Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 636 – Star of Fate

Chapter 635 – Fate Algorithm

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During the following days, Yang Feng cast various spells to conduct experiments and read a lot of books in order to understand his current situation.

Yang Feng hasnt forgotten the spells he learned in the Cangzhi Plane, so he easily constructed various level-1 to level-3 spell models with the help of his current body. Moreover, he can cast various demon spells without having to construct the respective spell models.

In the Eternal Continent, there are no magic stones, and the cultivation of demons depends entirely on talent, similar to that of Bloodline Warlocks.

Higher demons are very few in number, and every adult higher demon has the power of a level-1 Warlock or above. Lesser demons are many in numbers, and most of them are Apprentice Warlock rank soldiers. Therefore, bloodline is very important for demons.

The limit of power in the Eternal Continent is the Legend rank. The strongest experts among Demon Lords and Heroes were all Legends. Among demons, only the successive King of the Anmo Kingdom have Legend rank bloodline.

In the library of the Anmo Kingdom, Yang Feng strolled around and looked at the various books, analyzed the strange things that happened to him in his mind.

Yang Feng thought of the monster exuding Empyrean might that brought him here: “If I am the Demon Lord, then is that guy the Hero? Also, what spell is this, and why is it so strange?”

“Theres nothing recorded about such a situation in Lei Shis Plane Study.”

“According to Zhan Guangs Three Laws of Planes, my soul should have transmigrated into this plane. My body and soul are clearly 100% compatible. Except for the fact that I am weakened by a mysterious power, and cannot sense the virtual world, this body is my true body.

“Is this an illusion? But if it is an illusion, the the world should have showed a flaw since I already noticed that it is an illusion! It shouldnt feel so real!”


No matter how he racked his brain, Yang Feng couldnt come up with a meaningful verdict.

“Fate Algorithm! How bold!” Yang Feng glanced at a bookshelf, took a black magic book, and scanned it with his gaze carelessly.

Fate is a law superior to time. Legend has it that all creatures are manipulated by fate, and struggle in the cage of fate. Even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses struggle desperately in the cage of fate and die eventually.

After a short glance, the look of disapproval on Yang Fengs face disappeared, his expression became dignified, and he began to study the magic book earnestly.

Blue veins bulged on Yang Fengs head, and countless formulas, words, and runes flashed in his eyes, daubing him in an air of mystery.

Seven days and nights! As if bewitched, Yang Feng was absorbed in the book for seven days and nights. The handsome and extraordinary him has become haggard, and his eyes became listless, as if his spirit and vitality have been sucked out of him.

On the eighth day, Yang Feng finally showed a smile, fell on the ground, and fell asleep.

After sleeping a day and night, Yang Feng woke up, went to the palace to take a bath and eat, and then returned to the library.

With the magic book in hand, Yang Fengs flashed with a scorching light: “Fate Algorithm, who knew theres such a peerless secret method in this world. No wonder Warlock Emperors would enter this strange world. Just the value of one of the six remaining volumes of Fate Algorithm is more precious than many Empyrean grade secret methods.”

Although this volume has no offensive secret methods recorded, but its even more important to Yang Feng that the Time Text. Its as important as the secret method Primal Chaos Imperishable Body for Yang Feng.

With the Fate Algorithm mastered, Yang Feng can anticipate disasters and seek opportunities.

“Now lets calculate my fate as the Demon Lord!” Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and linked the fingers of a hand together, and a micro-universe shrouded in specks of starlight suddenly appeared.

The specks of starlight trembled slightly and blurred, and the micro-universe began to collapse. Strange symbols appeared at the same time as the micro-universe collapsed.

Finally, at the moment when the micro-universe collapsed completely, a picture of someone impaling Yang Feng through the heart with the Holy Sword appeared, and then disappeared.

Yang Fengs eyebrows furrowed: “Ten years from now, aHero will pierce me in the heart with the Holy Sword. The Holy Sword is a karma weapon. Once it pierces my heart, Im dead. In other words, my fate is already foreordained. This is the will of this world and the fate of this worlds Demon Lord, it cannot be violated. What a vicious spell!”

Via the Fate Algorithm, Yang Feng has already determined that this world is real. It isnt an illusion, a curse, nor a soul transmigration. His true body was sucked into the world. Under the interference of the monster calling itself the Golem Lord, he became the Demon Lord of this world destined to die.

No matter how Yang Feng struggles, it is impossible to escape the fate of being pierced in the heart by the Holy Sword. The Holy Sword is the embodiment of supreme laws wielded by successive “Heroes”. It contains the mysteries of the law of karma. Once the Holy Sword pierces a Legend rank powerhouse in the heart, they will die without the shadow of a doubt.

There is a knock on the door the library.

Yang Feng uttered flatly: “Come in.”

The sexy and beautiful Succubus Janie walked in and said respectfully: “Your Majesty, the four Demon Archdukes have arrived.”

Yang Feng said indifferently: “Take them to the Demon Lord Palace to wait for me!”

Janie replied respectfully: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Yang Feng went to the Demon Lord Palace, sat on the throne, and looked at the four people with a dignified look in his eyes.

Of the four people, one is a demon with a single long horn, one is a demon with a pair of wings on their back, one is a demon with gills on the face, and the last one is a demon with a king character rune [1] on their head. The four demon powerhouses are male, and exude pinnacle level-3 Warlock rank fluctuations of power. They are called Banisio, Villa, Corona, and Gaman.

When the four saw Yang Feng, they knelt on one knee and said respectfully: “Well met, Your Majesty!”

Although Yang Fengs cultivation base is only at pinnacle level-3 Warlock rank, but he is recognized by the demons as the Demon Lord, and the four Demon Archdukes are loyal to him.

“Banisio, procure a lot of different metals and forge them into these parts.”

With a flick of Yang Fengs finger, a piece of paper flew to Banisio, and numerous words flew out of the paper and appeared in the midair.

Banisio complied respectfully: “Yes! Your Majesty!”

“Villa, I need information on the other five races, mainly on the humans, and especially on the Hero and the Holy Sword.”

Villa responded deferentially: “Yes! Your Majesty!”

“Corona, Gaman, you two go command an army to surround the elves!”

The two Demon Archdukes replied respectfully, “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Seeing the four obey his orders, Yang Feng revealed a trace of satisfaction. He isnt a Demon Lord in name, but a Demon Lord who can mobilize the power of the entire demon race. This is his only advantage in this world.

“Whether its life or death, it all hinges on my next move. I must break the cage of fate and become the master of my fate! Otherwise, only death awaits me!”

Eyes flashing with scorching fighting spirit, Yang Feng pressed the throne and rose to his feet, and a huge amount of life magic energy poured out and filled the hall like an ocean.

The Anmo Kingdom is built on a magic vein, which is filled with powerful life magic energy. Although there are no magic stones in the Anmo Kingdom, but you can rely on the magic vein to become a Legend rank powerhouse.

Yang Feng took a deep breath, his whole body turned into a huge black hole that swallowed the life magic energy in the hall, and his aura climbed gradually. In the blink of an eye, he broke through the boundary of the level-3 Warlock rank and advanced to a Great Warlock.

A fanatic look emerged in Banisios eyes: “Legend! To promote so easily to a Legend, as expected of His Majesty the Demon Lord!”

Villas eyes flickered with shock: “The Demon Lord bloodline is really powerful.”

Corona sighed slightly, a complicated look in his eyes: “Sure enough, only His Majesty the Demon Lord can easily smash the boundary and advance to a Legend.”

Gaman stared at Yang Feng with awe and envy in his eyes: “Legend! If I could become a Legend, that would be great!”

The four Demon Archdukes have level-3 Warlock rank bloodline, which allows them to reach the level-3 Warlock rank. But due to the bloodline shackles, even though the hall is now full of life magic energy, they cant break through at all. The cant even absorb a trace of the life magic energy here.

After his aura reached the pinnacle Legend rank, Yang Feng could no longer absorb a trace of life magic energy.

Regret flashed past Yang Fengs eyes: “The limit of this world is the pinnacle Legend rank. Once you break through the pinnacle Legend rank, you will be rejected by this world and expelled. Unfortunately, if nothing unexpected takes place, the life forms in this world are forever unable to break through the pinnacle Legend rank and leave this world. This is a shackle of this worlds will.”


[1] – 虎王纹 – (tiger) king character rune. This is the character of king – 王

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