Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 631 – Desolate God Giant

Chapter 630 – Bloody Stele

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“Here lies the Golem Lord slain by Huang Ling. People of future generations, you mustnt break this seal…”

When the hundreds of Warlocks from different forces broke into the core part of the hall, they saw a huge stele inscribed with bloody runes located at a side of the hall. As if a primeval beast, the stele exudes frightening fluctuations of power containing the laws of heaven and earth.

“The Golem Lord was slain?”

“How is that possible?”

“Huang Ling, who is that? There is no such person in history!”


When the Warlocks who intruded into the hall saw the bloody runes inscribed on the giant stele, their faces changed dramatically, and they went into an uproar.

The Golem Lord of the 6th Warlock Dynasty the Golem Dynasty was an unequaled existence in the world. Since his ascension to the throne, he has never lost a fight.

After the Golem Lord ascended the throne, he once slayed a Warlock Emperor rank being, and then refined them into the strongest of the three Empyrean Golems – the Demon Empyrean Golem.

After refining the Dark Empyrean Golem, the Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses hidden in the countless planes retreated whenever they came across the Golem Lord, letting the human Warlocks conquer the countless planes and obtain endless resources.

The Golem Lord who is recognized as one of the seven most powerful human Warlocks in the Cangzhi Plane was slayed by someone else, this is simply unbelievable.

“Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit!”

“What? Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit? Where is it?”

“Where is it? Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit!”


Suddenly, excited voices sounded, and the Warlocks no longer looked at the giant stele, but instead searched for a the Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit.

Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit is a divine grade treasure that requires the blood of Warlock Emperor rank experts and special secret methods to be produced. Only one such fruit is enough to break through the heaven-man boundary and propel the soul aptitude of a human Warlock to superior level-8 from superior level-7.

According to legend, 10 Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruits used together can promote the soul aptitude of a human Warlock to inferior level-9 from superior level-8.

Of the Eight Warlock Emperors, except for the Dawn Lord who had superior level-8 soul aptitude, the other Seven Warlock Emperors all had level-9 soul aptitude of legends!

As you might imagine, Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruits are virtually priceless. Even Holy Spirit Warlock and Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses will be moved by Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruits.

The Bright World Warlocks swept the hall with their gazes and quickly found a dais in the center of the hall. On the dais, there is a flower pot inscribed with countless mysterious incantations. The flower pot contains crimson blood, which releases wisps of Empyrean might.

Additionally, there is a three-meter-long black sword broken in two placed on the dais. Exuding a terrifying aura, the black sword is obviously a top secret treasure.

Suddenly, the inscriptions on the stele released majestic light, and a transparent barrier appeared. Minute ripples surged on the surface of the barrier.

The bloody words inscribed on the stele appear to be furious, and the wordsHuang Ling abruptly formed into a blood blade that cut through the void and struck lightning-fast.

A Glorious Sun Warlock has just cast a spell, when he was cut in half by the blood blade without the slightest resistance. All his blood essence and life force poured out of him and entered the wordsHuang Ling, which then returned to the stele.

“Karma spell!”

“All the life-saving spells of that Glorious Sun Warlock were eliminated, he was killed from the origin. This is the power of a karma spell!”

“What a scary spell. The person who set up this stele, even if they arent a Warlock Emperor, they arent that much weaker.

“This relic site has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. To have so much power after such a long time, how scary!”


Seeing this scene, the surrounding Warlocks inhaled a breath of cold air.

Karma spells are a kind of spell that Infinity Warlock rank beings and above must master. Infinity Warlocks possess incredible death substitution secret methods. As long as there is a drop of blood left, many Infinity Warlocks can be reborn, and then restore their strength step by step.

But Infinity Warlocks who mastered karma spells can kill the enemy from the origin. They can attack the enemy through avatars and projections.

Therefore, many Infinity Warlocks are unwilling to use avatars and projections that are weaker than their true body to confront enemies of the same rank, or enemies who have karma weapons. They prefer to use their true bodies to fight such enemies.

The strange stele inscribed with bloody characters was actually enchanted with a karma spell, which is obviously far beyond the ability of ordinary Infinity Warlocks.

The Bright World Warlocks looked at the strange stele with a dignified look in their eyes.

As one of the most terrifying kinds of spells, karma spells can erase the peopleforeordained to die. Faced with a karma spell, death substitution secret methods are virtually ineffective. Only death substitution secret methods that also contain the law of karma may be effective.

Yang Feng has a god clone in the Feisuo Plane. If his true body dies, the clone in the Feisuo Plane will not be affected. However, if he is killed by a karma spell, then his clone will die along with his true body. This is the terror of karma spells.

After casting several detection spells to examine the queer stele, Bartolone said solemnly: “This stele does indeed possess tremendous power. But after the erosion of time, the remaining power is limited. We can destroy it if we join forces. Everyone, lets join forces and destroy this stele, and then compete for the treasures in here.”

The rest of the Warlocks agreed: “Alright!”

Clauds eyes flashed fiercely, and he threatened: “Whoever doesnt attack the stele wont be eligible to fight for the treasures in here after the boundary is broken. Anyone like that, get out now, or we will eliminate you!”

The Warlocks in the hall hesitated for a moment, and then most of them nodded in agreement.

Dozens of Moonlight Warlocks and Glorious Sun Warlocks deliberated for a moment, glanced deeply at the treasures in the hall, and then blurred into motion and flew to other places of the hall.

Although the Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit and the secret treasure in the center of the hall are beyond precious, but they have to compete with the Bright World Warlock old monsters in order to get them. Since they believe they arent a match for the Bright World Warlocks, these Moonlight Warlocks and Glorious Sun Warlocks chose to give up.

However, many Moonlight Warlocks and Glorious Sun Warlocks remained. They stared at the two treasures with ambition glimmering in their eyes.

Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit can let you break through the heaven-man boundary and advance your soul aptitude to superior level-8. Once ingested, many Glorious Sun Warlocks will advance to Bright World Warlocks without suspense, and will even have a chance to advance to Infinity Warlocks.

Among the countless people in the Cangzhi Plane, there is only a handful of outrageous geniuses born with superior level-8 soul aptitude. On average, one such genius is born every 1,000 years.

Not unlike Yang Feng, most of the geniuses who possess superior level-8 soul aptitude have used various beyond precious treasures to promote their soul aptitude to this stage.

Peerless treasures such as Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit are extremely hard to come by.

“Go!” Bartolone roared loudly, and then silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger, and a black ray shot towards the stele.

The rest of the Warlocks also recited incantations and cast various spells shooting at the stele.

The bloody words on the stele surged and released vast power that condensed into a 10-meter-long blood blade.

As soon as the huge blood blade appeared, it was hit by various spells, and numerous marks wrapped around and bound it.

There are more than 20 Bright World Warlocks present, some of whom are top Bright World Warlocks from the three dynasties, the Two Great Sects, and the Eight Great Families. Together, they can quell even an Infinity Warlock.

Although the huge blood blade could slay a Bright World Warlock, but under the siege of more than 20 Bright World Warlocks, it finally shivered and crumbled.

When the huge blood blade crumbled, the stele crumbled.

“You will regret this!” A helpless sigh came out at the moment when the stele shattered.

“Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit!” With a flash of greed in his eyes, a Bright World Warlock extended his hand and sent a Mage Hand towards the Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit.

The broken sword placed on the dais may be a Holy grade secret treasure, but it cannot compare to the divine grade beyond precious Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit.

For Warlocks, a treasure that can enhance their strength is far more important than a Holy grade secret treasure.

Before the Mage Hand could touch the Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit, it was blocked by a barrier, and then all its power was swallowed by the strange barrier.

“Sure enough there is a barrier set up!”

“That is only natural. Without a barrier, the Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit would have withered long ago!”


The Bright World Warlocks discussed, their eyes shot with blood. At the same time, they blurred into motion and turned into streams of light darting towards the Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit.

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