Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 610 – Complete Suppression

Chapter 609 – Yang Feng Takes Action

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Black light shone, and the palm-sized poisonous insect was torn apart. Black venom sputtered out from the poisonous insect, and then was blown away by the dark force on Alexias body.

The palm-sized poisonous insect is called Fallen God Insect, and it has an extremely strong venom. When bit by it, even an Infinity Warlock will be paralyzed and eventually eroded, and die. Even beings with extremely high poison resistance such as abyssal fiends cant resist the venom of the Fallen God Insect.

The Ogre Insect Pavilion has spent countless years to just breed a single Fallen God Insect.

Eyes shot with blood, the Great Elder of the Ogre Insect Pavilion growled: “Damn Fallen Angel, you killed my Fallen God Insect. When I capture you, I will turn you into an insect nest!”

There are countless secret methods for breeding poisonous insects in the Ogre Insect Pavilion, among which, there are many methods that use powerful living beings as nests to cultivate insects. This is the most terrifying legal punishment in the Ogre Insect Pavilion.

Countless black runes extended from Alexias fair neck towards the rest of her body and eroded her body and soul.

The Netherworld Ogre Dragon the Great Elder of the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon has transformed into appeared behind Alexia and sent a claw covered in nether breath stabbing towards her.

A deep darkness flashed in her eyes, and Alexia opened the three pairs of black wings, and countless black light feathers shot in all directions.

The rain of black light feathers ran through the magic shields of the Great Elders from the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon, the Ogre Insect Pavilion, and the Thunder Demon Evil Ogre and stabbed into them. At the same time, they attacked the Water Moon Barrier.

In an instant, the black light feathers turned into black flames that engulfed the three Great Elders, burned their flesh and soul, and injured their origin. The three screamed in agony.

Impacted by the black light feathers the most, the Great Elder from the Ogre Insect Pavilion shrouded in black fire is struggling and screaming frantically.

When the black wings were stimulated, Alexias aura suddenly declined. The silver Elemental Lock blurred and appeared in front of her, and then turned into silver shackled that locked her firmly.

A powerful dark force erupted from inside Alexia, but then was sealed by the silver shackles and suppressed into her body. Numerous silver runes extended along the Elemental Lock and sealed Alexia firmly.

At this moment, the void 100 kilometres away from the Water Moon Barrier blurred, and 30 Star Destroyer Battlestars and two Interstellar Carriers lying in ambush deactivated their cloaking mode and emerged.

The star destroyer artillery aboard the Star Destroyer Battlestars flashed brightly, and 30 brilliant beams of light slammed into the Water Moon Barrier.

Bombarded by the 30 beams of light, which is equivalent to being struck by a joint attack from 30 pinnacle Bright World Warlocks, the Water Moon Barrier collapsed. Heavily wounded, the Great Elder of the Water Moon turned into a stream of cold moonlight and fled towards the distance.

The Great Elder of the Water Moon Heaven is aware of the world of Warlocks cruelty. Now that he is seriously injured, if he stayed here, he will not only become prey for enemies, but there is also a high probability that he will become prey for hiscomrades.

The void twisted, and Void Assassins emerged and pounced on the four Great Elders.

The Great Elder of the Ogre Insect Pavilion spread the fingers of his hand, and a huge dragon-like insect put him into its maw and flew away.

There was a twist in the void, and more than 10,000 Void Assassins flew out and chopped towards the giant dragon-like insect.

Undyings and Sealers towed out of the void by Void Assassins rushed towards the huge insect.

The huge insect roared and spurted out a pillar of fire sweeping towards the surrounding Void Assassins.

The energy shields activated by Void Assassins shattered under the giant insects fire.

More Void Assassins rushed at the huge insect and slashed it with their swords and cut open countless wounds on its body.

Engines booming, more than 1,000 Undyings lunged at the huge insect in a flash and chopped it into pieces.

Seal halos shot out from the Sealers, slammed into the Great Elder of the Ogre Insect Pavilion, and sealed him inch by inch.

Facing the numerous Void Assassins that appeared suddenly, nether breath enveloped the Great Elder of the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon, and he fled towards the distance.

Eyes shot with blood, the Great Elder of the Thunder Demon Evil Ogre dominated by Thunder Demon Evil Ogre blood fell into a state of madness, rushed into the midst of Void Assassins, and crushed them.

The reaction of the Great Elder from the Cool Breeze Abode was a step slower, and he was chopped into pieces by a dozen plus Undyings.

Although the Great Elder from the Cool Breeze Abode was chopped into countless pieces, but he shed no blood, and instead transformed into a gale and fled away.

Sealers fired seal halos that blasted into the gale, and the gale twisted and eventually formed the shape of the Great Elder of the Cool Breeze Abode.

With a look of fear, helplessness, and regret in his eyes, the Great Elder of the Cool Breeze Abode shouted loudly: “Dont kill me, I am willing to surrender!”

In his peak condition, the Great Elder from the Cool Breeze Abode can easily escape from the Sealers. But he has poured most of his power into the Elemental Lock. Therefore, he already has no power to escape from the Sealers.

A cold voice came from a Sealer: “Dont resist, or you will die!”

The Great Elder from the Cool Breeze Abode released a long sigh and gave up resistance, letting numerous seal halos hit and seal him.

Sealers flew to Alexia, hit her with seal halos, and began sealing her.

If the rest of the Bright World Warlocks escape, it wont matter. The Blazing Angel Alexia with unlimited evolutionary potential is Yang Fengs ultimate prey.

Its very difficult to produce Blazing Angels as it involves the ultimate mysteries of the soul. It takes the purest souls plus countless precious soul stones and a little bit of luck to get a Blazing Angel.

From among 10 billion ordinary Angels, perhaps one Blazing Angel will emerge. Despite their high evolution potential, its still very difficult for a Blazing Angel to upgrade to the Bright World Warlock rank.

As if they sensed the plight of their commander, the Fallen Angels fighting the Warlocks in the Wave Cloud Mountain City flapped their black wings and flew this way.

3rd generation battle robots stabbed into the Fallen Angel legion like a dagger and started a frenzied slaughter of the beautiful and sexy Fallen Angels.

The beautiful Fallen Angels resist desperately, but before the great strength gap, they are being slaughtered continuously, unable to get close to Alexia.

All of a sudden, the remaining Fallen Angels flew together and detonated, and their flesh and soul burned wildly, and a big hole opened in the void.

Abyssal breath permeated out of the big hole, and a black ray of light flew over and condensed into a 1.8-meter-tall, handsome, blond man wearing a black suit with an evil charm.

“I am Abyssal Fiend Grand Duke Poydul, the lord of the 666th floor of the Abyss. Respected human Warlock, please return me my commander. If you return her to me, I will be your closest ally. Additionally, I will also provide you with a top-notch Succubus Queen.”

A strange rune flickered in the eyes of the handsome man with an evil charm, and he looked into the distance. His gaze penetrated a dense fog, and hesaw Yang Feng sitting on the bridge of a Star Destroyer Battlestar.

What exploded in the Cloud Mist Hall was nothing more than a golem in Yang Fengs form. The golem was made by cloning Yang Fengs cells and integrating it with soul stones and his soul aura. Since the Bright World Warlocks werent guarded against him, Yang Feng easily deceived them.

Yang Fengs eyes lit up, and he contemplated for a while, and then spoke with a light smile: “Succubus Queen? It does sound extravagant. But unfortunately, I am more interested in the Blazing Angel, Your Majesty Grand Duke. I will have to decline.”

Succubus Queens are an advanced form of Succubi from the Abyss, and each Succubus Queen is a powerful existence at the Moonlight Warlock rank or above. They are the most coveted treasures of males. In the Abyss, Infernal World, and the 36 primary material planes, they are the preferred pets of male experts, ranking even above elves and Angels.

In the era of the 7th Warlock Dynasty Magic Note Dynasty, a Holy Spirit Warlock once offered a grade 8 plane to buy a Succubus Queen, but to no avail.

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