Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 634 – Eternal Continent

l-0 spell Mirror Image.

A huge mirror appeared in front of Yang Feng at once and reflected his figure. In the mirror appeared a burly demon powerhouse with two horns, a pair of claws, and a strange demonic tattoo engraved on the right side of his face.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed gravely: “A demon? How come I have become a demon? I have never implanted demon bloodline!”

“I must go out and take a look at this world!” Yang Feng got up from the throne and strode outside.

When he walked out of the hall, he saw two Minotaurs standing on both sides of the hall.

As soon as they saw Yang Feng, the two Minotaurs knelt on one knee and spoke respectfully: “Greetings, Your Majesty!”

Yang Feng said coldly: “Call the manager to come see me!”

A Minotaur left immediately: “Yes! Your Majesty!”

Yang Feng returned to the hall and sat back on the throne.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” Before long, a handsome demon male with a pair of horns on the head, a pair of wings on the back, and a scholarly temperament appeared before Yang Feng, knelt on one knee, and uttered deferentially.

Sitting on the throne, propping his head up with the right hand, Yang Feng said coldly: “In ten minutes time, I want to see a remarkable beauty here.”

Although Aucas cant figure out Yang Fengs intentions, but he still replied respectfully: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Five minutes later, a Succubus with goat horns and a head full of purple hair and dressed in black leather clothes exposing most of her porcelain skin was led into the hall by Aucas.

Yang Feng said: “You can leave now!”

Aucas took his leave respectfully: “Yes! Your Majesty!”

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation, spread the fingers of a hand, and quickly set up a barrier that blocked sound, and then pointed at the Succubus who isnt even a level-1 Warlock and cast a level-3 spell to control low-level extraordinary life forms.

Gray light shrouded the Succubus, her eyes unfocused and lost all spirit, and she fell under Yang Fengs control.

Yang Feng asked flatly: “What is your name?”

The Succubus answered: “Janie!”

“Who am I?”

There was a flash of fanaticism in Janies eyes: “You are the King of the Anmo Kingdom, the ruler of demons!”

Yang Feng continued to inquire, and soon gained a lot of information from Janie.

This world is called Eternal Continent. In the Eternal Continent, there are six major races: demons, dragons, humans, elves, dwarves, and beastman.

The demons currently occupy the northern part of the Eternal Continent, occupying nearly one-third of the continent. There are five demon kingdoms, namely the Anmo Kingdom, the Juemo Kingdom, the Feimo Kingdom, the Haimo Kingdom, and the Zhuamo Kingdom.

The Anmo Kingdom is the strongest demon kingdom, and its King is the Demon Lord. The other four demon kingdoms are the Anmo Kingdoms vassals, and their Kings are Demon Archdukes.

In the Eternal Continent, humans and demons are mortal enemies. Human forces are very weak; they are not the opponents of demon forces.

However, from time to time, Heroes, prophets, mages, priests, archers, knights, thieves, and people of other classes will appear among humans from time to time, form a small squad, and kill the Demon Lord.

As if its fate, no matter how powerful the Demon Lord is, nor how strong their demon army is, the Demon Lord is always slayed by the Hero, the demon army is rooted by the Heros squad, and the demons are driven away to the north of the Eternal Continent.

In the Anmo Kingdoms library, Yang Feng quietly read a book called History of Demon Development, frowning slightly.

“The first Hero was the Hero called Arc, and he slayed the first Demon Lord and led the rise of the humans.”

“The second Hero was the Hero called Time, and he slayed the second Demon Lord.”

“The third Hero was called Taboo, and he slayed the third Demon Lord.”

“The fourth Hero was called Transcendent.”

“The fifth Hero was called Star.”

“The sixth Hero was called Death. The seventh Hero was called Golem. The eighth Hero was called Magic Note. The names and order in which these Heroes appear are really interesting. Except for the Dawn Lord, the names of the other Seven Warlock Emperors have all appeared. And there is still a name that doesnt belong to a Warlock Emperor.”

“The Demon Lord always dies at the Heros sword. Is this fate, a karma spell, or an illusion? Where is this? Is this really the Eternal Continent?”

While reading information on the Anmo Kingdom, an unclear premonition welled up inside him, and a gloom enveloped his heart that could not be dispelled for a long time.

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