Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 617 – Advancing to the quasi-Glorious Sun Warlock rank

Chapter 616 – Taking Control of the Li Gui Province

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When the barrier around the Nethermoon Ogre Dragons holy mountain was deactivated, a large number of battle robots flew inside and took control of all strategical positions of the holy mountain.

Then, the Bright World Warlock Zhan Hongtao entered the holy mountain and thoroughly inspected it. After he ascertained that there are no abnormalities, the huge Warlock legion entered the holy mountain and began to take control of the Nethermoon Ogre Dragons holy mountain.

In the Nether Dragon Hall, Yang Feng sitting on the throne that only the Sect Master can sit on caressed the thrones armrest and smiled lightly: “Life is really fickle. Last time, I was driven away from here by Sect Master Liu Boen!”

A bitter expression on his face, the current Sect Master of the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon Zhang Cheng is silently standing aside, his heart filled with complicated emotions.

In the eyes of the Glorious Sun Warlock Zhang Cheng, this Young Master of the Undying Mountain was just a youngster with potential not long ago. Yet now the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon is in his pocket. This naturally left a bitter taste in Zhang Chengs hearts.

An Undying guard stepped into the Nether Dragon Hall and saluted Yang Feng: “Young Master, the City Master of the Secret Treasure City Hua Lihai asks for an audience!”

Yang Feng uttered flatly: “Let him in.”

Before long, Hua Lihai walked in with a stunning girl in white.

The stunning girl in white is Hua Xiangxuan, the number two beauty of the Li Gui Province. She is Hua Lihais daughter.

Hua Lihai bowed respectfully towards Yang Feng and said: “I am Hua Lihai, the City Master of the Secret Treasure City. Greetings, Young Master Lei Ming!”

Hua Xiangxuan also saluted Yang Feng, and a peculiar gleam flashed in her pretty eyes.

In the Moon Heaven City, Hua Xiangxuan thought Yang Feng to merely be a remarkable peer. The proud her disdained to get in touch with Yang Feng of her own initiative.

As the only direct kin of the Secret Treasure Citys City Master, Hua Xiangxuan has a very high status among the younger generation in the Li Gui Province. Few can compare with her. Moreover, she is extremely beautiful, and her cultivation base isnt lacking either. As such, she has the right to be proud.

Now this peer about whom Hua Xiangxuan didnt care much has turned into an existence that even her most respectable father has to look up to. This disparity set off great billows in her heart.

Yang Feng spoke indifferently: “How can I help you?!”

Hua Lihai responded respectfully: “The Secret Treasure City would like to form an alliance with the Undying Mountain. We will work hard to refine secrets treasures for the Undying Mountain.”

Yang Feng said with a cold smile: “This proposal may have been of interest two months ago. But now, the Undying Mountain doesnt need allies in the Li Gui Province anymore. What the Undying Mountain wants is to unify the Li Gui Province!”

Comparable to the 36 greater provinces of the Great Cloud Dynasty, the Li Gui Province is a place rich in resources. The infighting between the Five Heavenly Lords and the Nine Heavenly Ogres together with the intervention of the abyssal fiend grand duke gave Yang Feng such a great opportunity to unify the Li Gui Province, so how can he miss it?

If he lets the Secret Treasure City become an ally of the Undying Mountain, there will soon appear countless more allies in the Li Gui Province. In this way, although itll be faster to unify the Li Gui Province, but at the same time, itll become very difficult to freely mobilize the resources of the entire Li Gui Province.

For the same reason, the Great Cloud Dynastys Bai family has leveled or expelled the Ten Great Sects one by one.

When he heard this, a bitterness welled up inside Hua Lihais eyes.

Yang Feng said coldly: “Your Secret Treasure City can either surrender to the Undying Mountain, or disappear.”

Hua Lihais complexion changed a number of times before he finally spoke gravely: “The Secret Treasure City is willing to submit to you and offer you the Monarch grade secret treasure Star Moon Pool, Young Master. I only have one request; I ask that you marry my daughter Xiangxuan, Young Master.”

Hua Xiangxuans pretty face turned a little pale, but she clenched her white teeth gloomily and kept silent.

Yang Fengs eyes brightened a little, and he said with a satisfied smile: “Alright, I agree!”

In the Secret Treasure City, there is a very ancient secret treasure Star Moon Pool. According to legend, this Monarch grade secret treasure is a part of the most important Empyrean grade secret treasure Magic Note Munitions Factory of the 7th Warlock Dynasty the Magic Note Dynasty.

Unlike ordinary Empyrean grade secret treasures, the Magic Note Munitions Factory is a super large secret treasure covering an area of 10,000 square kilometres. In the Magic Note Munitions Factory, there are a series of components such as the Star Moon Pool, the Sun Pool, the Soul Forging Plant, the Flesh Pool, the Plane Origin Will Pool, the Star River Processing Plant. and so on.

Countless top secret treasures of the Magic Note Dynasty were made in the Magic Note Munitions Factory, which also includes several Empyrean grade secret treasures.

In terms of personal strength, although human Warlock Emperors and other race Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses are more or less on par. But human Warlock Emperors have one or more Empyrean grade secret treasures. With battle-type Empyrean grade secret treasures that fit them perfectly, human Warlock Emperors are invincible.

Empyrean grade secret treasures posses boundless power. But to refine one such secret treasure, you need spend countless resources and time. The Magic None Munitions Factory can greatly shorten the refining time of Empyrean grade secret treasures, which propelled the Magic Note Warlock Dynasty to the top among the Eight Warlock Dynasties.

Although the Monarch grade secret treasure Star Moon Pool is merely a component of the Empyrean grade secret treasure Magic Note Munitions Factory, but it still has the magical power to collect star and moon force.

The Star Moon Pool can collect star and moon force and condense it to form a low grade Star Moon Crystal everyday. Star Moon Crystals are a top material for refining secret treasures. A low grade Star Moon Crystal can be used to create a level level-4 secret treasure. If it wants, the Secret Treasure City can easily create a level-4 secret treasure every day with the help of the Star Moon Pool.

If the Star Moon Crystal inside the Star Moon Pool isnt removed, then every 1,000 days the equivalent of 1,000 low grade Star Moon Crystals will form a mid grade Star Moon Crystal, 1,000 mid grade Star Moon Crystals will form a high grade Star Moon Crystal, 1,000 high grade Star Moon Crystals will form a superior grade Star Moon Crystal, and 1,000 superior grade Star Moon Crystal will form a divine grade Star Moon Crystal. Divine grade Star Moon Crystals is one of the top materials for creating Empyrean grade secret treasures.

Of course, because the Star Moon Pool is just a component, the time it takes to form a divine grade Star Moon Crystal is terrifying. When the Empyrean grade secret treasure Magic Note Munitions Factory is intact, it takes about 100 years to form a divine grade Star Moon Crystal.

In addition to providing precious Star Moon Crystals, the Monarch grade secret treasure Star Moon Pool can also temper Warlocks who practice cultivation inside the pool with star and moon force and promote their physique, and even improve their soul aptitude by a small margin.

Yang Fengs soul aptitude is already at the superior level-8, making it hard to advance any further. However, he can still use the Star Moon Pool to refine his physique.

With the Nethermoon Ogre Dragon and the Secret Treasure City surrendering without a fight, all Warlock groups in the Li Gui Province realized that Yang Feng wants to unify the province.

Among the Nine Heavenly Ogres, the Thunder Demon Evil Ogre, the Thunder Demon Sect, and the Seven Stars Abode abandoned their foundation and escaped the Li Gui Province overnight. The rest of the Warlock groups chose to surrender to Yang Feng.

Under Alexias command, the huge mechanical legion besieged various places in the Li Gui Province and wiped out the forces unwilling to submit to the Undying Mountain.

Yang Feng threw himself into the practice of cultivation. Using the resources of the Li Gui Province, he advanced at a rapid pace.

In a secret room, Yang Feng fiddling with four treasures in front of him revealed a smile: “Aeolus Ancient Stone, Water Root Flame, Glorious Sun Warlock rank Ardipithecus core, and Dragon Whale Water Source Stone. As expected of the Li Gui Province, it is rich in resources.

Aeolus Ancient Stone is a treasure produced after the blood of a Holy Spirit Warlock rank Wind God in the archgod era fell on the ground and absorbed wind elemental energy for over 100,000 years.

Water Root Flame is a strange phenomenon formed in the deepest part of the sea born from volcanoes and some objects containing rich fire elemental energy. Despite looking like water, it is a queer flame that can easily burn anything placed inside it to ashes.

The Ardipithecus core came from a Ardipithecus, which is a kind of earthen virtually extinct in the Cangzhi Plane by human Warlocks. Ardipithecuses can naturally control earth elemental particles, and are endowed with the racial ability Earth Escape that is unparalleled in the same rank. Their cores are also the best material for forming a world.

Dragon Whale Water Source Stone is a kind of treasure born after a Glorious Sun Warlock rank Dragon Whale core is burried in a place rich in water elemental particles for 1,000 years and various secret method are used.

These four treasures are items that can only be obtained through good fortune. Yang Feng got these four treasures after searching the entire Li Gui Province.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of his right hand, and a huge whirlpool poured out of his hand and enveloped the four treasures at once.

The four treasures appeared in his small world at once, and a wisp of primal chaos force blasted into them.

Countless violent wind elemental particles formed a 10,000-meter-tall Wind God that looks like it can easily break the small world.

The Aeolus Ancient Stone contains a trace of power of an archgod Wind God. Even with that trace of power, it can still easily kill an ordinary Moonlight Warlock.

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