Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 62 – Encirclement

Chapter 61 – Scuffle

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Yang Feng willed: “Scan this persons information!”

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose, and he mused delightedly: “What a weak guy. Ordinary people are just that.”

Even though Dolly looked tall, sturdy, strong, and majestic, and looked far more deterring than Yang Fengs group of seven. However, his was far too weak when compared to Yang Fengs group of people.

If it was just before he transmigrated, Yang Feng could never defeat a brawny man like Dolly. But now, even with a hand tied behind his back, Yang Feng could easily beat Dolly.

“Go to hell, you lowlife!” There was a fierce glint in his eyes. Lightning-fast, Trucks stood up and punched Dolly in the abdomen with a frightening force, and the 100-kilogram-heavy Dolly was blasted away by a dozen or so meters and knocked down numerous chairs.

After the built like a bear Dolly crumpled on the ground, he spurted out a mouthful of blood mixed with fragments of viscera and dropped dead.

“Dead! Dolly was killed with one punch from that guy!”

“Knight, that guy is a Knight rank expert!”

“No! Great Knight, hes a Great Knight!!”


The adventurers in the tavern clamored, and their gazes filled with fear and dread fell on Trucks.

Dollys companions exchanged a look, and their eyes flickered with anger. But after Trucks swept them with a glance, they lowered their heads, not daring to meet his gaze. They immediately payed their bill and left.

The tavern was located in the scope of the Obscure Mountain Range. Here, the truth lied within your fists, and fights and scuffles were a day-to-day occurrence. People without strength, if they die, they die.

Adventurers were generally below the Knight rank. Against a Great Knight rank expert, even if all the adventurers in the tavern attacked together, they would still be massacred.

The bartenders eyes flashed with an enigmatic glint, and he frowned.

With a panic-stricken expression, a half blood rabbitman maid arrived in front of Yang Feng and his partys table and said timidly: “Excuse me, sirs and ladies, you broke some tables and chairs…”

Trucks revealed an evil smile, stared at the maid, and spoke eerily: “What? You want me to pay for them?”

“No! No! No! No!” The maids face was ashen, her petite body shivered, and her voice trembled.

Pierre uttered lightly: “Well give you that guys corpse! His weapons and leather armor should be enough to pay for our meals and accommodation, and it should still be enough to cover for the tables and chairs we broke.”

Unlike Yang Feng, Pierre didnt have a large amount of resources at his disposal. The resources he spent to promote to a level-3 Apprentice Warlock were obtained from braving numerous dangers. Consequently, he possessed rich adventuring experience.

Without the mechanical legion, 10 Yang Fengs might not be the opponent of Pierre who has promoted to a level-3 Apprentice Warlock step by step and experienced numerous fights. But with the mechanical legion, even 10,000 Pierres werent Yang Fengs match.

“Thank you!” The half blood rabbitman heaved a sigh of relief, then said a sentence of gratitude and withdrew at once.

Several strong men emerged from the rear of the tavern, and then dragged Dollys corpse away and disappeared. Half blood rabbitman maids walked in and skillfully dealt with the mess.

Before long, the interior of the tavern had its usual appearance restored. However, the adventurers were much quieter now, and their gazes swept towards Trucks from time to time.

After eating a little, Yang Feng and his party went to their respective rooms to rest.

At night, in the cellar of the tavern.

Dim candlelight illuminated the cellar.

In the cellar, there were three people sitting at a table. One of them was the rather handsome bartender, another was an ugly and fearsome-looking middle-aged man with a strange tumor growing from his head, and the last one was an old man dressed in black clothes, with wrinkled, discolored skin and old spots on is face.

The old man whispered in a hoarse voice: “Gilels, are you sure that those five are Apprentice Warlocks?”

Gilelss eyes flashed with aversion, and he responded: “Theres no mistake, Sir Graham, the smell of Apprentice Warlocks life force, I can sense it from several kilometers away. They disguised themselves as adventurers, so they must be plotting something serious.”

Grahams eyes flickered with puzzlement, and he uttered: “How come there are Apprentice Warlocks here? This place is barren and full of dangers, theres basically nothing for them to gain!”

“Could it be that theyve uncovered my lords plans?” Grahams gaze fell onto a golden statue in the cellar and his heart jumped up, and he whispered.

In the middle of the cellar stood a statue of a freak with three heads – a wolf head, a human head, and a tiger head. The freak had a robust orc-like body, long claws on its feet and hands, a pair of wings on its back, and a scorpion tale. Looking alive, the statues eyes moving from time to time and shimmered with a savage and treacherous gleam, coldly watching the three people in the cellar.

The middle-aged man with a strange tumor growing from his head gave a sinister smile, his killing intent stirred, and he spoke: “Graham! Lets just kill them! Trifling Apprentice Warlocks, even if they die, it wont arouse too much attention.”

Graham shook his head and said, “No! They might have not uncovered my lords plans! The means of Apprentice Warlocks are treacherous and formidable! Lek, you cant act. Otherwise, if were exposed, it will spoil my lords plans. By then, even if you died 10,000 times, you still wont be able to redeem yourself.”

Gilels whispered: “Sir Graham, Dolly was killed by those people. Dolly was a member of the Black Crows. We could instigate the Black Crows to act against them and probe them.”

Graham spoke flatly: “Alright! Gilels, its up to you then! As long as you handle this properly, then after my lord comes to this world, your contribution wont be forgotten. As long as you are loyal and devoted as well as have some contributions, the mighty lord will certainly bestow upon you great power and tremendous wealth.”

Gilels responded some excitement: “Yes! Sir Graham!”

The statue of a freak watched what was happening in the cellar with cold indifference, and a look of ridicule appeared in the abyss of its eyes. Then, its eyes turned and regained their ruthless, callous, and powerful appearance.

Graham glanced at the mechanical grandfather clock and said flatly: “Its time, Gilels!”

“Yes, Sir Graham!” With a look of excitement in his eyes, Gilels got up, went towards a corner of the cellar, and opened a sack, inside which was a young woman with her mouth covered by a tape. The girls looked fearfully at him and squirmed.

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