Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 620 – Wholl Give a Lesson to Whom

Chapter 619 – A Formal Visit

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“Warning, this relic site belongs to the Undying Mountain! The area 100 kilometres in radius around the relic site has been deemed as a restricted area. Anyone who enters the restricted area without permission will be regarded as an enemy and wiped out!” A loud warning echoed in an area hundreds of kilometres around the celestial body.

10 million modified 2nd generation battle robots formed one mechanical legion after another and established one battle position after another.

10 Star Destroyer Battlestars and one Interstellar Carrier are floating in the air.

When the human Warlocks approached this area, they received a warning. Most Warlocks can only watch the modified 2nd generation battle robots with an unreconciled expression.

Outside the restricted area, there stands a well-matched couple of good-looking Warlocks.

The beautiful female Warlock pouted and said unwillingly: “Scoundrels! The relic site doesnt belong to the Undying Mountain, so why dont they let us in?!”

An unwilling look in his eyes, the male Warlock sighed: “Now that they have unified the Li Gui Province, their will is absolute law in here. The strong take everything, that is the rule of this world.”

The female Warlock snorted and disappeared instantly.

Suddenly, a beam shot down from the sky and blasted into a void.

The void exploded, and countless bloody pieces scattered on the ground, and a Starry Sky Warlock rank life force dissipated.

“Thats Hidden Devil Mo De!”

“With his stealth ability, even Moonlight Warlocks cant detect him, yet he was instakilled just like that!”

“Is this the strength of the Undying Mountain? Really remarkable!”


Seeing this scene, the surrounding Warlocks inhaled a breath of cold air. They no longer dared to ignore the warning of the Undying Mountain.

In the middle of the desert, there lies a steel fortress, inside which there are stationed 500,000 3rd generation battle robots.

In the center of the steel fortress, Yang Feng sits on a sofa, opposite him sits Bai Yuxian, and beside him sits the Blazing Angel Alexia.

At this time, Alexia has withdrawn the three pairs of wings on her back. At a glance, she looks like a Caucasian girl with an exceptional complexion and heroic spirit.

In front of Yang Fengs group of three there are 12 Warlocks of the Great Cloud Dynastys Relic Site Search Department.

A curvaceous and sexy female Moonlight Warlock with long black hair, gold glasses, and an intellectual look is presiding over the work of the Relic Site Search Department.

There spherical secret treasure radiating bright light and flashing with formulas and spell models.

A brilliant blue ray extended from the spherical secret treasure and fell on the Golem Dynastys giant relic site.

The spherical secret treasure is called Relic Site Analyzer, and it can analyze the properties of relic sites via various spells.

Many relic sites have various magic restrictions features set up. Without the secret treasure Relic Site Analyzer was developed, it was necessary to use the lives of countless Warlocks or other intelligent life forms to probe relic sites.

After the Relic Site Analyzer was developed, the magic restriction features of relic sites that predate the Magic Note Dynasty can be easily solved.

“My Lady, the preliminary analysis has been completed. This should be a relic site erected by a Holy rank Holy Spirit Warlock at the latter days of the Golem Dynasty. This relic site has appeared a total of three times in the Cangzhi Plane in order to absorb energy to maintain its existence. This time, the relic site will be opened for about three months. 85 days, to be precise.”

“After 85 days, the relic site will close and disappear. Once the relic site is closed, you must possess Warlock Monarch rank power if you want to be able to leave it. The interior of the relic site is rich in life magic energy. Although the life force of powerful life forms hasnt been detected, but the Golem Dynastys golem arts must not be underestimated.”

“This is an unrestricted relic site, and it has no barrier set up. Anyone can enter it. Even Infinity Warlocks can enter it.” The intellectual-looking female Moonlight Warlock Liu Yan came to Bai Yuxian and reported.

“Unrestricted relic site!” Yang Fengs eyes flashed gravely.

Much like the Time Sky City, many of the relic sites with restrictions on cultivation base are places where ancient Warlock groups trained the younger generation. They have a limited degree of danger involved. In such relic sites, danger comes mostly from other human Warlocks.

Unrestricted relic sites are different. In some of the most dangerous relic sites, even Holy Spirit Warlocks will die.

Yang Feng looked at the huge relic site with a complex look in his eyes: “This relic site, is it a blessing of a curse?”

As an unrestricted relic site, it mus be very dangerous. But once it is cracked, Yang Feng may gain complete control of it.

A relic site refined from a celestial body such as this one has infinite value. Even if there is nothing inside, it can be used to set up a trial by fire for low-level Warlocks, or it can be used as a garden to cultivate various extraordinary plants.

“Brest Dynastys Bartolone requests to see the Undying Mountains Young Master!”

“Bajur Dynastys Claud requests to see the Undying Mountains Young Master!”

“Kadred Dynastys Danton requests to see the Undying Mountains Young Master!”

Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power rose in the distance, and three voices rang together.

Yang Feng frowned slightly, glanced at Bai Yuxian, and saw that the gorgeous face showed a look of gloating.

Yang Feng spoke: “You already expected this much, didnt you?”

Bai Yuxian responded with a sweet smile: “Of course. Much like the Great Cloud Dynasty, the Western Worlds three dynasties are the birth places of many powerful astrology arts such as Bajur Astrology, Hugo Astrology, and Rega Astrology. As such, their Relic Site Search Departments are no weaker than ours. I would find it strange if they didnt come.”

Yang Feng got up and walked outside, and Alexia followed behind him like a shadow.

Guarded by five Glorious Sun Warlocks and 10 Moonlight Warlocks, Yang Feng came to the edge of the restricted area demarcated by the Undying Mountain. He saw three groups of Warlocks standing outside the restricted area. Clearly, they maintain a certain respect for Yang Fengs Undying Mountain.

“I am Lei Ming, the Young Master of the Undying Mountain!”

Yang Feng looked at the Warlocks from the Western Worlds three dynasties. At a glance, he recognized Cresno, Enlin, Brea, and other peerless geniuses with whom he crossed in the City of Time.

However, Cresno and them who were so proud in the past are now only some juniors with great potential. They arent qualified to negotiate with Yang Feng.

An old man with white hair and beard and a scepter in hand dressed in a red robe came forward and spoke with a mild smile: “I am Bartolone of the Brest Dynasty. Young Master Lei Ming, we came here in the hopes to enter the new Golem Dynastys relic site.”

Yang Feng replied lightly: “The Undying Mountain is the ruler of the Li Gui Province, and since this Golem Dynastys relic site appeared in the Li Gui province, it belongs to the Undying Mountain.”

Bartolone spoke with a mild smile: “Of course we dont deny this fact. However, we still hope to enter the relic site. If you agree to let us in, then the relic sites under our control will also be open to the Undying Mountain. There are many relic sites under the control of our three dynasties. Moreover, the Cangzhi Planes plane origin will has been very active recently, which sets off waves of spiritual force. Many hidden relic sites will appear in the Cangzhi Plane. There are definitely going to appear no fewer than three relic sites in the Western World. Isnt cooperation better than confrontation?”

Yang Feng scanned the Warlocks of the Western World with his eyes, and his gaze lingered on a few secret treasures. He uttered lightly: “You brought level-9 secret treasures? If I dont agree, are you going to force your way in?”

Without admitting to it, the crafty Bartolone said meaningfully: “I heard that the Li Gui Province is fairly chaotic. We brought a few secret treasures for self-protection.”

The Western Worlds three dynasties dispatched here a total of nine Bright World Warlocks, 27 Glorious Sun Warlocks, and 163 Moonlight Warlocks. With the level-9 secret treasures they brought, they do indeed have the strength to fight with Yang Feng.

In the world of Warlocks, when it comes to benefits, only when the parties involved have equal strength may they sit down and negotiate.

Yang Feng pondered for a while before saying: “Fine, I will can let you in. However, we want the number of slots we get to enter your relic sites to be the same as the number of your people that will enter our relic site. You must make a contract in the name of the Trial Balance.”

The Trial Balance is a fearsome existence comparable to a Holy rank Holy Spirit Warlock who controls the laws of trial, contract, and justice. A contract with the Trial Balance as the witness has a formidable binding strength, second only to a Styx oath. Warlocks like to make contracts with the Trial Balance as the witness.

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