Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 614 – Storming the Ping Feng City

Chapter 613 – Subduing Two Heavenly Lords

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The Great Elder of the Cool Breeze Abode walked out from the side, looked at Chen Lei and Zhan Hongtao with resentment, and sneered: “Brother Chen, Brother Zhan, you are already inside my barrier. There is no where for you to run. I suggest that you surrender to Young Master just like I did!”

With a thought, powerful spirit force of Chen Lei and Zhan Hongtao rushed towards the outside like a tide.

A very powerful Elemental Barrier appeared outside the manor.

Chen Lei and Zhan Hongtao teaming up only need two spells to defeat this powerful Elemental Barrier.

However, the time it takes for them to cast the two spells is enough for Alexia, the Great Elder of the Cool Breeze Pavilion, and Ye Chen to kill Chen Lei and Zhan Hongtao several times over.

Among the three powerhouses, Ye Chen still hasnt healed fully, and can only display junior Bright World Warlock rank strength. But Alexia and the Great Elder of the Cool Breeze Pavilion have recovered to their top form.

Alexia alone has the strength to kill Chen Lei and Zhan Hongtao.

Zhan Hongtao smiled bitterly and said decisively: “Young Master, is it the Young Master of the Undying Mountain Ming Lei? I am willing to surrender and make a Styx oath to pledge allegiance to the Young Master!”

Yang Fengs voice sounded in the garden: “A Styx oath isnt enough! I want to engrave a soul mark on your soul!”

Although the level of a Styx oath is high, but there are still treasures and methods to lift it silently. However, once a soul mark is carved into the soul, then even if it is forcibly lifted, Yang Feng wont be caught off guard and stabbed in the back.

Alexia pointed at Zhan Hongtao with the Fallen Angel Sword in her hand, and her beautiful eyes filled with killing intent.

Angels are weapons made by gods with the souls of believers, and they have a warlike instinct carved into their body. As a Fallen Angel born in the endless Abyss, Alexias fighting experience is abundant. She is very warlike.

Although Alexia doesnt accept Yang Feng, this master weaker than herself. But her instinct as a Fallen Angel made her choose to obey Yang Fengs command.

Yang Fengs cold voice sounded again: “If the two of you dont surrender, then there is no need for the Zhan family and the Chen family to exist. I think there will be many Warlock groups who would love to replace your two families.”

Zhan Hongtao and Chen Lei broke out in cold sweat.

In the Li Gui Province, the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres control vast resources. Since they occupy most of the resources, the rest of the Warlock groups are naturally very envious of them. When the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres are overwhelmingly strong, there is nothing to sweat. But once they weaken, they will be torn to pieces by the Warlocks groups eyeing them covetously.

The Undying Mountain will not care about the extinction of the Zhan family and the Chen family. If anything, the extinction of the two families will let the Undying Mountain get more resources that they can use to cultivate more loyal Warlocks.

If the two families dont surrender, then Undying Mountains forces will weaken a little for 100 to 200 years. But after that, the Undying Mountain will only become stronger and stronger.

Zhan Hongtao and Chen Lei shuddered inside at this thought. They understand that with Ye Chen, the Great Elder of the Cool Breeze Abode, and Alexia plus the foundation of the Undying Mountain, the Undying Mountain doesnt have to recruit the two of them.

Chen Lei glanced at Alexia, smiled bitterly, and sighed helplessly: “I am willing to surrender and offer my soul to you, Young Master.”

Just against Alexia who has the power to slay quasi-Infinity Warlocks, even if Chen Lei and Zhan Hongtao join forces, they still dont stand a chance at victory.

Zhan Hongtao spoke: “I am also willing to offer my soul to you, Young Master. However, I must ask that you make a Styx oath to give my Zhan family enough status and dignity. In this way, my Zhan family will be able to do our best to serve you, Young Master.”

Yang Feng agreed decisively: “Alright!”

If the Two Heavenly Lord families serve Yang Feng wholeheartedly, he will have two powerful Warlock groups as his subordinates. With their help, it will be easier for him to control the Li Gui Province.

In the eyes of the Great Cloud Dynasty, the Li Gui Province is a delicious piece of meat. After all, the surface area of the Li Gui Province is much larger than that of the 36 greater provinces. Moreover, this province is no less rich in resources than the greater provinces.

The only drawback of the Li Gui Province is that Infinity Warlocks cannot survive here. Warlocks who have reached the quasi-Infinity Warlock rank will leave the Li Gui Province and go to the Great Cloud Dynasty to look for opportunities, all the while hiding their true identity.

But this shortcoming is nothing to Yang Feng. As a Moonlight Warlock, he is still a long distance away from the Infinity Warlock rank.

The Li Gui Province is very important for Yang Feng. Once he manages it well, hell be able to obtain a steady stream of cultivation resources. These resources are enough for him to easily practice cultivation until the quasi-Bright World Warlock rank.

“Put your soul in here!”

There was a distortion in the void, and a True God Empyrean Imprint emerged in front of Zhan Hongtao and Chen Lei. As for Yang Feng, his true body didnt appear.

Seeing Yang Feng being this cautious, the last bit of defiance hidden in Zhan Hongtaos heart disappeared, and he smiled wryly and let the True God Empyrean Imprint enter his forehead.

Countless runes extended from the True God Empyrean Imprint and wound towards Zhan Hongtaos soul.

Zhan Hongtao let his soul being eroded by the True God Empyrean Imprint. Otherwise, his powerful soul could easily break the runes released by the True God Empyrean Imprint.

When the True God Empyrean Imprint eroded Zhan Hongtaos soul fully, it flew to Chen Lei and also eroded his soul. This strengthened the True God Empyrean Imprint.

After subduing the two Bright World Warlocks, Yang Feng stepped out of the void and appeared in front of Zhan Hongtao and Chen Lei.

Zhan Hongtao and Chen Lei looked at Yang Feng with complex emotions in their eyes.

In the eyes of ordinary people, Moonlight Warlocks are already omnipotent beings. However, in the eyes of pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank experts such as Zhan Hongtao and Chen Lei, they are juniors who have just embarked on the path to eternity. They didnt care about them. Yet now Yang Feng has their fate in his hands. Naturally, they are filled with complicated emotions.

“For the two of you to cast off your aspirations decisively and join me, Im really honored.”

Yang Feng smiled slightly, silently recited an incantation, and pointed with a finger. With a flash of light, a projection of Styx appeared suddenly, and he said solemnly: “I, Yang Feng, swear by Styx that as long as the Chen family and the Zhan family do not violate my orders and laws I have formulated and do their utmost to serve me, then I will try my best to shield them and give them sufficient status and dignity. If this oath is violated, let my soul fall into Styx.”

During a Styx oath, no falsehood may be uttered, and the same is true for your name. You have to use your real name. Unlike the unique true name of fiends, archdevils, gods, and other powerful beings with grace power, the real name is the name the caster identifies with.

No matter how many pseudonyms are used, the only name Yang Feng identifies with is Yang Feng. He can only swear in his real name during a Styx oath.

Although billows are set off in Zhan Hongtaos heart, but his face remains expressionless: “Yang Feng? Could it be that Yang Feng who has defeated all the peerless geniuses of the Western World in the Time Sky City? Isnt he a disciple of the Battle Demon Sect? How did he become the Young Master of the Undying Mountain?”

Chen Leis mind is also in an uproar: “Yang Feng, is he the most outstanding true disciple of the Battle Demon Sects younger generation? So is he the Young Master of the Undying Mountain, or a true disciple of the Battle Demon Sect? Or does he have two identities?”

Yang Feng asked: “Is there any way to get the Great Elders from the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon and the Water Moon Heaven to come here?”

The Great Elders of the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon and the Water Moon Heaven are powerful existences of the pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank. Although the two of them took a hit to their strength in the battle of the Wave Cloud Mountain City, but they are still Bright World Warlock rank existences. With Yang Fengs current lineup, defeating them is simple, but killing them is a bit difficult.

Zhan Hongtao said: “The two have suffered a big loss in the Wave Cloud Mountain City. As such, they have withdrawn into their Warlock legions. We have to talk with them through avatars. It is difficult to ambush them again.”

Chen Lei nodded and glanced at Ye Chen, and resentment streaked across his eyes.

In the Li Gui Province, the relationship between the Five Heavenly Lords is very close. This way they can contend against the Nine Heavenly Ogres who are fighting amongst themselves.

Pinnacle Bright World Warlocks are basically all aloof, either staying in their safest base, or traveling and searching for opportunities. It is very difficult to ambush them.

This time, if it wasnt for Ye Chens invitation, Zhan Hongtao and the other two wouldnt have gathered here, nor would they be ambushed and subdued by Yang Feng.

A scorching fighting spirit flashed in Alexias eyes: “Lets storm them! Anyway, we are far stronger than them. We can surely eliminate them!”

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