Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 622 – Crystallization of the Golem Dynastys Highest Golem Art

Chapter 621 – Deterrence

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At Yang Fengs command, hundreds of thousands of Li Gui Provinces Warlocks started to recite incantations.

Barriers began appearing in the area, and a gigantic magic ban array began to extend in all directions.

The magic ban array can cut off this place from the energy of heaven and earth. Except for Body-tempering Warlocks and Warlock geniuses who have formed a virtual world, the strength of the rest of the Warlocks will suffer a sharp decline.

As for the Yang Fengs battle robots, they will shine in the magic ban array.

To set up a super large magic ban array in the Li Gui Province, only Yang Feng s Undying Mountain can easily accomplish this.

The shortcoming of a magic ban array is that it doesnt discriminate between enemy and ally. In general, it is only set up when dealing with Elemental Warlocks who have the greatest destructive power. Although a magic ban array can greatly weaken pure Elemental Warlock, but it cannot weaken other Warlocks as much, so its rarely seen on the battlefield.

But for Yang Fengs mechanical legion, a magic ban array makes for the best fighting environment.

Along with a bright voice, Bai Yuxian walked out of the void and said with a sweet smile: “Young Master Lei Ming, please calm down! I will have the Tai Yi Sect pay you a satisfactory compensation to pacify your fury. As for the Eight Great Families, they didnt mean to oppose you.”

A middle-aged Warlock with a refined temperament and intermediate Bright World Warlock fluctuations of power spoke with a light smile: “Young Master Lei Ming, I am Shangguan Hong of the Shangguan family. The Shangguan family never meant to oppose you. No matter what happens, the Shangguan family will remain neutral.”

Looking like he is on fire, a man with scarlet hair and eyebrows uttered in a deep voice: “Young Master Lei Ming, I am Wang Zhihuo of the Wang family. The Wang family never meant to oppose you!”

The Bright Warlocks of the Eight Great Families stepped forward and expressed their unwillingness of opposing Yang Fengs Undying Mountain.

The Tai Yi Sect was originally the head of the Ten Great Sects. After the Ten Great Sects were rooted out, the Tai Yi Sects influence expanded greatly, and their conduct became more arrogant and domineering, offending many people.

Among the Eight Great Families, few have a good relations with the Tai Yi Sect. Even the Jiang family who is known as a Bai familys hunting dog along with the Tai Yi Sect has a very poor relationship with the Tai Yi Sect.

Yang Feng snapped his fingers, and a Star Destroyer Artillery fired a beam. The beam passed above the place where the Tai Yi Sects camp is located, slammed into the desert, and blasted a bottomless giant hole in the desert.

“What a fearsome weapon!”

“Is this a secret treasure refined by the Undying Mountains alchemy? That blow is on par with an all-out strike of a pinnacle Bright World Warlock in terms of power.”

“What a dreadful secret treasure! This kind of secret treasure is enough to kill Bright World Warlocks!”


Seeing this scene, the Warlocks of the Two Great Sects and the Eight Great Families as well as the many first-rate Warlock groups of the Great Cloud Dynasty all inhaled a breath of cold air.

The Bright World Warlocks of the Two Great Sects and the Eight Great Families broke out in cold sweat on their back. If caught off guard they would either perish or sustain grievous wounds when hit by a Star Destroyer Artillery beam.

When he saw this, the expression of Sun Tianyang who has devoured an Incarnation Apple and recovered his body has become unsightly.

This was clearly a show of strength on Yang Fengs part, showing that he has enough power to wipe out the Warlocks of the Two Great Sects and the Eight Great Families. In this way, he will have an upper hand in the ensuing negotiations.

After experiencing the battle prowess of the Blazing Angel Alexia and the might of the Star Destroyer Artillery, the haughty Sun Tianyang dispelled the idea of provoking Yang Feng in the Li Gui Province.

The Li Gui Province is a restricted area for Infinity Warlocks. In addition to Infinity Warlocks, only pinnacle Bright World Warlocks who have formed a virtual world can contend against the Blazing Angel Alexia.

Yang Feng got right to the point: “Ladies and Gentleman, presumably all of you have come here for the relic site of the Golem Dynasty. What price do you intend to pay in order to enter the relic site?”

As long as Yang Feng intends to move around within the scope of influence of the Great Cloud Dynasty, he cannot refuse this request of the Two Great Sects and the Eight Great Families for no reason.

Shangguan Hong smiled and said: “The Shangguan family has control over several relic sites of the Eight Warlock Dynasty. If you let us in, Young Master Lei Ming, then you can enter our relic sites in turn. Besides, Young Master Lei Ming, youll get the friendship of the Shangguan family.”

The other Eight Great Families, the Tai Yi Sect, and the Saint Lotus Sect all expressed the same idea.

After bargaining with them, Yang Feng finally agreed to let them enter the relic site of the Golem Dynasty.

“Young Master Lei Ming, please wait a moment!”

After negotiating with the Two Great Sects and the Eight Great Families, Yang Feng turned around, ready to leave, when he suddenly heard a voice from behind.

Yang Feng turned back and saw a young man with a sunny expression on his face and giving off a comfortable feeling looking at him with a smile.

A smile on his face, the young man with a sunny expression waved his hand, and a piece of parchment flew towards Yang Feng: “I am Yuan Shuangbin, the Pavilion Master of the Flowing Flower Pavilion. Young Master Lei Ming, my Flowing Flower Pavilion has some of the ores youre looking for. I hope to offer these ores to you, Young Master. I wonder if I can exchange them for some slots to enter the relic site?”

Yang Feng took a look at the parchment, and his eyes lit up abruptly. Star River Green Gold is included among the various names written on the parchment. Additionally, there are two kinds of ore needed for the construction of a level-5 stronghold.

Yang Feng said: “500 slots, I can give you 500 slots to enter the relic site! However, once inside the relic site, youre responsible for your own survival.”

Yuan Shuangbin smiled and threw a storage ring towards Yang Feng: “Please accept these ores.”

When Yang Feng scanned the precious ores inside the storage ring, the corners of his mouth rose slightly: “Now I can build a level-4 stronghold. Sure enough, a leader of a large force can collect ores much easily than a rogue Warlock.”

Matter and Energy Converter is at the core of xizu technology. Through Matter and Energy Converters, energy can be converted into various rare ores, and then all kinds of top warships and battle robots with incredible power can be produced.

At the same time, Matter and Energy Converters require top materials to be constructed. The materials required to assemble a level-4 Matter and Energy Converter are more difficult to find than the materials necessary for some level-9 secret treasures.

Now that he has become the master of the Li Gui Province, Yang Feng can easily find all kinds of rare ores needed for the level-4 Matter and Energy Converter.

“Brother Yuan, I am Jiang Yu, a true disciple of the Huan Zhan Abode. I wonder if can I have the honor to be friends with you?”

“Brother Yuan, I am willing to pay you 10,000 high grade magic crystals for a slot to enter the relic site.”


When Yang Feng left, the surrounding Warlocks swarmed Yuan Shuangbin and competed for the 500 slots in his possession.

Yuan Shuangbin is enthusiastic and straightforward, and he likes to make friends. He soon sold the 500 slots to enter the relic site to many prestigious Warlocks as well as some genius rogue Warlocks.

Forming a loose group, these Warlocks entered the restricted area with cheerful expressions.

This relic site that has never been explored represents great danger on one hand. But on the other hand, it also represents huge benefits.

If not properly maintained, many secret treasures will lose their power with time, until eventually all the power is gone.

But when placed in some special warehouses, secret treasures will preserve their power for tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years.

One day later, after repeated probing, Liu Yan discovered a fairly safe entry point. Unable to bear the wait any longer, the Warlocks in the desert flew into the relic site, fearing that the treasures inside will be taken away by Yang Feng.

After repeated considerations, Yang Feng possessed a Flesh Golem and led hundreds of thousands of battle robots into the relic site. He also brought his currently most powerful trump card – Alexia.

The relic site is a huge celestial body half the surface area of Earth.

As soon as Yang Feng and his party flew within 10,000 meters of the celestial body, a strong attractive force took hold of them and puled them towards the celestial body.

When they entered the celestial body, they saw fantastic buildings thousands of meters tall, giving off the sense of a futuristic technological civilization. Only the 10- and 11-story-tall Warlock towers as well as the mysterious runes engraved on the various buildings demonstrate that this is a Warlock celestial body.

“What a terrible relic site, there are no living life forms here!” When Yang Feng landed, he looked at the spacious and bright streets surrounded by buildings constructed in a masterful architectural style and frowned, and an indistinct premonition welled up inside him.

Before coming here, Yang Feng didnt detect any signs of life on this celestial body.

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