Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 623 – Spatial Division

Chapter 622 – Crystallization of the Golem Dynastys Highest Golem Art

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The relic site is full of life magic energy. According to common sense, there should be countless life forms here, such as insects, fungi, and plants with strong vitality.

Moonlight Warlocks are regarded as Transcendents, and they have acute perception ability, which exceeds that of ordinary people by far. If they want to, they can even sense the surrounding fungi.

Yang Feng doesnt sense any traces of life on this celestial body, not even those of fungi. This is very abnormal.

In addition to Yang Feng, the Warlocks of the three dynasties, the Two Great Sects, and the Eight Great Families all became vigilant. They silently recited incantations, and spell fluctuations shrouded them and formed magic shields.

These Warlocks are well aware that an unrestricted relic site like this is the most valuable, yet at the same time most dangerous, the first time people enter it.

“This is the secret dwelling of the Golem Dynastys Sword Puppet Holy! Welcome, everyone! Please become a part of us!” A voice sounded suddenly. In the center of the city, a tall building carved with countless runes twisted and changed into a handsome, 1.8-meter-tall middle-aged man with black hair fluttering in the air and an expressionless look on his face, and queer golem force seeped out of him.

“Golem force, thats a top golem of the 6th Warlock Dynasty!”

“The crystallization of the 6th Warlock Dynastys most advanced art – Living Golem!”


When the Warlocks sensed the golem force emanating from the middle-age man, their eyes blossomed with excitement.

The Golem Dynastys highest crystallization of alchemy is an incredible golem art called Living Golem. The Living Golem can practice cultivation on its own and use golem force.

The different forces born from human Warlocks practicing different secret methods are collectively called life energy or life force. Golem force is different from life force. Once hit by golem force, a life form will be eroded and transformed into a golem.

In the era of the 6th Warlock Dynasty, the Golem Lord traveled to countless planes with 3 Empyrean Golems and 12 Holy Golems in tow. At that time, countless powerful existences were eroded and turned into golems by the 3 Empyrean Golems and 12 Holy Golems.

After the Golem Lord developed Living Golems, the other golem legions declined gradually and finally withdrew from the Cangzhi Plane, only to suppress some low-grade planes.

After the collapse of the 6th Warlock Dynasty, the other race allied army fearing the Living Golems slew them.

Legend has it that the 3 Empyrean Golems and 12 Holy Golems leading the remaining Living Golems escaped to a plane and established a world called Golem Realm.

Since the fall of the 6th Warlock Dynasty, no Living Golems have appeared in the Cangzhi Plane. But now here is a Living Golem. This naturally filled the Warlocks with excitement.

Living Golems are a supreme masterpiece of the Golem Lord. They are fearsome existences that can practice cultivation, and posses powerful force. Unlike human Warlocks, they have no need for rest, and can fight uninterruptedly.

If you can research and create Living Golems, youll be able to get an extremely powerful golem army.

“This Living Golem is the prey of the Tai Yi Sect!” A look of greed in his eyes, Sun Tianyang silently chanted an incantation and inserted his hand into the void.

The space behind the handsome middle-aged Living Golem twisted, and Sun Tianyangs right hand suddenly thrust out and extended towards the middle-aged man.

The Living Golem touched Sun Tianyangs right hand lightly: “A mere junior Bright World Warlock dares to attack me, Jia Yiluo? How impetuous!”

In a flash, gray golem force extended along Sun Tianyangs right arm and eroded towards his body.

Sun Tianyangs face changed drastically, and he silently recited an incantation, and red light entangled his right arm in an attempt to dispel the golem force.

The gray light stifled the red light and continued to erode Sun Tianyangs right arm.

Sun Tianyang gritted his teeth, and then severed his right arm with a wind blade. His severed arm jumped away as if given life. After it jumped to the top of a tall building, the arm suddenly grew three eyes, stared at Sun Tianyang, and revealed a twisted smile.

Seeing this, many of the Warlocks present had a creepy feeling.

Sun Tianyang is a Bright World Warlock, a Bright World Warlock of the Tai Yi Sect to boot. Although he only has junior Bright World Warlock cultivation base, but some rogue Warlocks with advanced Bright World Warlock cultivation base may no be his opponent. Yet such a powerful Warlock was unexpectedly wounded severely by Jia Yiluo, and his severed limb has undergone a weird mutation, giving off a hair-raising feeling.

Sun Tianyangs face fell, and he screamed wildly: “My right arm wont regrow! You stole my right arms soul!”

Hearing Sun Tianyangs scream, the complexions of the Warlocks changed dramatically.

Bright World Warlocks have incredible power. Even if they are chopped to pieces, they can regenerate quickly by various means. As long as the Bright World Core isnt broken, they have unlimited possibilities.

Originally, Sun Tianyangs severed right arm would have been easily regenerated. But after his right arms soul was seized, his right arm can no longer regrow. Even if he uses strange secret methods to cultivate another right arm, the new arm wont be able to move nimbly.

Jia Yiluo showed a wicked smile: “I am Jia Yiluo, a housekeeper of the mighty Golem Lord granted the Sword Puppet Holy. Since you have invaded the Sword Puppet Holys residence, I ask that you become our companions.”

Hundreds of millions of golem insects rose into the air, formed insect swarms, and shot towards the Warlocks.

When they saw the swarms of golem insects without a trace of life fluctuations, everyones face changed greatly.

Human Warlock proficient with fire spells began to recite incantations, and the space filled with violent fire elemental particles.

Jia Yiluo smiled and said: “Everyone, please dont look down on us. We are soldiers who have followed the Golem Lord on many campaigns to other planes. As you might expect, we have some experience in dealing with enemies!”

Suddenly, strange runes appeared, and a huge magic ban array activated in the area.

Shrouded by the huge magic ban array, the surrounding life magic energy was repelled. The Warlocks felt that their connection with the energy of heaven and earth was severed.

The fire elemental particles pervading the area dissipated and disappeared at once.

After practicing cultivation to the Moonlight Warlock rank, human Warlocks can use spells to control the energy of heaven and earth and form frightening natural disasters.

But the magic ban array repels the energy of heaven and earth. Human Warlocks hate fighting inside a magic ban array the most. In such an environment, even Body-tempering Warlocks are weakened by about 30%. Impacted the most, Elemental Warlock are weakened by 95%.

Yang Feng ordered coldly: “Destroy them!”

In an instant, a dense crowd of modified 2nd generation battle robots flew into the air, and countless Gunner Robots equipped with flamethrowers fired flames that formed a net of fire sweeping towards the insect swarms.

Enveloped by the net of fire, large swaths of golem insect were burnt to ashes.

The golem insects who escaped through the cracks were easily killed by the Warlocks.

The weakest Warlocks who entered this relic site possess Moonlight Warlock rank cultivation base. Even though the might of their spells has declined greatly because they cant use the energy of heaven and earth, but theyre still very strong, far stronger than ordinary people.

Jia Yiluo showed a smile and said full of malice: “Thats the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks for you. By the way, I will tell a piece of good news. This is not only a residence, but also a place of inheritance of the Sword Puppet Holy. Of the Warlocks who entered this time, if only one person remains alive, they can inherit the legacy of the Sword Puppet Holy and become the master of this Sword Puppet Star! Of course, they will also become the master of us Living Golems!”

With that, Jia Yiluos figure fluttered, and he disappeared into the city.

When they heard Jia Yiluos words, the Warlocks moved far away from the scope of Yang Feng and the Undying Mountains battle robots.

With the magic ban array in place, Yang Fengs Undying Mountain has become the number one force here. On the Sword Puppet Star, there are invaluable Living Golems as well as a legacy of the 6th Warlock Dynasty. Everyone wants to be the master of this relic site.

Naturally, the Warlocks are apprehensive of Yang Feng.

Bai Yuxian said suddenly: “Everyone, Jia Yiluo is playing a trick on us. He want us to suspect each other, guard against each other, and even fight each other. He is a dangerous foe. We need to join forces in order to be able to contend with him. Dont be instigated by him into infighting.”

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