Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 63 – A Strange Change

Chapter 62 – Encirclement

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Gilels gave a sinister smile, tore off the tape from the girls mouth, picked up a pig-butchering knife, and stabbed the girl mercilessly.

The painful and mournful screams of the girl echoed in the cellar.

Graham and Lek looked at that cruel scene excitedly.

The eyes of the golden statue of a freak turned, strange and cruel fluctuations of power pervaded the cellar. Under the influence of the queer and cruel fluctuations of power, the eyes of Gilelss group of three became red, looking completely different from those of humans.

The screams persisted for a while before stopping abruptly.

Grasping the still beating heart in his hand, Grahams lifted it high and presented it to the golden statue of a freak: “Mighty Lord, please enjoy the offering of your humble believer. May your glory envelop the countless planes.”

The golden statue of a freak diffused a red radiance. As if came to life, it bit the still beating heart and swallowed it.

Of the three heads of the golden statue of a freak, the human head revealed a satisfied expression, and its eyes released two beams of red light reeking of blood that shrouded Graham.

Illuminated by the red light, Grahams body trembled and his eyes revealing a look of delight, and formidable fluctuations of power emitted from his aged body. The wrinkles and old spots on his face diminishing by a bit.

Gilelss eyes flashed with jealousy and envy. As far as he knew, Grahams has been alive for nearly 200 years. Apart from Warlocks, it was the first that Gilels has seen someone who lived that long. With the allure of a long lifespan and formidable power, he also chose to believe in this formidable being from another plane.


Following the main road leading to the Obscure Mountain Range, Yang Fengs group of seven continuously advanced while riding Demonic Wildebeests.

“Show yourselves! Ive already discovered you!”

Before a narrow valley, Yang Feng suddenly pulled the reins, he swept the two small hills at either side of the valley with a glance and his eyes flashed with a touch of ridicule.

Pierres eyes flashed with a touch of dignity as he waved his hand. Trucks and the others also pulled the reins and seized their advance – their eyes flashing with a touch of vigilance.

The two sides of the valley were still extremely quiet, without any response.

Anya took out a small bag from her chest area, she opened it and a fist-sized variant dragonfly flew out. She silently recited an incantation, pointed at the variant dragonfly and a cyan radiance shrouded the variant dragonfly.

That variant dragonfly flapped its wings and quickly flew towards one of the small hills.

“Fuck, theyre Apprentice Warlocks! Everybody out, dont stay hidden!” On the small hill, A tall and sturdy man wearing a headscarf, with a fierce appearance and holding a scimitar – the man cursed at his subordinates and told them to immediately reveal themselves.

All of a sudden, 200 odd warriors emerged from both sides of the valley, they were fully armed and dressed on leather armor.

The tall and sturdy man wearing a headscarf and holding a scimitar looked at Yang Fengs group of seven with cold indifference and said in a chilly voice: “Im Tex, the second commander of Black Crows. Apprentice Warlocks, you murdered Dolly, a member of our Black Crows. Hand over 20 magic stones and well let this matter slide. Otherwise, youll have to stay here forever.”

Among those 200 odd warriors, a 100 odd of them were armed with crossbows. Those crossbows were outstanding military weapons, ten crossbows were enough to kill a Knight rank expert. The 100 odd crossbows had enough power to kill an Apprentice Warlock.

Black Crows was considered a relatively large power in this area, as they were able to secure those 100 odd extremely precious crossbows. A small power simply couldnt get their hands on them.

Even though Tex was ??very cautious, he still choose a compromise. He would speak as long as there was a justification, otherwise, he was also unwilling to be enemies with a small adventurers party with Apprentice Warlocks.

“Mortals, such ants actually dare to act against us! All of you will die!” Trucks had a sinister grin – he reached out towards his back and gave a light tap – a stream of magic radiance glimmered, the enormous copper chest on his back opened and a set of steel armor weighing more than 100Kg quickly covered his whole body, turning him into an enormous armored person.

Streams of magic radiance flashed on Trucks body – his figure slashed and immediately rushed like a heavy tank towards the tall and sturdy man.

The direction in which Trucks practiced cultivation was that of a Body-Tempering Warlock. Under the blessing of all kinds of level-0 spells, the strength of his body may even compare to that of some of the small and weak official Warlock rank extraordinary life forms.

“The bolts!” Texs complexion twisted and he shouted.

The 100 odd warriors with crossbows pulled their triggers in succession and dense rain of bolts was shot at Trucks.

Those crossbow bolts that could penetrate the armor of an ordinary Knight shot at Trucks – they directly pierced through his armor, giving off the impression of a hedgehog.

Under that rain of countless bolts, in several breaths, Trucks rushed into the middle of the crowd, brandishing a 2m long claymore and easily killing two Black Crows members.

Black Crows members quickly encircled Trucks and charged at him while employing a variety of weapons, yet his armor directly withstood the charge. Afterwards, Trucks gave a backhand slash and chopped people into pieces.

Anyas beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of a treacherous glint, she took out a fist-sized honeycomb form a pouch – she silently recited an incantation, pointed towards the fist-sizes honeycomb and a stream of green radiance immediately entered the honeycomb.

The fist-sized honeycomb suddenly swelled up and became bucket-sized – one after another, highly toxic huge hornets flew out from the honeycomb, they formed a small cloud and immediately flew towards the Black Crows members.

That cloud of highly toxic huge hornets swarmed the Black Crows members one after another – a large number of Black Crows members were stung on their exposed body parts and immediately tumbled to the ground, they struggled to get up while under the extreme pain.

“Arcane Projectiles!” Yang Feng flicked his finger, a volley of arcane projectiles immediately shot out and blasted at a Black Crows member, leaving a cavity in his chest – he was shot to the ground and immediately died.

During the last 2 years, Yang Feng had been always focused on promoting his rank as an Apprentice Warlock – in terms of offensive spells, he merely mastered one – it was the most simple and the most commonly used Arcane Projectiles. Although his rank as an Apprentice Warlock was high, yet in terms of means, he might not compare to Anya, a mere level-2 Apprentice Warlock rank.

Pierre observed with cold indifference, he still hadnt acted but was rather saving his strength, ready to cope with possible mishaps at a moments notice.

Inna was also continuously casting the most simple level-0 spell Arcane Projectiles, killing Black Crows members one at a time.

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