Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 642 – Slaughter

Chapter 641 – Fate Tablet

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Yang Feng frowned slightly. Appearing distressed, he hesitated, and then spoke slowly: “Okay. Since youre unwilling, then lets drop the idea of the Princess marrying me. We demons still hope to be able to form an alliance with you elves to deal with those greedy and petty humans.”

“In order to satisfy their desires, the greedy and petty human aristocrats send countless slave traders into the Green Forest to capture your lovely kinsmen and sell them as slaves.”

“For hundreds and even 1,000 years, your kinsmen are reduced to the lowest of slaves, and are humiliated and ridiculed by those human aristocrats. Dont you feel even a little indignant? Was the bravery of you elves fed to the pigs?”

Yang Feng snapped his fingers, and images suddenly appeared in the air. Those images depict beautiful elves suffer humiliation and bullying of human aristocrats, leading a life worse than a dogs.

Seeing these scenes, the eyes of Angela and the elven powerhouses in the hall spurted flames of anger.

“These are the images that my people collected from the human kingdoms. These beasts are the greater aristocrats in power of the three human kingdoms. I can swear that I didnt temper with these images.”

Yang Feng cast a spell to detect lies on himself, which shoved unequivocally that he is telling the truth.”

This has further stimulated the elven experts, making them feel even more disgust, hatred, and anger towards the humans.

Different camps make different choices. If Yang Feng was in the human camp, he would naturally show the good side of humans and the bad side of demons. But he is now in the demon camp. As such, its only natural for him to show the dark side of the humans and sow discord between the humans and the elves.

The elves who are filled with anger towards the endless stream of those murderous slave traders coming into the Green Forest to begin with started hating the humans even more due to Yang Fengs instigation.

Unmoved, the Elven Lord said indifferently: “Your Majesty, there are good and bad people in every race. Whether it is humans, elves, or demons, there are good and bad people. There are indeed many scumbags among human greater aristocrats, but there are also good people among the humans. We elves wont ally with you. Please leave.”

Yang Feng smiled slightly and changed his request: “Its really regrettable. Since this is the case, then please agree to my last request. Please show me the gray tablet. If you do that, then I will leave. At the same time, my demon army will withdraw completely. Moreover, no war between us demons and you elves will break out during my lifetime.”

All of a sudden, the eyes of the until now indifferent Elven Lord brightened, as if the person has come alive. For the first time a smile appeared on his face. He waved his hand: “Leave us alone!”

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

The guards next to the Elven Lord responded respectfully and took their leave.

“Gray Tablet? That is your ultimate goal, right, Your Majesty? I did wonder why you would focus on my daughter. Although she is the most adorable girl in the world, but there are many Succubi among your race who dont lose out to my daughter. With your insight, Your Majesty, you would never place my daughter in your eyes.”

“You purposely proposed two conditions that I cannot accept so that I refuse them, and then feel guilty and have no choice but to agree to your third condition. Thats a great negotiation skill.”

The Elven Lord suddenly smiled strangely and said: “However, the gray tablet is possibly a legendary Fate Tablet. You dont think that Ill let you see it just like that?”

Yang Fengs gaze gradually became cold and surged with killing intent: “Thats indeed what I think. For you elves, its just an ordinary gray tablet, just a relic of the first Elven Lord. I just want to take a look, not take it away. Of course, if you dont show it to me, Your Majesty, then even if I have to destroy your entire race, I will get it!”

The Elven Lord stared at Yang Feng carefully for a while, and then smiled and said: “Compared to my entire race, the gray tablet is indeed lackluster. However, I have a condition. I want to be present when you take a look at it.”

Yang Fengs eyes are filled with firmness. As a knowledgeable and experienced individual, the Elven Lord knows that Yang Feng isnt kidding.

Once the Elven Lord refuses Yang Feng, the latter will spare no cost to uproot the elven race and seize the Fate Tablet.

Only fate force can contend with fate force. In addition, only absolute power can break all boundaries and counter fate force.

Since Yang Feng doesnt has the absolute power of a Warlock Emperor to break fate force, he can only use fate force to counter fate force. If he does nothing, he will be slayed by the Hero in the future. This is his fate, an inevitable fate.

The Elven Lord spread the fingers of his hand, gray light shone from his hands, and a palm-sized, dull gray tablet without anything standing out appeared in his hands.

The Elven Lord spoke meaningfully: “This is the tablet the first Even Lord left. It is most likely a Fate Tablet of legend. It doesnt appear anything special when in my hands. However, all the Heroes have come to borrow this tablet.”

Yang Feng grabbed the gray tablet. No matter how he looks at it, it is an ordinary tablet without any special power.

“Fate Algorithm!” Yang Feng operated the secret method. There was an enigmatic flash in his eyes, and he looked towards the ordinary tablet. Countless weird and mysterious Fate Algorithm components containing fate force slowly emerged from the ordinary tablet.

Yang Feng took a closer look, memorized this part of the Fate Algorithm recorded on that Fate Tablet. He secretly made a fake Fate Tablet and replaced the real one with it.

The Elven Lord observed Yang Feng carefully, but he didnt see anything strange. The fate force emanating from the Fate Tablet cannot be perceived by Legend powerhouses.

Yang Feng is only able to see through the Fate Tablet because he practices the Fate Algorithm.

Yang Feng smiled slightly and handed the Fate Tablet to the Elven Lord: “Your Majesty, thank you for your help! I will have my people retreat immediately.”

“Your Majesty, it seems that you gained a lot from the Fate Tablet.” The Elven Lord took the Fate Tablet. After a moment of silence, he said unhurriedly: “In fact, its not that I have no hatred towards humans. Unfortunately, the power of fate cannot be violated. Fate cares for humans. In every era, the humans give birth to a Hero who is despairingly powerful. If we elves join forces with you demons, then our future prospects will be far from good.”

Yang Feng smiled and said: “I understand! Be at ease, Your Majesty, the war between us demons and humans wont spill over to you elves.”

The Elven Lord asked, curious: “What do you plan to do with the beastmen? They also are suspected to have a Fate Tablet. However, beastmen hate demons to the bone. And unlike me, the Beastman Lord isnt easy to deal with.”

The beastmen used to be vassals of the demons, living like slaves. The first-generation Hero instigated the beastmen to join forces with many races in the Eternal Continent and defeat the demons together and overturn the demons rule over the Eternal Continent.

After the first-generation Hero disappeared, the humans betrayed and defeated the rest of the races one by one and occupied the most fertile land. Now the humans are the strongest race in the Eternal Continent, their population is far greater than the sum of the other races, and their economy is extremely developed, far stronger than that of other races.

Only demons can compete with humans. Demons have countless experts, and many advanced demons can command demonic beasts. Additionally, demons are far stronger than humans in terms of individual strength.

Demons are far more united than humans, with every demon being loyal to the Demon Lord. Were it not for freaks like “Heroes”, it stands to reason that it would be impossible for the human army to block the advance of the demon army, unless the Demon Lord is incompetent.

In every war between the demons and humans, the demons dominate the early stage of the war, but then the Demon Lord is slayed by the Hero. Next the Hero leads the humans to defeat the leaderless demons.

There is a deep hatred between the demons and beastmen. Many Beastman Lords died in the hands demons, and many demonic creatures are demonified beastmen slaves.

If the Demon Lord Yang Feng goes to the beastmen, he will surely be besieged by countless beastman powerhouses.

Yang Feng uttered with a light smile: “Now that I have already seen the Fate Tablet of the elves, I have no interest in the Fate Tablets of the beastmen and dwarfs. Now I am most interested in the largest Fate Tablet, the Fate Tablet of the humans. Legend has it that after the first-generation Hero acquired the Fate Tablet, he condensed the Holy Sword, which enables you to control fate and quell our Demon Lords. I will destroy that Fate Tablet.”

The Elven Lord smiled lightly and said: “Good luck!”

Yang Feng smiled slightly, then his figure fluttered, and he turned into a black mist and disappeared: “Goodbye!”

After the Elven Lord saw Yang Feng disappear, the smile on his face faded, and he revealed a pensive look, the Fate Tablet in hand.

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