Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 630 – Bloody Stele

Chapter 629 – Devouring Golem Force

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Yang Feng gazed at the Golem Mountain from afar and frowned deeply. He can sense the terror of a Warlock Emperor.

The Golem Mountain is just a secret treasure the Golem Lord refined using secret methods. After hundreds of thousands of years, it has weakened by a great deal. But Yang Feng who has 100 million battle robots has no way to seize it.

Even if he sent all the battle robots to climb the mountain, they will be made into golems all the same.

“Ha-ha, Lei Ming, the Sword Puppet Holy hid his ultimate marvel on the top of the Golem Mountain. However, even if I tell you what it is, you still have no way of obtaining it. No matter how many troops you have, we will destroy your legion step by step.” Jia Yiluos sinister laughter came from afar, and gray golem force silently hit more than a dozen Starry Sky Rippers.

The more than a dozen Starry Sky Rippers instantly turned into golems, and then beams slammed into them and tore them to pieces.

The loss of more than a dozen Starry Sky Rippers is nothing to Yang Feng. However, Jia Yiluo expressed his determination to never give up with this stunt.

This relic site of the 6th Warlock Dynasty the Golem Dynasty refined from a celestial body is vast, and Jia Yiluo is quite familiar with it. He can use guerrilla tactics to attack Yang Feng and eliminate his battle robots continuously.

This is also the most troublesome aspect about powerful Warlocks. If you dont kill them, they will initiate guerrilla warfare and become a pain in the butt.

Yang Feng didnt care about the threat of Jia Yiluo. Warlock tracking methods are very strange and unpredictable. Once Yang Feng has fully seized the relic site, he can mobilize Warlocks proficient in tracking spells to come strangle the Bright World Warlock rank golem Jia Yiluo.

If Jia Yiluo and them escaped, then that would be it, but since they stayed behind, only death awaits them.

After killing of the Marshal Jing, Huang Yihe and the other infinity Warlocks of the Ten Great Sects vanished without a trace. One of the main reasons for this is that they are worried about the Demon Hunting Division chasing them.

The Great Cloud Dynastys Demon Hunting Division is proficient in various tracking spells. At the same time, there are many Warlocks proficient in divination in the division. Even an Infinity Warlock such as Huang Yihe doesnt dare to expose his whereabouts lightly. If you are a little careless, you will be quelled by the Great Cloud Dynastys powerhouses.

The criminals on the Demon Hunting Divisions wanted list dont dare to perform large-scale massacres in the Great Cloud Dynasty rashly. Otherwise, they will risk being killed by the Demon Hunting Division.

After performing a few shocking massacres in the Great Cloud Dynasty, many criminals chased by the Demon Hunting Division will either flee to other planes or submit to some bigwig of the Great Cloud Dynasty and become their hunting dog.

Yang Feng who has control over countless Warlocks in the Li Gui Province can establish an organization similar to the Great Cloud Dynastys Demon Hunting Division. As such, hunting old antiques like Jia Yiluo isnt a problem at all.

“It seems that I can only use that card. If its not useful, then Ill have to give up on the Golem Mountain.”

With a look of determination in hi eyes, Yang Feng spread the fingers of his right hand, and countless Devourers flew out and formed a black torrent flowing towards the Golem Mountain.

Bai Yuxians eyes suddenly dimmed, and her vision turned dark. She can no longer feel anything. With this, she realized that there is something Yang Feng doesnt want her to see.

As soon as the Devourers reached the Golem Mountain, they began to devour the power of the Golem Mountain.

Suddenly, a weird mark appeared, and gray golem force swept towards the Devourers. As if the Golem Mountain has turned into a Living Golem, a copious amount of golem force extended towards the Devourers.

The swarm of Devourers opened their mouths, and powerful attractive force drew the golem force into their bodies.

Countless runes lit up on the Devourers, and the connection between them and Yang Feng became unstable, as if it could be severed at any time.

As a power developed by the Golem Lord, golem force represents the pinnacle of power in the Cangzhi Plane. However, Devourers are the crystallization of one of the most advanced technologies of the xizu. They possesses unpredictable might. The two strongest forces locked in a temporary stalemate.

With a dignified look in his eyes, Yang Feng released more Devourers who turned into a black swarm that flew into the Golem Mountain and devoured golem force frantically.

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and spurted a large mouthful of blood essence, which turned into a mist of blood. Following an invisible rule, the mist of blood entered the Devourers.

Suddenly, queer marks lit up on the carapace of the Devourers. These marks are devouring marks Yang Feng created by combining numerous secret methods.

As soon as the marks appeared, the Devourers became more vigorous, and fully devoured the gray golem force. At the same time, the strange marks on their carapace became clearer, and emitted an abstruse aura.

Seeing this scene, Jia Yiluo hiding in the distance was struck dumb, eyes flashing with incredulity. He muttered: “Impossible! Thats golem force infused by the Golem Lord! How could, how could something devour it? This is impossible!”

The golem force of the Golem Lord is the highest level of power in the endless planes, and its even highly toxic to other Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses. Other Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses may be able to resist the Golem Lords golem force, but not devour it.

Devourers are things Yang Feng refined from an Empyrean grade secret treasure material coupled with the highest xizu technology. As they are the core of his Warlock path, Yang Feng spent countless outstanding treasures and employed various secret methods to nourish these freaks. That is how they can devour the Golem Lords golem force.

After the Devourers devoured and refined the golem force, they trembled, and eventually evolved, and the marks on their carapace became even more queer.

As if water from a river that broke the embankment, the Golem Mountains golem force poured into the Devourers, causing them to expand and exude a fierce aura.

If the Golem Lords true body was here, he could use golem force to erode the Devourers into golems. But the golem force not controlled by the Golem Warlock cannot stop the Devourers.

After losing the support of the golem force, the magic restrictions of the 10,000-meter-tall Golem Mountain lost their light.

It didnt take long for the Golem Mountains entire golem force to be devoured by the Devourers. Countless Devourers formed a black insect cloud and flew into Yang Fengs small world, where they absorbed a tremendous amount of energy and began their second evolution.

A Starry Sky Ripper flew to the foot of the Golem Mountain, and walked along the path opened by the Devourers toward the top.

Enigmatic light flickered inside Bai Yuxians beautiful eyes, and her gaze fell on the hall at the top of the Golem Mountain.

Treasures of the Sword Puppet Holy, even if its a Holy grade secret treasure, its enough to decide the fate of a sect. With a Holy grade secret treasure as the foundation, no one will look down on you.

Although the 6th Warlock Dynasty is famous for its golem arts, but it has also produced many powerful secret treasures. Even if it is the Bai family, they only have a few pieces of secret treasure refined by Holy step Holy Spirit Warlocks.

Fearsome auras rose, and Bright World Warlocks of the three dynasties, the Two Great Sects, the Eight Great Families as well as rogue Bright Warlocks turned into streams of light and flew in the direction of the Golem Mountain.

The Bright World Warlocks didnt use too much power when fighting the golems. Instead, they used stealth secret methods to hide, and then at the last moment, they rushed to fight over the treasures of the Sword Puppet Holy.

There are more than 20 Bright World Warlocks coming from various forces of the Cangzhi Plane gathered here. Yang Feng doesnt dare order the Star Destroyer Artilleries to attack them and risk universal condemnation.

Each Bright World Warlock is a Great Elder of a powerful force, and has a sublime status. Unless there is an irreconcilable enmity, Warlock groups wont easily kill Bright Warlocks of other Warlock groups.

Yang Feng looked at the hall and contemplated for a moment, a grave look in his eyes.

Numerous 3rd generation battle robots turned into streams of light and flew towards the hall, collecting the various treasures inside.

That hall is in the style of the 6th Warlock Dynasty the Golem Dynasty, and uses countless rare materials. At the same time, there are specimens of Moonlight Warlock rank extraordinary life forms and above placed in the different rooms of the hall.

The specimens of the extraordinary life forms contain a part of the blood essence of the extraordinary life forms, and there are even specimens of Bright World Warlock rank extraordinary life forms.

If these specimens are sold outside, each one of them can give rise to a powerful Bloodline Warlock family.

Yet the Bright World Warlocks didnt spare them more than a look. Instead, they rushed towards the core of the hall.

Countless 3rd generation battle robots quickly moved the specimens and all other valuables out of the hall.

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