Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 626 – 100 Million Strong Mechanical Legion

Chapter 625 – Ruler Magic Cube and Alexia

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With a flick of his wrist, the Ruler Magic Cube appeared in Yang Fengs hand. He pinched hard, and the Ruler Magic Cube instantly transformed into countless black armor pieces that landed on Alexia and formed a full body armor carved with abstruse runes.

As soon as the Ruler Magic Cube covered her, Alexia felt a steady stream of power pour into her from the Ruled Magic Cube.

Alexia sensed the steady stream of power from the Ruler Armor, and excitement streaked through her beautiful eyes: “What formidable power! The Undying Mountains alchemy is really powerful! Human Warlocks really cannot be underestimated!”

Abyssal Fiend Grand Duke Poydul has lived for hundreds of thousands of years, and he has collected many powerful secret treasures. But he doesnt have a secret treasure that fits Alexia this well.

Equipped with the Ruler Armor, Alexia has the confidence to fight against Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, and even slay them.

Alexia was moved a little: “It seems that my new master isnt bad after all.”

“Alexia, protect me! Lets break out and leave this celestial body!” Yang Feng roared and performed a secret method, and a pair of wings appeared on his back. With a light flap of the black wings, he turned into a black stream of light soaring into the sky.

On this strange celestial body, all heaven and earth energy is rejected by the magic ban array. There are very few spells that human Warlocks can cast here. At the same time, the recovery of power here is more than 10,000 slower than in the Cangzhi Plane.

Even though Alexia has power comparable to the Infinity Warlock rank, but faced with 100 billion low-level golems, she will exhaust her power, and then overwhelmed by the countless low-level golems.

Jia Yiluos eyes flashed coldly, and he shouted loudly: “They want to escape? Kill them!”

The countless golem insects and birds formed black clouds that flew towards Yang Feng.

However, Yang Fengs Flesh Golem not only possesses Moonlight Warlock rank strength, but it also relies on the built-in super energy crystals as its power source. The countless golem insects and birds cannot catch up with him at all.

This is where powerful human Warlocks surpasses low-level Warlocks by far. By relying on their advantage in speed and all kinds of incredible secret methods, a powerful human Warlock can toy around with countless low-level Warlocks.

Only the hundreds of Starry Sky Rippers caught up with Yang Feng in one breath.

Alexia slashed out with her sword, and hundreds of sword rays sliced the hundreds of Starry Sky Rippers into pieces.

Killing intent shimmered inside Jia Yiluos eyes: “Damn wretches. We just need to entangle them.”

“Go to hell!” A fierce look in its eyes, the Dragon-winged Gold Roc flapped its wings and rushed out in a gust of wind. In an instant, it appeared in front of Yang Feng and extended a claw covered with golem force towards Yang Feng.

The claw of the Dragon-winged Gold Roc sealed the space off. Before it reached Yang Feng, a wave of despair and fear inundated him. The smart chip is running wildly, analyzing various methods of evasion and resistance. However, no matter which method he uses, the survival probability is 0%.

At the moment when Yang Feng was about to be engulfed by the frightening golem force, a black sword ray landed on the claw of the Dragon-winged Gold Roc.

As if cutting through tofu, the black sword ray sliced through the claw which is the part of the Dragon-winged Gold Roc with the strongest defense. At the same time, black threads spread along the Dragon-winged Gold Rocs huge body.

A look of despair welled up inside its eyes, and the Dragon-winged Gold Roc shrieked: “How is this possible? You are just a Bright World Warlock rank Blazing Angel! How can you cut me apart!?”

The Bright World Warlock rank Blazing Angel is indeed strong, but the Dragon-winged Gold Roc is also a Bright World Warlock rank Living Golem, and its combat strength is only a bit weaker. According to its calculations, it should be impossible for Alexia to cut it apart, let alone starting from its claw.

As it screamed, the Dragon-winged Gold Roc turned into countless bloody pieces.

“Youre too weak! Since this is the case, then go to hell!” Alexia showed an enchanting smile and slashed at the fist-sized golem core inside the wings of the Dragon-winged Gold Roc.

The golem core is the life core of a Living Golem, and it has recorded all the secrets and information of the Living Golem. As long as the golem core has not been destroyed, the a Living Golem can use other golems to construct a new body. Although the new body will be far inferior to the original one. But over the years, it can devour various materials and other golems in order to fully restore its body.

If the golem core isnt destroyed, the Living Golem wont perish. This is one of the most tricky parts about Living Golems. In the same rank, Warlocks may not be able to destroy the body of Living Golems, let alone their golem core.

“Stop!” With a roar, Jia Yiluo flipped his hands, and two Golem Whips made from countless runes shot towards Alexia like vipers.

The two Golem Whips suddenly split into hundreds of whips that entered the void. Hidden in the void, they resemble fierce beast lying in wait, ready to launch a shocking attack at any time.

The beautiful golem moved as well. Person and sword as one, as if she has turned into a huge sword, she slashed towards Alexia with tremendous might. Even Infinity Warlocks wont dare to take this slash head on.

Faced with the two Bright World Warlock rank attacks, the three pairs of black wings on Alexias back spread, and the Ruler Armor extended and quickly formed a huge shield.

When the beautiful golems sword strike landed on the huge shield, the abstruse runes covering the huge shield erupted, and a terrifying shock wave blew the beautiful golem away.

The Fallen Angel Sword containing dark force landed a slash on the Dragon-winged Gold Roc and erased it.

The Dragon-winged Gold Roc golem with Bright World Warlock rank cultivation base and golem force was thus wiped out by Alexia.

“In this case, die together!” A fierce glint flashed in Jia Yiluos eyes, and the countless whips concealed in the void shuddered slightly and caused ripples in the space around Yang Feng.

At this moment, Void Assassins hidden in the void appeared suddenly, and chaotic spatial fluctuations permeated out of them.

Suddenly, Jia Yiluos face fell, and an unclear premonition welled up inside him: “Not good!”

The queer spatial fluctuations enveloped the space at once, and the void fell into chaos, engulfing the whips hidden in the void.

Among human Warlocks, Moonlight Warlock rank experts and above have generally mastered part of the law of space, and can freely tread in the void.

However, there are many dangers in the void. It is not a place suitable for fighting. When fighting in the void, a moment of carelessness may lead to the void collapsing. The most fearsome void collapse may even seriously wound Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses. Besides, there are countless strange phenomena and void beasts that can devour anything in the void.

Because of this, once an expert escapes into the void, very few people will chase after them into the void.

The chaotic spatial ripples released in the void by the Void Assassins are equivalent to a self-detonation, which causes the void to collapse and devour everything. Even the Golem Whips that Jia Yiluo has spent a lot of precious materials to refine were devoured.

After she dealt with the Dragon-tinged Gold Roc golem, scorching light flashed in Alexias eyes, her body blurred, and she appeared in front of the beautiful golem with a greatsword in hand and slashed towards her.

The beautiful golem retreated briskly. A space inside her opened, and tyrannical Sword Magic Golems rushed towards Alexia.

The Sword Magic Golems covered with blades struck by Alexias Fallen Angel Sword were easily cut in half.

The Sword Magic Golems cut in half waved their swords at Alexia.

Alexia frowned, and Fallen Sky Fire enveloped the Fallen Angel Sword. The sword released sword rays shrouded by Fallen Sky Fire that struck the Sword Magic Golems, and the Sword Magic Golems ignited and burned to ashes.

The beautiful golem took advantage of this moment to retreat by dozens of kilometres, and flew into the golem swarm.

Countless bird golems pounced at Alexia.

Jia Yiluo spread the fingers of his hand, and invisible threads shot towards Yang Feng in the blink of an eye. If Alexia insists on pursuing the beautiful golem, then Yang Feng will be eradicated by Jia Yiluo with this move.

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