Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 615 – Subduing the Great Elder of the Water Moon Heaven

Chapter 614 – Storming the Ping Feng City

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Ping Feng City is the place where the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon and Water Moon Heaven are stationed. The two Warlock groups were originally mortal enemies. The two sides fought each other who knows how many times, and they even lost Moonlight Warlock rank experts to the other party.

But since the battle in the Wave Cloud Mountain City, the relationship between the two Warlock groups became to thaw. The two are aware that in the battle of the Wave Cloud Mountain City, Yang Fengs Undying Mountain was the ultimate winner, and the Five Heavenly Lords had the largest number of Bright World Warlock rank experts escape. If they didnt join forces, the two Warlock groups would be picked off one by one and devoured.

The world of Warlocks is a cruel place. In order to compete for the limited cultivation resources, wars between Warlocks never stop.

This is also the main reason for the collapse of the eight Warlock Dynasties. After the death of each Warlock Emperor, countless powers break out into wars to compete for cultivation resources. Eventually, foreign enemies invade and destroy the Warlock Dynasty. This is how the Warlock Dynasties fall usually.

In the Wave Cloud Mountain City, the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres allowed another Warlock frame Yang Feng because they didnt want to let the Undying Mountain enter the Li Gui Province.

Now that Yang Feng has mastered enough power, he naturally wants to level all forces that dont submit to him and grasp all resources. The conflict between the two sides is virtually irreconcilable.

At this time, there are huge warships with Warlock towers stationed in the Ping Feng City.

In order to contend with Yang Fengs Undying Mountain, the Great Elder of the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon brought out all 10 treasured Nethermoon Ogre Dragon Boats.

The Nethermoon Ogre Boats are created from the corpse of an Infinity Warlock rank Netherworld Ogre Dragon. It cost the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon a lot of money to invite a dozen plus Alchemists, who spent 1,000 years and countless precious materials to create these treasures.

A Nethermoon Ogre Boat with a Glorious Sun Warlock, 10 Moonlight Warlocks, 200 Starry Sky Warlocks, and 10,000 Great Warlocks can contend with an ordinary Bright World Warlock.

With sufficient Warlocks, the 10 Nethermoon Ogre Boats can unite and form a Netherworld Ogre Dragon that can compete with a junior Infinity Warlock.

The importance of the Nethermoon Ogre Boats to the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon is the same as the importance of the level-9 secret treasure Elemental Lock to the Cool Breeze Abode. They are both treasures that arent taken out light.

Although there arent enough Glorious Sun Warlocks and Moonlight Warlocks in the Nether Moon Ogre Dragon, so they cant form a Netherworld Ogre Dragon capable of contending against a junior Infinity Warlock. But the 10 Nethermoon Ogre Boats can still defeat a pinnacle Bright World Warlock.

Near the Ping Feng City, there is a 300-meter-tall mound inscribed with countless abstruse runes. The entire mound is shining with a sacred moonlight.

This mound is called Holy Moon Mountain, it is a secret treasure that an Infinity Warlock born from the Water Moon Heaven forged from the moon of a grade 7 plane. It took a lot of effort, countless resources, and 8,000 years to forge this secret treasure. It is one of the backbones of the Water Moon Heaven, and it usually stays in the headquarters of the Water Moon Heaven all times.

The Holy Moon Mountain requires four Bright World Warlocks, 15 Glorious Sun Warlocks, 136 Moonlight Warlocks, 2,000 Starry Sky Warlocks, and 300,000 Great Warlocks to fully exert its power.

Once the power of the Holy Moon Mountain is fully exerted, then even junior Infinity Warlocks can be wounded heavily or even quelled. But that is only in theory. After all, the Water Moon Heaven doesnt have enough manpower.

The Water Moon Heaven of the Nine Heavenly Ogres only has one Bright World Warlock, 4 Glorious Sun Warlocks, and 15 Moonlight Warlocks.

Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses and upwards are the backbone of any force. The Ten Great Sects hold Moonlight Ceremonies for newly promoted Moonlight Warlocks because it is rare to see Moonlight Warlocks arise.

Only the overlord of the Eastern World the Great Cloud Dynasty can casually use hundreds of Moonlight Warlocks to assault other planes.

Although the Holy Moon Mountain cannot exert its full power because of the lack of manpower. But with the Great Elder of the Water Moon Heaven taking charge, it can quell a quasi-Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse without a question.

In the sky 500 kilometres away from the Ping Feng City, the space suddenly blurred, and Star Destroyer Battlestars suddenly appeared.

With a flash of light, guided by the level-3 optical computer, the star destroyer artilleries blasted accurately into the 10 Nethermoon Ogre Boats and the Holy Moon Mountain.

Nether breath spewed out from the Nethermoon Ogre Boats and formed queer shields.

When the beams fired by the star destroyer artilleries landed on the magic shields, they pierced right through them and blasted into the Nethermoon Ogre Boats.

Under the sudden bombardment of the beams, the Nethermoon Ogre Boats disintegrated. The Warlocks aboard the Nethermoon Ogre Boats suffered disastrous casualties.

If the Nethermoon Ogre Boats could employ all their shields, they would be able to block a beam fired by a star destroyer artillery. However, since they were sneak-attacked, they disintegrated due to a single beam each.

He who strikes first gains the advantage, this is a common rule of war.

Under the bombardment of beams fired by star destroyer artilleries, the Holy Moon Mountain crumbled into countless stones bit by bit.

Magic light poured out from the Holy Moon Mountain, but it still could not stop the collapse of the Holy Moon Mountain. If the Holy Moon Mountain was started, it could indeed exert terrifying battle prowess. But with the Star Destroyer Battlestars pursuing the characteristic of strong offense yet weak defense to the extreme, the star destroyer artilleries can even wound heavily quasi-Infinity Warlocks. And since the Holy Moon Mountain wasnt started, it began to collapse.

A mechanical legion formed by hundreds of thousands of 3rd generation battle robots and millions of modified 2nd generation battle robots seized the opportunity to pour towards the Ping Feng City like a tide.

“Undying Mountain! Lei Ming, you dare come here! Here shall be the burial place of your Undying Mountain!” A cry of shock and anger of the Great Elder of the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon came from the Ping Feng City.

A swarm of 10-meter-tall Netherworld Ogres with scary faces and exuding nether breath flew out of the Ping Feng City and rushed to meet the mechanical legion.

The Netherworld Ogres are a kind of life form born in a crack between the Netherworld and the rest of the world. Every Netherworld Ogre has Great Warlock rank power and carries nether breath. When hit by them, even Bright World Warlock rank beings will be eroded by nether breath and injured.

The Nethermoon Ogre Dragon Warlock group has raised 500,000 Nether Ogres, which are one of their strongest trump cards.

The figures of the Undyings who are the mechanical legions main fighting strength fluttered, and they flew into the swarm and started slaying the Netherworld Ogres.

After an Undying slayed four Netherworld Ogres, a Netherworld Ogre stabbed it with its right claw.

An energy shield appeared around the Undying at once and blocked the claw of the Netherworld Ogre, and then the Undying killed the Netherworld Ogre with a slash.

Four Netherworld Ogres rushed this way in a flash and stabbed with their claws at the Undying. Following a series of afterimages, the four Netherworld Ogres were cut into pieces.

The Undying not only has terrifying movement speed, but can also activate a powerful energy shield, which can even resist two level-5 single target offensive spells.

Under the assault of the 3rd generation battle robots, the swarm of Netherworld Ogres was breached, and then submerged in the sea of modified 2nd generation battle robots.

A beam containing nether breath shot out from the Ping Feng City and slammed into 3rd generation battle robots, and blasted apart the energy shields of hundreds of 3rd generation battle robots. At the same time, nether breath eroded the undying chips of the Undyings who lost the protection of the energy shields, and the undying chips underwent a bizarre transformation.

Queer bones appeared on the bodies of the Undyings, and the Undyings twisted and fell from the sky.

When he saw this scene, Yang Feng exclaimed in admiration: “Amazing! So this is the strength of a top Nether Warlock. He can even “kill” the lifeless Undyings!”

The Undyings are lifeless mechanical weapons who are almost impossible to kill. But the nether breath transformed the Undyings undying chips and killed the Undyings on another level, netting Yang Fengs praise.

Beams shot towards Yang Fengs mechanical legion like raindrops from all directions.

Countless Warlocks from the Nine Heavenly Ogre Warlock groups approached from around the Ping Feng City.

After the fight in the Wave Cloud Mountain City, apart from the Cool Breeze Abode, the Nine Heavenly Ogre Warlock groups united around the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon and the Water Moon Heaven to contend against the Five Heavenly Lords and Yang Fengs Undying Mountain.

During the fight of the Wave Cloud Mountain City, although the Nine Heavenly Ogre Warlock groups suffered heavy losses, but they are still very powerful. At this time, in order to fight the Undying Mountain, apart from Warlocks who stayed behind to guard the bases, many elites were sent here.

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