventurers were replete with dangers, betrayals, and death. A fairly valuable treasure might stir a group of adventurers to kill each other.

Once they entered, Yang Feng saw the bustling scene inside the small tavern. There were many adventurers gulping down ale, eating roasted meat, and speaking loudly. Some vulgar adventurers even took liberties with women in public.

When Anya and Inna saw this, their eyebrows creased. With their aristocratic background, they felt discomfort towards this scene.

While looking for a table to sit at, Yang Fengs gaze fell on a maid, and his eyes revealed a look of interest: “Is that a beastman? No, they should be rabbitman and human hybrids.”

Apart from the pair of rabbit ears on their heads, the petite maids looking practically no different from ordinary human women. Coupled with their blue or brown hair, they looked fairly beautiful.

These women were called half blood rabbitmen, and they were the descendants of playthings that Warlocks brought from another plane. Although half blood rabbitmen didnt possess much strength or evolution potential, but due to their petite figures and adorable looks, some Warlocks liked to keep them as pets.

“Hey, beautiful! My name is Dolly! Do you wanna have have some fun with us? Well give you five gold coins for one night. I can guaranty that youll have a wonderful time!” A big fellow wearing a leather armor and exuding a faint bloody aura walked over with large strides and spoke towards Anya with a grin, disregarding everything else.

With her aristocratic background and beautiful looks, Anya looked like a swan within a flock of ducks in this small tavern. In addition to Anya, Inna was also quite beautiful. Countless gazes full of greed and desire focused on Yang Fengs group of people.

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