Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 647 – Marriage

Chapter 646 – Matchless

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Yang Feng looked at the place where Jiang Shi disappeared with a dignified look in his eyes: “Really amazing. If I hadnt gotten the 2nd chapter of Fate Algorithm, Im afraid it would be a lose-lose situation.

Virtual Holy Sword is the manifestation of the law that Jiang Shi studies. Soul Holy Sword means that Jiang Shi studies a most mysterious and abstruse law of soul and walk the Soul Warlock path.

Even the Eight Warlock Emperors only managed to master part of the law of soul, unable to achieve immortality of the soul.

To refine the body isnt too hard, but the same cannot be said about the soul. The Eight Warlock Emperors have refined their bodies until they gained the traits of eternity and immortality. Without external interference, even if it is after tens of millions of years, their bodies wont decay at all. The reason why Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses die is because their soul will age over time and eventually extinguish. Once the soul extinguishes, then even a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse with an immortal body will die.

If the Soul Holy Sword had cut Yang Feng, it would have dealt a heavy blow to his soul. After that, even if he leaves the Eternal Continent, it will be very difficult to heal the injury.

The Heroes of the Eternal Continent are peerless geniuses who formed a true law path. Each of the eight Heroes could use the Holy Sword to easily slay Yang Feng with advanced Legend rank cultivation base.

“Jiang Shi lost!”

“The Fengy Kingdoms strongest brave Jiang Shi was actually defeated!”

“So strong! This human brave Randt is really strong!”

“Advanced Legend, how fearsome! Im afraid there is no Legend rank powerhouse in our beastman tribe that is his match!”


The eyes of the beastman spectators flickered with astonishment, and they discussed wildly. In the beastman tribe, the only Legend powerhouses are at the junior Legend rank. Beastmen revere the strong, so its normal for them to be filled with worship and respect for Yang Feng.

Yang Feng waved the sword in his hand, looked around, and shouted loudly: “Who else wants to fight me!”

A beautiful and adorable girl with black hair combed into a pair of ponytails, a slender figure, wheat-colored skin, and youthful spirit jumped onto the ring and shouted, tears flowing down her face: “I want! You scoundrel, you killed Jiang Shi! I will take revenge for him!”

A tall, burly warrior with black hair shouted sternly: “Zhao Qiqi, come down, you arent his opponent!”

“I will avenge Jiang Shi, go to hell!”

Eyes spurting proverbial flames, an endless power erupted inside Zhao Qiqi, and she broke through and advanced from a level-8 fighter to a level-9 fighter. Her figure fluttered, and she disappeared as if she entered stealth.

“Star of Fate? Fate Algorithm!” Yang Feng silently chanted an incantation, and a wisp of the power of fate appeared and enveloped Zhao Qiqi. Zhao Qiqis rising power suddenly stagnated.

A merciless and cruel sword ray hardly visible to the naked eye sped past Zhao Qiqi.


The other three adventurers in the party formed by Jiang Shi issued a heartbreaking cream.

A bloody line extended downward from between Zhao Qiqis eyebrows. She lost all vitality in an instant, and then torrential flames enveloped her body.

“Beautifully done!”

“Well, as expected of a brave!”

“So decisive, so manly!”


The beastman spectators burst into cheers.

If Yang Feng was lenient during the fight, he would make the beastmen look down on him. Instead, him mercilessly cutting down Zhao Qiqi earned him the respect of the beastmen.

Yang Feng pointed at the three remaining adventurers of Jiang Shis party with his sword and said lightly: “Do you guys want to take revenge for them? Although only one-on-one fights are permitted in the ring. However, I can make an exception and allow you to take revenge for them together.”

“Randt, we will keep in mind what happened today. Lets go!” Nearly spurting flames from his eyes, the warrior gritted his teeth, turned around, and took his companions outside.

Yang Feng pointed at the surroundings with his sword and shouted: “Who else wants to fight me!”

The beastman powerhouses outside the ring lowered their heads. In the beastman tribe, the top powerhouses are at the junior Legend rank. The Legend powerhouses who have become famous a long time ago are not Yang Fengs opponents.





A beastman shouted, and then as if the atmosphere in the colosseum ignited, numerous beastmen roared with excitement and cheered the birth of the lord of the colosseum.

A sweet smile on her face, the beautiful and sexy beastman Grand Princes sitting on the dais walked to the center of the ring, took Yang Fengs hand, and proclaimed loudly: “From today on, I, Wilana, am Randts woman!”





Cheers erupted in the colosseum.

Excitement flickered in Manas eyes: “Thats Randt for you, even the beastman Grand Princes fancies him. Hes indeed the man whos going to become the Hero!”

Brigina looked at Yang Feng and Wilana in the center of the ring receiving the cheers of countless beastmen, and a stinging pain welled up in her heart.

Sensing that Brigina is in low spirits, Mana quickly comforted: “Brigina, I know you are uncomfortable with it. But after all, he is the future Hero. Its normal for him to have more than one woman. Just like those aristocrats, they all have three wives and four concubines. You have to turn a blind eye. After all, he is an excellent man.”

Brigina nodded slightly and mused: “I know! I will become stronger and make him need me more!”

Amidst the blessings of countless beastmen, Yang Feng and Wilana entered the palace together, where they had a night of passion.

Early next morning, Yang Feng stroking Wilanas skin that is smoother and tenderer than the best-quality silk said: “Wilana, I want to see your father.”

Wilana smiled sweetly: “Okay. It just so happens that my father also wants to meet you, the future Hero.”

With Wilana leading the way, Yang Feng came to a hall with a rugged and wild flair. In the hall, there is Lionman expert with blond hair and an overbearing temperament sitting on a throne. This is the Beastman Lord.

“You are Randt? Very good, youre worthy of my daughter. Ha-ha! Come, have a drink with me!”

The Beastman Lord scanned Yang Feng with his gaze, and then smiled boldly and clapped his hands. Several beautiful Foxman servants immediately stepped forward and served jars of fine liquor.

The alcohol tolerance of beastman Legends is measured in jars. With their powerful bodies that can easily digest alcohol, only some secret brews made from extraordinary plants can intoxicate them after a few cups.

Without any trace of politeness, Yang Feng lifted a jar of liquor and downed it.

The eyes of the Beastman Lord shone, and he praised loudly: “Good!”

The beastmen respect men who are strong and drink boldly. Since Yang Feng has displayed both qualities, the Beastman Lord is more and more satisfied with Yang Feng.

After three rounds, Yang Fengs face was a little flushed. He uttered with a light smile: “Sir Father-in-law, there is something I would like to discuss with you. Please dismiss everyone else.”

The Beastman Lord waved his hand, and everyone left. Only Yang Feng and the father and daughter duo are left in the hall.

A flame of ambition flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he spoke with a smile: “Sir Father-in-law, I hope you can lend me 2,000 soldiers. I want to borrow the forces of the elves, dwarves, and beastmen to overthrow the rule of the three human kingdoms and establish a new kingdom.”

Hearing this remark, Wilana was stunned, and shock shimmered in her beautiful eyes.

All braves have taken upon themselves to fight the Demon Lord. None of them has ever attempted to overthrow the human kingdoms and build a new kingdom. Yang Fengs idea is extremely daring.

Upon hearing this, the Demon Lords mind cleared from the intoxication of the liquor, and he squinted and gazed at Yang Feng, a dignified look in his eyes. After a while, he asked calmly: “Why do you have such an idea?”

Yang Feng answered righteously: “The humans have dominated the Eternal Continent for thousands of years, and their social class has already solidified. Most of the human aristocrats have fallen into depravity, while the people lead hard lives. As a brave, I naturally want to cleanse all the evil of the humans, so that the people can live prosperous lives.”

In the next moment, Yang Fengs eyes flashed gloomily, and his words filled with reality and cruelty: “Besides, after vanquishing the Demon Lord, most braves led very miserable lives in their later years. Even the children of the braves were killed by the aristocracy. I dont want to be regarded as thrash and thrown into the garbage can of history after vanquishing the Demon Lord and coming back with a body full of injuries.

Before fighting the Demon Lord, braves are favored by the power of fate. They will find treasures on the side of the road and break through during battle. No matter what difficulties they encounter, misfortune will turn into fortune again and again. But after slaying the Demon Lord, the power of fate will no longer care for them. By then, how will braves who only know how to fight be able to contend against greater aristocrats who grew up soaked in conspiracy?

Many braves (other than those who came from the Cangzhi Plane) led miserable lives in their old age. The worst of them was a brave who was seriously injured and turned into an ordinary person. A greater aristocrat snatched away his wife, and then abused and slaughtered her. After the incident came to light, the greater aristocrat was only fined some money, because after the brave was stripped of all titles, he was just a ordinary civilian.

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