Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 640 – Secret

fight and slay the Demon Lord. Only the Holy Sword can truly wipe out the Demon Lord from this world. The remaining weapons, even the 36 legendary weapons, can only hurt him, but not actually kill him.”

A flash of joy appeared in the abyss of Rennes eyes, yet he gritted his teeth and said: “Holy Sword! Teacher Merlin, I want to obtain the Holy Sword, slay the Demon Lord, and avenge the Flame Sword Saint and the Lionheart Sword Saint. Please tell me how to get the Holy Sword!”

Merlin spoke in a grave voice: “The Angelos Kingdom, the Fengy Kingdom, and the Garemo Kingdom, each of the three human kingdoms will select a Hero candidate to send to the Holy Sword Land. There, the one who can come out alive and manifest the Holy Sword will become the true Hero. Rennes, you are one of the Hero candidates of the Angelos Kingdom. In addition to you, there are other two other Hero candidates in our kingdom. You must thwart the marriage alliance between the demons and elves. Only if you perform well, may you become our kingdoms sole Hero candidate.”

Rennes replied decisively: “Yes, I will work hard!”

While Rennes and Merlin were talking, they didnt realize that there is a speck of dust sticking to a shoe of the handsome priest.

In the middle of the woods, Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly: “It turns out that there are currently nineHero candidates. Unless I kill them all, I wont change my fate even if I kill one of them.”

With his current pinnacle Legend rank strength, plus the Demon Lord power, and the suppression of the Fate Algorithm, Yang Feng can kill a Hero candidate.

“Do I kill them now? No, I have more pressing things to do.”

Yang Feng pondered for a while, and then finally turned into a black stream of light and disappeared.

Deep in the Green Forest, there is a huge gold tree 30 kilometres tall and 1,000 meters in diameter with countless gold leaves.

The huge gold tree is the elven royal palace.

A stream of light flew out and landed in front of the huge gold tree, and Yang Feng in his Demon Lord form emerged. He exudes pinnacle Legend rank might.

Yang Feng said lightly: “I, the Demon Lord, request an audience with the Elven Lord!”

“The Demo Lord!”

“The Demon Lord is here!”

“Its the Demon Lord!”


Humanoid figures flashed between the foliage of the gold tree and quickly took positions. Watching Yang Feng with vigilance, elves locked their arrows on Yang Feng. The situation is very tense.

Faced with the killing intent of the elves, Yang Feng looks tranquil. Compared to demons, elves are weaker and fewer in number. As such, before Yang Feng revealed hostility, they wont act rashly.

A forthright voice came from the gold tree: “Your Majesty, please come in!”

Yang Fengs figure blurred, and he appeared on the gold tree and strode inside.

“So thats the Demon Lord!”

“Hes so strong!”


Hiding in the tree, the elves carefully looked at Yang Feng with fear in their eyes.

The Demon Lord is the strongest powerhouse in the Eternal Continent, and even the Elven Lord is not his match. Wars between the demons and elves have also erupted, and many elven elites have died at the hands of the previous Demon Lords, and there have even been instances of Elven Lords dying as well.

“I am Angela, commander of the guards directly under the Elven Lord! Your Majesty, please come with me!” A tall, beautiful elf with fair skin, a voluptuous figure, long silver hair, and level-9 (level-3 Warlock rank) cultivation base came to Yang Feng. A look of apprehension in her pretty eyes, she uttered coldly.

“Alright!” Yang Feng smiled lightly and followed Angela.

It didnt take long for a hall radiating soft light to appear in front of Yang Fengs eyes. He saw a handsome elf with dazzling blond hair and pointed ears, wearing a gorgeous green robe sitting on the throne. This handsome elf is the Elven Lord.

Yang Feng made tempting proposal: “Your Majesty, I wish to marry your daughter, and then form a pact with your race to deal with the humans. In the war with the humans, we demons are willing to bear all the pressure. You elves dont need to fight. What say you?”

When she heard this, Angelas eyes glimmered with an enigmatic light. According to this proposal, the elves wouldnt have any losses. The sole drawback is that the Princess must marry Yang Feng.

The Elven Lord smiled softly, yet replied firmly: “My daughter is my treasure. Your Majesty, I wont let her marry a man she doesnt like, nor will I use her as a pawn to make political transactions. Therefore, I must refuse!”

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