Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 632 – The Golem Lord?

Chapter 631 – Desolate God Giant

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“The Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit is mine!”

The fastest Bright World Warlock grabbed the Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit, and a flash of delight streaked past his eyes.

Magic light shone, and dozens of powerful spells hit the Bright World Warlock at once.

The Bright World Warlock was petrified first, then black gas covered his body, and lastly wind blades chopped him into pieces.

A Bright World Warlock Core flew out of the remains of the Bright World Warlock and turned into a meteor fleeing outside.

The other Bright World Warlocks didnt bother about the Bright World Warlock who was disposed of, and instead started fighting over the Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit.

These Bright World Warlocks are geniuses among geniuses of the major forces. After experiencing numerous fortuitous encounters, working hard on their practice cultivation, they finally became Bright World Warlocks. But most of them will be stuck in the Bright World Warlock realm for the rest of their life. However, the Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit can greatly improve their soul aptitude, and let them progress further and promote to the Infinity Warlock rank. This is why they are so hell bent on getting the fruit.

In the Cangzhi Plane, Infinity Warlocks are already the most powerful existences. Even if they go to any one of the 36 primary material planes, they still will be considered pinnacle existences.

Infinity Warlocks are the masters of the Cangzhi Plane. Although both Infinity Warlocks and Bright World Warlocks are regarded as Great Elders of major forces, but the weight their words carry is completely different. And the most importantly, once promoted to the Infinity Warlock realm, the lifespan of human Warlocks will increase by thousands of years up to 10,000 years.

The Glorious Sun Warlocks and Moonlight Warlock glanced at the Bright World Warlock Core, and then gave up on the idea to capture it. They are not strong enough to make a Bright World Core stay.

A lily-white hand grabbed the Bright World Core, and countless black runes extended from the lily-white hand and sealed the Bright World Core completely.

When the Warlocks who still entertained some thoughts about the Bright World Core saw the master of the lily-white hand, their faces changed greatly, and all their apprehension disappeared.

The owner of the hand is Alexia, Yang Fengs strongest subordinate.

Precious as the Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit is, it naturally attracted Yang Fengs attention. However, if came here to fight over the Empyrean Origin Blood Essence Fruit, that would be tantamount to seeking death. That is why he sent Alexia.

Yang Feng is guarded by Zhang Hong Tao, the number one expert of the Five Heavenly Lords.

Among Yang Fengs subordinates, the strongest is Alexia, followed by the Great Elder of the Cool Breeze Abode Zhao Qing. However, Zhao Qing is an Elemental Warlock. He is at his weakest in a magic ban array. Thus, Yang Feng chose to have Zhan Hongtao act as his guard.

“There seems to be something wrong. Alexia, come out immediately! This is an order!” Watching the chaotic scene inside the hall through a holographic projection, Yang Fengs face flickered suddenly, a dignified gleam flashed in his eyes, and he ordered.

Most of the Bright World Warlocks are powerhouses who have experienced countless battles, stood out from among countless geniuses, and finally reached the summit. Many of them are sly old foxes. Now, however, they are obviously caught in an abnormal frenzy. They are conjuring various powerful spells as if they are facing a mortal enemy that murdered their parents.

At the same time, through his soul, Yang Feng can clearly perceive an abnormal killing intent coming from Alexias soul. She has been clearly affected by some spell.

A fierce gleam streaked past Alexias eyes, and she finally sighed lightly and suppressed her desire to fight. The black wings on her back flapped, and she turned into a black stream of light and flew out of the hall.

Just before Alexia left the hall, the 10,000-meter-tall mountain suddenly shook wildly, and a giant hand 100 meters wide extended towards Alexia from the mountain.

Berserk golem force spread from the hand, locked the space, and rolled out towards Alexia.

Alexias always calm face finally registered a change. She spread the three pairs of wings on her back, frantically extracted power from the Ruler Magic Cube, and slashed towards the giant hand

A dark sword ray containing dark force struck the giant hand and cut it in two.

Alexias figure flickered, and she shot out from between the two halves.

Suddenly, a finger of the giant hand cut in half broke away and touched Alexias back.

Alexia spewed out a mouthful of blood. Countless wisps of golem force interwove atop her and eroded her frantically, and she fell from the sky like a goose hit by an arrow.

Yang Feng ordered decisively: “Attack!”

Star Destroyer Battlestars lit up, and Star Destroyer Artillery beams blasted into the huge hand 100 meters wide.

Under the bombardment of the beams, the giant hand collapsed inch by inch along with the golem force.

An Undying picked up Alexia from the ground, and then flew to Yang Fengs flagship in an instant at a fearsome Mach 25 speed.

Wisps of golem force eroded Alexia. Even her dark force cannot suppress the fearsome golem force.

Yang Feng frowned and spread the fingers of a hand, and a swarm of Devourers flew out and pounced on Alexia at once.

As if whales swallowing water, the black Devourers sucked out all the golem force from Alexia.

“Thank you!” Alexia suddenly felt at ease. She got up at once, and took a deep look at the black Devourers, and her pretty eyes flickered with an enigmatic light.

The golem force released by the Golem Mountain was terrifying. Even though Alexia strengthened by the Ruler Armor possesses Infinity Warlock rank battle prowess, but she still could not resist the erosion of the golem force.

Without Yang Fengs help, it would take Alexia at least 1,000 years to fully remove the golem force. Besides, her strength would e greatly reduced. Yet the black Devourers easily devoured the golem force inside her, making Alexia pay them more attention.

As if a peerless beast had awakened from a deep sleep, a huge maw appeared inside the hall and engulfed the Warlocks fighting inside.

Yang Fengs face fell, and he mused: “Fuck, this is a trap! Theres a monster sealed in this relic site! Do I flee or fight?”

That Golem Mountain was apparently sealing some powerful existence, and that powerful existence has now awakened from the seal.

Yang Fengs face changed several times, and then he finally gritted his teeth and ordered: “Dammit! Now we can only go all out to destroy it!”

The Li Gui Province is the largest territory Yang Feng has captured to date. At the same time, it is the richest territory in terms of resources under his control, exceeding the Andrak Plane by far. If he lets this powerful existence come to the Li Gui Province, it will unleash a massacre. Yang Feng isnt its opponent at all. Only by quelling it now when it is at its weakest can Yang Feng keep control of the Li Gui Province.

Star Destroyer Artillery beams slammed into the Golem Mountain.

Under the bombardment of the beams, the Golem Mountain crumbled bit by bit, exposing a 5,000-meter-tall Giant with a bare upper body, countless runes engraved on its shriveled body, and dull eyes. Where its heart is supposed to be, there is a twisting, wriggling black mass.

The giant exudes an aura that surpasses the Infinity Warlock rank by far. So long as Warlocks below the Moonlight Warlock realm look at it, they will be eroded by the aura of death on its body, and become crazed.

Bai Yuxians complexion changed dramatically, and she shouted: “Desolate God Giant! This is a most powerful weapon from the archgod era, a Desolate God Giant! Besides, its a Holy Spirit Warlock rank Desolate God Giant!”

Much like Angels and Martyrs made by gods, Desolate God Giants are a kind of powerful weapon archgods created in the archgod era.

The most powerful Desolate God Giants possesses Holy Spirit Warlock rank strength. After the Time Lord proclaimed himself hegemon over the Cangzhi Plane, the previous masters of the Cangzhi Plane, archgods, were either slain, or fled the plane.

Desolate God Giants rarely appear nowadays. Only in some archgod relic sites will there appear one or two Desolate God Giants. Even then, Holy Spirit Warlock rank Desolate God Giants are extremely rare.

Yang Fengs countenance changed greatly, and he gritted his teeth and said: “Holy Spirit Warlock! What horrible luck!”

Holy Spirit Warlocks are terrifyingly strong. Even if a Holy Spirit Warlock is at their weakest, but as long as there is a drop of blood flowing in their body and a trace of strength to fight, then a spell is all it takes for them to kill an Infinity Warlock. A Moonlight Warlock like Yang Feng is literally an ant in front of this Holy Spirit Warlock.

Yang Feng ordered: “Use all computing power to analyze its weaknesses at once! No matter how powerful it is, but after being sealed for tens of thousands of years, it will be at its weakest. This is my only chance.”

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