Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 633 – Breaking the Giant Egg

Chapter 632 – The Golem Lord?

Translator: Xaiomoge

Within Yang Fengs territory, all level-3 optical computers began to analyze furiously, using all computing power to investigate the weakness of the Desolate God Giant. Billions of calculations are performed with each passing second.

“From the analysis of the life fluctuations emanating from the Desolate God Giant, it is evident that its body has died. What keeps its existence is the mass of flesh at its heart. According to the analysis of data in the current database, the mass of flesh should have come from a Warlock Emperor rank existence.”

“The mass of flesh parasitizes the body of the Desolate God Giant. By absorbing the power of its body, it maintains its existence by absorbing the power of the Desolate God Giants body. Its now at its weakest, it is recommended to attack the position of the heart!”

“According to the analysis of life fluctuations, the Warlocks trapped in its mouth havent died yet, it is recommended that they are rescued. Otherwise, once it devours enough power, our chances will drop sharply!”

Yang Feng ordered: “Attack! Kill it!”

Swift Eagle Fighters flew out from the Interstellar Carriers and fired countless annihilation beams at the Desolate God Giants mouth.

Each annihilation beam only blasted open a hole the size of a toothpick on the mouth of the Desolate God Giant. However, under the siege of hundreds of thousands of Swift Eagle Fighters, hundreds of thousands of toothpick-sized holes were added to the mouth of the Desolate God Giant.

Hundreds of thousands of Starry Sky Rippers flew towards the Desolate God Giants mouth like a swarm of crickets and slashed the mouth with their swords. Each slash can only slice off a thin layer of skin.

Countless lightning snakes flashed, and Lightning Manipulators electrocuted the sliced-off thin pieces of skin of the Desolate God Giant and turned them into ashes.

Many powerful beings have terrifying undying properties. Even if the head is severed, even if only a drop of blood remains, they can still regenerate.

Since he didnt master the law of karma, Yang Feng can only use the most stupid way – to crush every cell of the Desolate God Giants body. As a result, even if the Desolate Giant God regenerates quickly, it will consume a lot of power. Besides, it cannot absorb the fine skin cut off by the Starry Sky Rippers to regenerate itself.

A Starry Sky Ripper can only harm a thin layer of skin. But hundreds of thousands of Starry Sky Rippers can open a huge hole in the Desolate God Giants mouth.

Magic light flashed, and the Warlocks trapped inside the Desolate God Giants mouth flew out. These Warlocks are covered in strange, slimy mucus, and their aura is extremely weak. The aura of some Bright World Warlocks has also dropped to the Glorious Sun Warlock realm. As for the Moonlight Warlocks, most of them have died. Only Enlin and several other Moonlight Warlock rank outrageous geniuses are still alive.

As soon as they flew out of the mouth of the Desolate God Giant, the Warlocks fled towards outside of the relic site without turning back. They experienced the horror of the Holy Spirit Warlock rank Desolate God Giant first hand. If Yang Feng hadnt saved them, then the 20 plus Bright World Warlocks would have been devoured by the Desolate God Giant.

All of a sudden, the Desolate God Giant opened its eyes, which radiate dull radiance, and then it opened its mouth laboriously and breathed it.

Black light enveloped Bartolone and pulled him towards the mouth of the Desolate God Giant.

Bartolones eyes shimmered with despair, and he screamed: “Save me! Save me! I will offer you all my assets if you save me!”

Bartolone radiated magic light in an attempt to resist the terrifying attractive force. But no matter what secret methods he performed, he still cant resist the frightening black light.

In an instant, Bartolone was pulled into the Desolate God Giants mouth. The Desolate God Giant chewed with great difficulty, and then Bartolones aura of life disappeared.

Seeing this, the Warlocks inhaled a breath of cold air, and then performed various secret methods and fled towards outside of the relic site with renewed urgency.

“Attack!” A dense cloud of battle robots pounced on the Desolate God Giant, covered it completely, and peeled off its skin little by little. At the same time, lightning flashed and burned the peeled off pieces of the Desolate God Giants skin into cinders.

The skin and flesh were disposed of immediately, revealing sparkling white bones exuding sacred might.

The Undyings and Starry Sky Rippers chopped at the bones with their swords, but the only made ear-piercing noise and broke their swords. The bones are unharmed.

When Yang Feng saw this, astonishment shimmered in his eyes: “What a strong monster. So this is a Holy Spirit Warlock rank Desolate God Giant?”

The swords of the Undyings and Starry Sky Rippers are 3rd generation battle swords, they are almost indestructible. If they stayed still, then even Bright World Warlocks would be easily hacked to death by them.

Although the Desolate God Giant is a Holy Spirit Warlock rank freak, but it has died hundreds of thousands of years ago after all, so there isnt much power in its bones by now. Yet its bones are still this strong, rendering Yang Fengs 3rd generation battle robot helpless. This is simply terrifying.

“Since they cant be destroyed, then devour them!”

With a thought, Yang Feng released a swarm of Devourers rushing towards the bones of the Desolate God Giant.

When the Devourers landed on the bones, they immediately began to devour the remaining power inside the bones.

Originally, these Devourers could not devour the power in the bones of the Desolate God Giant. But after they devoured part of the golem force left by the Golem Lord, they evolved successively and became fiercer. Now they can devour the remaining power concealed in these bones.

Devourers are one of the most formidable creations of the xizu. Completely different from the standard combat units like Undyings and Starry Sky Rippers, Devourers are an ultimate weapon of xizu that can evolve continuously.

Devourers are also one of the most difficult weapons of the xizu to refine. The reason behind this are the material necessary to forge them. Only Empyrean grade materials such as Mysterious Gold God Iron can be used to forge Devourers. Other materials simply cannot bear themutation power from the Devourers constant evolution.

Under the assault of the Devourers, the bones of the Desolate God Giant began to slowly wither and turn into dust.

Strange runes suddenly appeared on the bones of the Desolate God Giant.

Gray attractive force came from the place of the heart of the Desolate God Giant, and it instantly absorbed the remaining power in the bones.

Gray light shone, and the Desolate God Giants enormous body turned into dust.

A giant gray egg appeared in the place of the heart of the Desolate God Giant. Devouring everything in the vicinity, the giant gray egg even devoured 20 plus Undyings.

“Disperse!” Yang Fengs face flickered, and he ordered. The countless battle robots dispersed.

Engraved with countless runes, shrouded in a gray gas, the giant gray egg appears to grow stronger at every moment.

“Golem Lord! Thats the great Golem Lord! The sole master of us Living Golems! Kong Yiluo, Mei Yiluo, come out to guard the mighty master at once!”

There was a flash of light, and Jia Yiluo appeared in front of the big gray egg, his face full of excitement, awe, worship, respect, and other emotions.

There was a spatial fluctuation, and a boy who looks to be 13 or 14 years old came out of the void and looked at the big gray egg with worship in his eyes.

With a flash of gray light, the beautiful golem with a sword in hand appeared before the giant gray egg, her pretty eyes full of adoration.

Yang Feng watched the three Living Golems appear with apprehension in his eyes: “This is the Golem Lords Living Golem Art? Sure enough, its queer and formidable to the extreme.”

The heart is capricious. Hundreds of thousands of years are enough to wipe out the loyalty of countless human Warlocks. No matter how loyal a human Warlock is to another Warlock, but after staying in this still relic site of the Golem Dynasty for ages, they will gradually change. The three Living Golems clearly have human-like wisdom, yet they are still loyal to the Golem Lord after tens of thousands of years. They will even die for the Golem Lord without hesitation. This is definitely the power of some spell cast on them.

“Bombardment!” Yang Feng ordered immediately.

A Star Destroyer Artillery beam barreled towards the giant gray egg.

Jia Yiluo and the other two Living Golems revealed a mocking smile. Unexpectedly, they got out of the way and let the beam blast into the big gray egg.

A gray diagram emerged from the giant gray egg, and traces of the law of karma spread from the gray diagram.

When the Star Destroyer Artillery beam blasted into the diagram, it decomposed into the purest of energy, and then was sucked into the giant gray egg.

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