Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 610 – Complete Suppression

s and Nine Heavenly Ogres were defeated by the Undying Mountain, so how can we possibly be their opponent? Lets surrender!”


When the Warlock groups saw the tremendous mechanical legion, they felt a chill in their hearts, and then surrendered after a moment of hesitation.

In fact, if the Warlocks in the Wave Cloud Mountain City joined forces to fight Yang Fengs mechanical legion, there is a 70% chance of them destroying Yang Fengs mechanical legion. After all, within the Wave Cloud Mountain City, nearly one-half of the Li Gui Provinces Warlock elites are gathered.

But the upper echelon of the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogre are gone. Besides, the might of the 30 Star Destroyer Battlestars terrifies this leaderless bunch. As such, they can only choose to surrender.

Seeing the huge Warlock legion, the human Warlocks guessed that the Undying Mountain employed several Bright World Warlocks. They simply cannot imagine that among the hundreds of thousands of Starry Sky Warlocks and more than 2 million Great Warlocks, there is not a single Moonlight Warlock nor Glorious Sun Warlock, and much less a Bright World Warlock.

When Yang Feng attacked the Fuso Subcontinent, he subdued many Moonlight Warlocks, but he is now the Young Master of the Undying Mountain, so he cannot summon the Moonlight Warlocks from the Fuso Subcontinent.

Where it not for the protection of the Fuso God Tree coupled with the Great Cloud Dynastys fear of Huang Yihe and other Infinity Warlocks hidden in the dark, the Great Cloud Dynasty would have already sent troops to uproot Yang Fengs force in the Fuso Subcontinent.

Countless battle robots entered the Wave Cloud Mountain City, quickly suppressed any revolt, and accepted the surrender of the Warlock groups.

After the war in the Wave Cloud Mountain City, the situation in the Li Gui Province has changed dramatically. Nearly half of the Warlock groups in the Li Gui Province surrendered to Yang Fengs Undying Mountain.

Yang Fengs Undying Mountain took this opportunity to expand wildly towards the scope of influence of the Ye family and Zhao family of the Five Heavenly Lords and the Seven Stars Abode, the Thunder Demon Sect, the Ogre Insect Pavilion, the Secret Treasure City, the Thunder Demon Evil Ogre, the Purgatory Ogre, and the Cool Breeze Abode of the Nine Heavenly Ogres.

Intimidated by Yang Fengs means, the remaining Three Heavenly Lords and Two Heavenly Ogres sent spies to probe the reality of Yang Fengs Undying Mountain, all the while very careful, not daring to do anything suspicious. At the same time, they sent emissaries to carry out communications in private.

The Great Cloud Dynasty, the lesser province Ning Province, in an ordinary manor, there is a giant laboratory 3,000 meters underground.

Standing before a crystal coffin, Yang Feng gazed quietly at the mesmerizing Blazing Angel Alexia with a burning glow in his eyes.

“Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir injection begins!” A mechanical voice sounded, and a needle pierced into Alexia and injected Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir that has been improved continuously into her body.

“The injection failed, all Liquid Metal Nano Robots died.” A cold voice sounded.

Yang Feng sighed with regret: “The Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir really doesnt work. Although it has been improved continuously, but it can only control Glorious Sun Warlock rank life forms at most for now.

Yang Feng said: “How is the clone deduction model going?”

“The clone deduction model has been established and analyzed. According to the analysis, the cells from the life form can be used to make clones that are 99% identical with the true body. However, the mature clones will have Great Warlock rank strength at most. The life form isnt a natural product, but a weapon of the gods, and its main materials are holy and pure souls. It is possible to clone the body, but not the soul.” The cold voice sounded again.

If he can use cloning technology to clone a large number of Bright World Warlock rank experts, Yang Feng would clone a bunch of Blazing Angels to fight for him. Unfortunately, cloning technology is not omnipotent. It cannot clone a soul weapon like a Blazing Angel.

The birth and growth of each Blazing Angel cannot be replicated. It is due to this that Blazing Angels are so precious.

Yang Feng said: “Did you find the mark of the Abyssal Fiend Grand Duke Poydul carved in her soul?”

At the moment of birth, every Angel will have their soul imprinted by a soul mark of their master. In this way, the Angels will not be able to betray their master.

However, an Angels soul mark is not indestructible. The Abyssal Lord of the 999th floor of the Abyss Lucifer hailed as the strongest Fallen Angel is a Blazing Angel who betrayed a supreme god. He is a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse.

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