Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 633 – Breaking the Giant Egg

. A large part near the edges of the small world collapsed. All that world force poured into the Shoot the Heavens Bow in a steady flow via the World Ring.

“Serve me, and I will give you endless glory, wealth, and power! Be my enemy, and I will destroy you and your kin!”

From the giant egg came an overbearing voice, as if its owner has no equal in the world.

The voice containing Empyrean might poured into Yang Fengs mind and rocked his sea of knowledge, as if wanting to shatter it. As if a giant hand, the tyrannical, overbearing might gripped his heart, and severe pain flooded his mind. It feels like he will be crushed to death if he doesnt comply with the tyrannical voice.

Under the might from the domineering voice, every cell in Yang Fengs body wailed and cried for him to submit to the Golem Lord, to bend his knees and beg the Golem Lord forgiveness.

Yang Feng gritted his teeth tightly, his eyes flashed coldly, and he barked: “What a dreadful monster! Fortunately, I have promoted to a Moonlight Warlock, or else I wouldnt be able to resist your coercion! Now go to hell!”

As a Moonlight Warlock, Yang Feng is already a Transcendent rank powerhouse. Even when subjected to Warlock Emperor rank might, he can still resist.

A dazzling arrow cut through the void and appeared before the giant gray egg in an instant.

The giant gray egg released countless strange runes, and a gray diagram engraved with countless runes suddenly emerged and released wisps of the law of karma.

The arrow hit the gray diagram at once, and the two opposing karma spells clashed.

The gray diagram shuddered slightly, a huge hole appeared in it, and the arrow suddenly stabbed into the giant gray egg.

A blood-curdling scream came from inside the big gray egg.

A force of annihilation and chaos erupted from the big gray egg in an instant, the egg burst apart, and a copious amount of slime and shell fragments spattered in all directions.

A strange monster with bones and internal organs exposed, exuding a trace of Empyrean might emerged. However, its life aura fluctuates between the Bright World Warlock realm and the Moonlight Warlock realm. Where its heart is supposed to be, there is a drop of scarlet blood emitting Empyrean might.

After the arrow containing his vigor was shot, Yang Fengs hair became gray, and as he lost all strength and fell to the ground.

A Fallen Angel quickly stepped forward, picked up Yang Feng, and placed him on the litter to preserve his dignity.

Staring at the drop of blood located where the monsters heart should be, Yang Feng said slowly: “You arent the Golem Lord, but a drop of blood from the Golem Lord! Warlock Emperor rank existences are truly fantastic. Just a drop of blood has such a dreadful power.”

“No, I am the Golem Lord! I am the ruler of this world, the only Warlock Emperor in this world! Come merge with me!” Eyes flashing fiercely, the monster roared madly, its hands blurred, and runes appeared on its hands.

Containing all their power, the golem cores of the three Living Golems Jia Yiluo, Kong Yiluo, and Mei Yiluo separated from their heart, pit of the stomach, and dantian respectively and flew towards the monster.

After they lost their golem cores, the three Living Golems disintegrated bit by bit. However, their faces still contain a hair-raising happy smile, as if they are bathing in supreme honor.

Equipped with the Ruler Armor, Alexia spread her three pairs of wing, the dark force inside her erupted, and she appeared in front of the monster in a split second and slashed with her sword.

A sword ray containing terrific dark force instantly split apart and stabbed towards the three golem cores.

No matter what kind of existence the monster is, it must absorb the three golem cores to recover its power. Inversely, if the three golem cores are destroyed, it will prevent the monster from recovering its power.

The monster showed a twisted, sinister grin and gave Yang Feng a deep look: “Its useless! To dare attack me, youre dead! No matter how powerful your subordinate is, youre dead!”

The three golem cores exploded in an instant, and three wisps of power erupted. The monster pointed at Yang Feng with a finger and silently recited an incantation, and gray gas instantly turned into a torrent and swept towards Yang Feng.

Zhang Hongtaos face fell, and he stopped in front of Yang Feng, silently recited an incantation, took out a level-8 secret treasure Dragon Turtle Shield to blocked in front of Yang Feng, and activated a large barrier.

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