Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 639 – Defeating 3 Legends

Chapter 638 – Deterrence

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As soon as Yang Feng and Brigina entered the Cat and Mermaid Inn, they saw human adventurers and some beastmen coming from all over in the bar.

Although it is daytime, but the human adventurers still get together to eat meat, drink large cups of ale, and flirt with female companions and some cheap whores.

“Brigina, youre back!”

“Its Brigina!”

“Our goddess Brigina is back!”


In the humble bar, as soon as the male adventurers saw Brigina, their eyes lit up and hormones kicked it, and they approached her.

Most of the female adventurers are tall and burly, not losing out to men. Although Brigina cannot be said to be mesmerizing, but she is certainly quite beautiful, giving off a feeling of warmth and heroism. She stands out among adventurers.

In the Cat and Mermaid Inn, Brigina is the goddess of the male adventurers. More than 80% of the male adventurers are interested in her.

A two-meter tall, bald man with a claw mark on his face and exuding a fierce aura came forward, stared at Yang Feng fiercely, and shouted like a furious giant bear: “Smelly boy, who are you? Why are you so intimate with our Brigina!”

The male adventurers stared at Yang Feng with murderous eyes.

Stared at by adventurers who are at least 1.8 meters tall and have fierce expressions, and whose eyes are filled with tyrannical killing intent, an ordinary man might have their knees buckle, unable to utter a complete sentence.

Yang Feng smiled, drew Brigina into his embrace confidently, and declared his sovereignty: “I am Briginas man, the man who will become the Hero in the future!”

Briginas pretty face flushed and her heart jumped madly, and she struggled weakly, but then gave up, let herself being drawn into Yang Fengs arms, and lowered her head, shy.

Before meeting Yang Feng, Brigina exhibited traits of a masculine woman. But now she revealed a delicate expression, which broke the hearts of many male adventurers. Anyone who looks at her now can tell that she has fallen in love.

Triumphant, Yang Feng showed a provocative smile: “Here you go!”

The eyes of the bald, bear-like adventurer spat figurative fire, and he roared and sent a punch flying towards Yang Feng: “You bastard!”

The bald, bear-like adventurer is called Zander, and he is a level-3 Apprentice Warlock rank existence. In the Cat and Mermaid Inn, he is the No. 1 expert in terms of empty-handed combat. Before she advanced, Brigina was not his opponent without using Absolute Piercing Dragon Spear.

“Kill him!”

“Zander, give that scoundrel a lesson!


Their eyes red from jealousy, the male adventurers roared.

Yang Feng smiled slightly and grabbed Zanders right fist with his left hand, his body still as a statue.

“He blocked it!”

“He actually blocked Zanders fist!”

“In the Banga Town, Zander is the strongest in terms of physical strength! Whats going on!”


When they saw this, the adventurers at the scene breather in a mouthful of cold air. Even a level-1 Warlock may not be able to block Zanders strike with their body alone. Yet to the disbelief of these adventurers, Yang Feng easily achieved this feat.

“Okay, lets stop here!” Yang Feng smiled faintly and pushed casually, and a terrifying force compelled the bald adventurer to retreat by a few steps.

Eyes shot with blood and filled with anger, Zander wanted to rush towards Yang Feng like a violent barbarian.

“I am also a mage!”

Yang Feng pointed with his left index finger, and a flame suddenly rose from his finger and burned fiercely, making the temperature in the inn increase by three or four degrees.


“He turned out to be a mage as well, he deserves to be the Hero!”

“Only such a monster can be the Hero!”


When they saw the flame rise from Yang Fengs left index finger, the adventurers breather in a mouthful of cold air. Zander who resembled an angry bull calmed down.

In the Eternal Continent, there are very few mages. Every official mage is extremely precious. People who are both proficient in martial arts and magic are as rare as phoenix feathers. According to legend, only Heroes can use powerful martial arts and terrific magic freely.

Adventurers respect the strong. Seeing how tyrannical Yang Feng is, they dispersed at once and made way for him to pass through.

Brigina took Yang Feng directly to a corner of the bar, where a rather beautiful, tall female thief with short brown hair and wheat-colored skin, dressed in thin leather armor sits at a table.

The female thief glanced at Yang Feng and smiled mischievously: “Brigina, dint you say that you dont need a man? Who is this?”

Briginas face flushed, and she gritted her teeth, saying: “Mana, this is Randt, and he is my man!”

Yang Feng uttered with a straightforward smile: “Hello, Mana, I am Randt, Briginas man! I am the future Hero!”

Manas eyes lit up, and she revealed a smile of excitement: “Brigina, this man is remarkable. I like him very much. Can you give him to me?”

Worried, Brigina grabbed Yang Fengs arm and responded decisively: “No, Randt is mine!”

Mana looked at Yang Feng carefully, and her pretty eyes flashed with greed: “Ha-ha, Im just kidding. We are good friends, right? So why dont we share him? After all, goo things are meant to be shared.”

Yang Feng changed his appearance from that of the Demon Lord into that of a tall and handsome human with perfectly-sculpted muscles, exuding a manly charm. Mana finds him very attractive.

While men like beautiful women, women also like handsome men.

Brigina hesitated before shaking her head: “No.”

Mana glanced at Brigina, a complicated look in her beautiful eyes. She drained her cup of ale in one go, and then spoke enviously: “Forget it! Brigina, you seem stronger again? After a while, youll be stronger than me.”

Watching the goings on with a smile, Yang Feng operated the Fate Algorithm and looked at Mana. He saw a dim ray of starlight hovering above Manas head.

The dim ray of starlight indicates that Manas fate is better than that of ordinary people, but it cannot compare to Briginas Star of Fate.

Mana is a level-7 thief, which is to a level-1 Warlock. But with her fate, without the help of the aristocracy, shell be a level-7 thief for the rest of her life, and her strength will only decrease with age.

No matter what life form it is, the progression of their strength can be represented by a curve – from low to high, and then from high to low. Even Warlock Emperor rank experts cannot escape this trend.

But Brigina is different. She is a Star of Fate, and before her fate is accomplished, her strength will continue to advance by leaps and bounds in battle. She might even evolve to the limit of this plane and become a Legend rank powerhouse.

Brigina said: “Mana, we plan to go to the Green Forest to thwart the plan of the demons to ally with the elves by marriage. Are you in?”

Mana asked, shocked: “Brigina, are you crazy? Those demons are despairingly strong. Surrounded by them, even a level-9 spear knight might not escape with their life. As just a level-7 spear knight, youll be going to your death.”

Brigina said: “Randt intends to go over and destroy the marriage alliance between the demons and elves. I also think its better to go thwart their marriage alliance now.”

Mana hesitated, and the gritted her teeth, saying: “Fine, I will go with you. This mission has a fairly good reward, and there are many other missions we can complete near the Green Forest.”

The next morning, Yang Feng, Brigina, and Mana formed a team and headed in the direction of the Green Forest.

The Green Forest is the habitat of the elves. At the same time, there are many dangerous demonic beasts, beastmen, and dwarfs in the Green Forest.

In the Eternal Continent, most of the territory is divided between the demons and humans, while the Green Forest has become a habitat of the elves, beastmen, and dwarfs.

Only when the elves, beastmen, and dwarfs join forces in the Green Forest can they compete against the demons and humans.

The humans have attacked the Green Forest repeatedly in order to capture the elves inside for trading, but they were defeated by the three races joint resistance every time.

Green Cliff City is a large human city at the entrance of the Green Forest. In the Green Cliff City, there are many adventurers of different races.

Ever since the demon army was dispatched to surround the elven habitat and force the elves to marry off their most precious elven princess to the Demon Lord, adventurers from the three human kingdoms have been sent here in a steady flow.

“This is the Green Cliff City? Sure enough, in this plane, all the major events related to the fate of the races will prompt Stars of Fate to converge!”

Standing before the Green Cliff City, Yang Feng operated the Fate Algorithm and looked at the city. At a glance, he saw brilliant Stars of Fate converge in the Green Cliff City.

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