Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 643 – Brave

Chapter 642 – Slaughter

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“The demon army has retreated, please go back! The Green Forest is a forbidden place for humans. We do not welcome you anymore!” When Yang Fengs team reached the entrance to the elven forest, they were surrounded by a dozen plus elven soldiers. The leader figure of these elves, a level-8 fighter (level-2 Warlock) spoke coldly.

Mana fumed: “These sharpears are a bunch of scoundrels! We came from so far away to help them, yet they treat us like this. What a disagreeable bunch.”

Brigina smiled and said: “Forget it, lets go. Anyway, there are still many missions in the Green Forest area. And there are many demonic beasts we can hunt.”

Demonic beasts are everywhere in the Green Forest area. For a Star of Fate who likes to fight, and can quickly increase their cultivation base in battle, this place is simply a paradise.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “How about we go to the beastman tribe? I heard that the beastmen are short on salt, so I got 20 carts of salt from a friend. As long as we transport the 20 carts of salt to the beastmen, and then bring back their specialty products, well be able to make a 20 fold profit in a round trip. We should be able to earn 40,000 gold coins.”

As the Demon Lord, Yang Feng has countless spies scattered in the various kingdoms and in the Green Forest, and so he can easily obtain information through the spies that ordinary people cannot.

Salt is actually a strategic good that the three human kingdoms have banned from exporting to the beastmen. The beastmen living in the Green Forest need to import a lot of salt every year. Only the elves who live on fruit and have special physiques do not need salt.

Manas eyes lit up and appeared to turn into gold coins, and she pleaded with Brigina: “40,000 gold cons! Brigina, split him with me 50-50? No, 10-90 is okay. Split him with me 10-90.”

A gold coin can be exchanged for about 200 copper coins. For an ordinary adventurer, the 40,000 gold coins are a huge sum of money.

In the Eternal Continent, a female tutors annual income only amounts to 5 gold coins, which is enough for a person to lead a fairly good life.

Holding Yang Fengs arm, Brigina refused firmly: “No!”

Mana lamented: “Dammit!”

Yang Fengs group of three hired 20 plus adventurers in the Green Cliff City to form an escort team, and then headed for the beastman tribe.

Six days later.

When the convoy was going through a tract of woods, a firework suddenly rose and a strange explosion sounded.

When Brigina heard the sound, her face changed greatly, and she clasped the Absolute Piercing Dragon Spear and shouted loudly: “Enemy attack, prepare to fight!”

The 20 plus adventurers of the escort team drew their weapons, formed a circle, and watched the surroundings, alert.

The underbrush rustled, and a figure flew out. It is the female thief Mana.

Looking pale, Mana shouted: “Enemies, there are more than 60 enemies moving this way.”

The countenances of the adventurers changed dramatically when they heard that there are more than 60 enemies approaching.

A man of average build wearing a thin leather armor and carrying a dagger walked out from the woods and said with a cold smile: “No, we arent merely 60, but 135 people!”

From various parts of the woods, adventurers holding different weapons appeared and surrounded Yang Feng and his party at once.

“Sir, run away. We will try to buy you some time!” The captain of the Bull Squad, a tall level-7 fighter that looks like a straightforward and simple chap quickly approached Yang Feng and shouted loudly.

“You worked hard, you can die now!” Yang Feng smiled slightly, waved his sword, and cut the captain of the Bull Squad in half at the waist.

After the captain was cut in half at the waist, he didnt die immediately, but instead issued miserable, hair-raising screams.

Seeing Yang Feng murder the captain of the Bull Squad, the shocked Brigina asked: “Randt, what are you doing?”

“Captain! You bastard, you killed the captain! I will kill you!”

Eyes shot with blood, the five adventurers of the Bull Squad rushed towards Yang Feng.

“The Bull Squad are an accomplices of the bandits. Coveting the 20 carts of salt along with the horses pulling them, they colluded with other adventurers to take everything in one go. Therefore, I killed him! Among the 24 adventurers we hired, apart from 6 adventurers, the rest were roped in by them, and became traitors. Brigina, dont trust anyone but us. Use your power to kill all the scum that has tarnished the reputation of adventurers!”

Yang Feng smiled slightly, took a step forward, brandished his sword, and a resplendent sword ray cut the five Bull Squad members into pieces.

The bandit leaders complexion changed greatly, and he roared: “Do it!”

From the adventurer team hired by Yang Feng, a dozen plus adventurers became turncoat and rushed towards the remaining 6 adventurers.

20 archers hiding in the woods fired at Brigina.

Yang Feng silently chanted an incantation and pointed with a finger, and wind blades emerged instantaneously and slayed the dozen plus turncoat adventurers easily.

With Absolute Piercing Dragon Spear in hand, Brigina rushed into the midst of bandits and unleashed a massacre.

Following Yang Fengs order, Mana hid in the dark and waited for opportunities like a beautiful snake.

“Stop her!”

Seeing Brigina rushing towards him, the face of the bandit leader fell, and he retreated briskly and shouted, exasperated.

The eyes of the bandit leaders eight confidants flashed fiercely, and they darted towards Brigina.

Following spear afterimages, the 8 level-6 fighter confidants were riddled full of bloody holes, and fell into their own pools of blood.

Like an undefeated goddess of war, Brigina rushed towards the bandit leader.

“Enough! Stop!”

Accompanied by a cold, proud voice, a beastman girl with a beast bone mask, a two-meter-long sword in hand, a pair of lion ears, and a lion tail wrapped around the waist emerged from the woods.

More than 200 beastman soldiers came out from all directions and stared at Yang Feng and company with killing intent.

When Brigina saw the beautiful beastman girl with a lion tail wrapped around her waist, her hairs stood up, and she broke through the limit forcefully and reached the stage of level-8 fighter (level-2 Warlock).

The bandit leader knelt in front of the beastman girl and begged in a tearful voice: “Madam, save us. These people, these people are demons. They snatched away our salt. Please do justice to us and kill those bandits. We are willing to offer you 10 carts of salt, Madam.”

Yang Feng sliced a bandit into two pieces, and the bandit issued blood-curdling screams.

There was a fierce flash in the beautiful eyes of the beastman girl, and she spoke coldly: “I told you to stop, didnt you hear me? Or do you want to be an enemy of us beastmen?!”

“Brigina, kill all those small fries. Let me deal with the beastmen!” Yang Feng smiled slightly and took a step forward, and the fearsome fluctuations of power of a level-9 fighter spread out in all directions from him.

“Level-9 fighter!”

“Hes a level-9 fighter!”


When the beastman soldiers sensed Yang Fengs aura, they revealed dignified looks in their eyes and gripped their weapons tightly.

“I heard that some beastmen will collude human bandits and specially hunt the merchants going to the beastman tribe and plunder their riches. I didnt expect to meet the beastman bandits here. Let I, the future Hero, Randt, bury you beastman bandits together with the human bandits here in these woods!”

Yang Feng spread the fingers of a hand, and the light of Physical Enhancement, Dragon Force, Cheetahs Speed, Gale Speed, and other boost spells lit up on him. The faces of the beastman soldiers became unsightly.

“A fighter who is proficient in both magic and martial arts, is he the human Hero?”

“No, he doesnt have the Holy Sword, so he shouldnt be the Hero yet. He should be of the strongest class among humans, abrave!”

“A human brave, and a human brave who has mastered magic and martial arts at just level-9.”


Seeing Yang Feng glow with magic light, the faces of the beastman soldiers changed dramatically and their eyes flashed with alarm.

On average, humans are very weak. Only fighters can contend with powerhouses of other races. Among those fighters,Heroes andbraves are the strongest. They can easily slay demons.

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