Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 644 – Suppression in the Colosseum

Chapter 643 – Brave

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The beastman girl spoke in a magnetic voice: “Human brave, this is the territory of us beastmen. We are not the scum that colludes with bandits. Please put down your weapons, and we will give you a fair trial! If they are bandits, then I will make them pay!”

Without giving in an inch, Yang Feng holding a sword pointed at the beastman girl and said sternly: “In my life, I, only believe in my companions and the sword in my hand! If you arent their partners, then give those bandits to us. Otherwise, I can only treat you as their partners and kill you. As a level-9 brave, I can wipe out more than half of your subordinates.”

A level-9 brave can kill hundreds of beastman soldiers. But this is a woodland environment. Besides, these beastman soldiers wont stay here and fight him to the death. After discovering that they cant beat him, they will naturally choose to escape.

There is a look of hesitation in the eyes of the beastman girl.

Yang Feng sneered: “For the sake of some human bandits, will you let your subordinates die. Is this how beastman aristocrats are? It looks like beastman aristocrats are a shameless bunch.”

The beastman girls eyes almost spurted fire, and she gritted her teeth: “Human, what evidence do you have to prove that the goods are yours?”

Yang Feng flicked a finger, and a parcel flew towards the beastman girl: “These are the things I prepared beforehand, you can check them.”

In the parcel, there are various transaction receipts for the purchase of the 20 carts of salt, which are the best evidence.

“Catch them.”

The beastman girl rummaged through the parcel, and then waved her sword, and the bandit leaders head flew into the air. She said coldly: “This is for trying to deceive me.”

The hundreds of beastman soldiers flocked over. After a period of fighting, they captured all the human bandits, tied them up like Zongzi [1], and threw them before Yang Feng.

Yang Feng pointed at a cart of salt with his sword and uttered with a light smile: “Thank you for your help. As an expression of gratitude, I would like to gift you this cart of salt. Please accept it.”

The beastman girl gave Yang Feng a deep look and said flatly: “Are you a Hero candidate? Very well, we will meet again soon.”

“Were leaving!” The beastman girl shouted loudly and quickly left with the hundreds of beastman soldiers and the cart of salt.

Stars flickered in Manas eyes, and she uttered excitedly: “Amazing. Randt, you are really amazing. You even forced those beastmen back. Level-9 brave, it turns out that your of the brave class. No wonder your speed of advancement is much greater than Briginas. In other words, I am in a party with a brave. Who knows if my name wont appear in history books one day.”

In the Eternal Continent, in the three human kingdoms, the brave class is a class that only rare talents will possess. At times, there wont appear a single powerhouse of the brave class in decades, in other times, dozens of powerhouses of the brave class will appear in a span of several years. However, no matter what era it is, experts of the brave class are the influential figures of that era.

The advanced class of the brave class is the Hero class, but there can only be one powerhouse in the Hero class. In every era with a Demon Lord, many braves will appear and fight over the title of Hero.

Brigina pointed to the human bandits who were subdued by the beastmen and asked: “What do we do with these guys?”

“Lets kill them! They plundered the wealth of numerous innocent merchants and killed many innocent people, they have blood on their hands. Killing them is equivalent to eliminating harm for other people.”

With a flash of cold light, Yang Feng slashed out with his sword, and sword rays flickered and slayed all the human bandits.

Brigina sighed slightly and looked away. Although she cant bear to lay her hands on people who cant defend themselves, but she knows that those human bandits are all scum and scoundrels who have blood of who knows how many people on their hands, and so she didnt dissuade Yang Feng.

Seeing Yang Feng slay the bandits mercilessly, the 6 adventurers had chills go down their spine.

After killing all the human bandits, Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger, and pieces of paper flew out and turned into coachmen with cold faces driving the 19 carts of salt. Yang Feng and company continued towards the beastmen tribe.

A few days later, a huge beastman tribe made of stones and sharp wooden spears appeared in front of Yang Feng and entourage.

In the huge beastman tribe, there are small wooden huts without any sense of aesthetics scattered haphazardly all over the place. The place contains the smell of livestock feces.

Many small beastmen with the characteristics of both beasts and humans are running around the huge beastman tribe barefoot, adding a little vitality to the scene.

Yang Feng frowned slightly: “Such a primitive beastman tribe, no wonder the elves look down on them this much. This is really not a place for people to stay.”

The beastman tribe in the Eternal Continent is different from the Beastman Empire in the Feisuo Plane. The Beastman Empire in the Feisuo Plane has the guidance of the gods. Although there are many backward beastman tribes in the Feisuo Plane, but the Beastman Empires capital is refined and luxurious city full of a boorish sense of aesthetics. It is not the least bit inferior to the capitals of human empires. However, the beastman tribe in the Eternal Continent is backward to the extreme, and is even far behind medieval cities.

“Are you the leader of this caravan?” Guarded by a dozen plus tigermen, a handsome, shrewd-looking Foxman with a pair of huge fox ears and a fox tail wrapped around his waist walked their way.

Yang Feng answered: “Hello, I am the leader of this caravan! The name is Randt.”

The Foxman smiled and said: “Ferdinand. What goods do you transport?”

Yang Feng responded: “All 19 carts are filled with salt.”


“Thats all salt!”


The eyes of the surrounding beastmen lit up and flickered with excitement, and they gathered. Throwing apprehensive looks at the tigerman guards, theystopped some distance away.

Ferdinands eyes lit up, and he uttered with a smile: “Salt! Let me check the goods. If its really all salt, then Ill buy it all. Ill pay with magic rubies.”

Yang Feng spoke: “Go ahead!”

Magic ruby is a specialty product of the beastman tribe. Magic rubies are necessary for mages to set up magic arrays and manufacture magic equipment and tools. No matter how many there are, the Mage Guild is willing buy them all.

Of course, magic ruby is also a strategic resource for the beastman tribe to keep human society in check. It is difficult for ordinary people to get them.

Ferdinand immediately sent someone to check the nineteen carts of salt before he finally showed a satisfied smile, saying : “Its fine salt without any sand in it. I want it all. Come with me, Ill get you your money.”

A trace of vigilance streaked through Yang Fengs eyes, but he smiled slightly and agreed with Ferdinands request.

Yang Feng can currently exert the power of a level-9 brave, which is currently the strongest class among humans. Even some weaker Legend powerhouses are not necessarily the opponents of a human level-9 brave.

Yang Feng and his party walked into the tribe. The further they entered into the tribe, the more planned the buildings are. With a rough sense of aesthetics, the buildings here dont have the messy feeling of the periphery of the tribe.

Deep in the tribe, there are vast manors built everywhere, and each manor belongs to a greater aristocrat of the beastman tribe.

Ferdinand took Yang Feng and company to a large manor and had them wait outside, while he himself entered the manor.

Before long, Ferdinand brought a bag of magic rubies worth 40,000 gold coins in the human kingdoms and gave it to Yang Feng.

A 200 plus-strong wolf cavalry galloped out of the palace, surrounded Yang Feng and his entourage, and the leader Wolfman exuding level-8 fighter fluctuations of power glanced coldly at Yang Feng and asked: ” Are you the human brave Randt?”

Yang Feng answered: “Yes, I am Randt!”

The Wolfman pointed at Brigina and Mana and said coldly: “Her Highness the Grand Princess of our beastman tribe is recruiting a groom. As a brave, you are eligible to participate in the groom contest. Come with us. Otherwise, even if you have the ability to leave by yourself, but the two of them will stay.”

Briginas eyes flashed with rage, and she grasped the Absolute Piercing Dragon Spear and wanted to rush out to fight.

100 Centaur archers emerged and pointed their arrows at Brigina and Mana.

The Centaur archers are veteran soldiers. After being locked on by them, Manas body stiffened, and a premonition of death welled up inside her.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered slightly, and the aura of a level-9 brave seeped out from him: “Fine, Ill go with you. However, you must ensure their safety. Otherwise, even if the whole Beastman Kingdom has to be dyed red, you will pay.”

The Wolfman powerhouse took a step back, his eyes shimmered with apprehension, and he uttered lightly: “Got it!”

Yang Fengs group of three left with the Wolfman powerhouse.

It didnt take long before a colosseum occupying an area of tens of hectares, more than 10 times larger than the ancient Roman Colosseum appeared in front of Yang Feng and company.

Beastmen are warlike, and many beastman powerhouses are powerful gladiators who have gone through the colosseum. Even the current Beastman Lord is also a top expert who has gone through the colosseum.


[1] – Zongzi

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